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What you’ll learn in this Success Millionaire Mindset Hack?

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You will learn about some of the best millionaire hacks, which will not only empower your thoughts but also going to teach you how to succeed in life and business. Some thinking sets were being discussed in this eBook where you will master your thinking by thinking the right instead of thinking everything outside your scope.

I am teaching you the one word, which can enhance the power of a millionaire, no, that’s not the magic spell, but that’s something beyond that, which we used to call affirmations.

This eBook is not a complete guide to be a millionaire, but the tips shared in the book are much more than an experienced coach.

There will be the second version of this eBook, going to be launch soon. Till then stay tuned with us, and start read this book NOW…

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(A book about breaking norms, finding one’s bliss, and establishing a personal definition of success)

The Mindset of a Billionaire – Learn How To Think Correctly

According to Forbes there are 2,153 billionaires in the world out of the 7.8 billion people on this planet earth.

It is a tiny- tiny percentage of the population. There are a lot of people; they have a lot of jealousy and resentment towards billionaires. Some have admirations towards billionaires. When I hear people they say “I want to be a billionaire” or I see it on social media “Oh I’m going to be a billionaire.” I don’t think most people have the slightest clue of what it takes to be a billionaire.

You got to understand we are not talking about being the one out of one hundred or one in one thousand not even one in ten thousand, not even one in one hundred thousand.

You’ve heard of the saying one in a million. Well being a billionaire is not even one in a million. It’s one in a few million.

You have to be that good and that exceptional. Now here’s a visual representation.

Here’s what $ 10,000 looks like. A small in a pile and here’s what $100,000 looks like. Not even that big of a pile. Here’s what $1000,000 in cash looks like. Now you might think $1000,000 such a big number that it will fill this entire room with cash.

That’s not true actually $1,000,000 you could fit in a large bag pack.

And here’s $100,000,000 what it looks like. And here is what $1,000,000,000 looks like.

Now as you can see it is a huge amount of money. More money than most people could imagine.

Disclaimer I’m not a billionaire but I’ve had the privilege of interviewing quite a few billionaires on my courses/ podcasts/ eBooks/ interviews etc; and I’ve had the fortune of being mentored by some of them and what I’m about to share with you today. These are simply my observations.

Notes that I have jot down in my little notebook. I’ve got a whole notebook of them especially the way that they think and their billionaire mindset and today I’m going to share three findings with you from my little notebook.

And you don’t have to buy any of these ideas. Its okay to disagree I’m simply sharing with you what has worked for me and in my own business and in my own career.

Everyone has an opinion of billionaires but most of those people have never made more than 40k a year in their life and chances are they will never even talk to a billionaire.

Billionaire mindset – No. 1

Money is not their biggest motivator. They don’t do it for the money, maybe in the beginning they did but later on think about it if your goal simply is to live a comfortable life, a luxurious life.

After a while it’s very easy to lose motivation. They don’t do it for the money after a while they do it for something else. They do it to win. They do it to make a difference or they do it to disrupt an industry or they do it simply because they could. In fact I would say that is the key difference between a millionaire versus a billionaire.

A millionaire once you reach a certain stage of success once you are comfortable it’s easy to get complacent, right?

Just like my mentor says default is a bitch. When you are more successful than the people around you like you know what I don’t want to work so hard anymore, right?

Think about it if you are already living in a house that you want, you are already driving the car that you want, you are already taking a vacation that you want, you are staying in the best hotels, and you’ve got a comfortable life.

If all your motivation is based on just things, well you’ll lose motivation real quick. From my observation to billionaires, money is simply a way for them to keep score.

Not because they are greedy because they enjoy what they are doing and they are good at it and that’s why they get paid a lot of money doing what they do.

You see poor people say, well you know what if I have that kind of money I would never work another day in my life. Well with that kind of mentality chances are that’s why you will never have that kind of money.

Because, you are motivated just by money itself. Steve Jobs said it best

I was worth $1000,000 when I was 23. I was worth $10,000,000 when I was 24 and I was worth $100,000,000 when I was 25 but they are not that important anyway I never did it for the money.

Billionaire mindset- No. 2

Billionaires understand people. From my observation billionaires they have exceptional people skills. Now some of them are great communicators. They are great public speakers. Some of them are world class negotiators or closers.

They could get deal done. They could close deals. They know how to negotiate with the banks. Now having good people skills doesn’t mean that they won’t be liked all the time. In fact most of them they are not that nice. They are tough. They are tough because they have been screwed over. They have been taken advantage of. They have been sued, right?

They have been back stabbed.

They have a lot of scarred tissues, right. They have a lot of heat, right. There a lot of people wanting something from them. So they have thick skin and almost without exception they all have world class leadership skills.

They know how to lead people. They understand people. They know how to motivate people. They know how to put a team together. They understand that it takes people to get stuff done. You need to know how to get people together. Work together as a team and not working against each other and that is tough.

I also noticed they are willing to invest time in developing key relationships.

And most of them are very generous and they are willing to help people. As long as you are sincere, that you don’t have a victim,

Loser entitlement mentality that you are like a blood sucking leeches that you want something from them. As long as you are sincere, they are willing to help. I’ll tell you a quick story through a mutual friend in introduction.

He introduced me to one of their most successful, one of the wealthiest men in my city in Vancouver and I got his phone number. I call him up and I say I was introduced by a friend and I just want to seek his advice and I wonder if I can buy him lunch.

And immediately I call him in the morning he said “Sure let’s do lunch cause I got some time. Why don’t you come to my hotel” Cause he owns one of those hotels in Vancouver. He said come to my hotel and I will see you in my lobby just at lunch time. I said great.

So I dressed up, I drove there and I saw him in the lobby. And he greeted me and he was very-very nice and then he said why don’t we just eat at my restaurant and cause he owns that restaurant as well at the bottom floor of the hotel. So we went in and he was greeted by everyone. You could see the people, the guests a lot of people know him. They are saying “Hi, how is it going?”

He’s shaking hands with everybody, right. Very welcoming and we sat down and we had lunch and I was asking him, I was taking notes of what advice he would give me and by the end of the lunch I said okay great.

I pulled out my credit card because I wanted to treat him. He said “No don’t worry about it; you are eating in my restaurant. I’m not going to let you pay in my restaurant.” “Maybe next time.” As a young guy I got

Nothing to offer to him.

There’s nothing that he needs or wants from me. Not only he gives me his precious time giving me advice but also bought me lunch. It’s incredible.

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Billionaire mindset- No. 3

Billionaire they see things that other people don’t. Here’s a piece of land. Poor people they will see just a pile of dirt, right? Some might see a garden. Middle class would see a house that they could live in.

A millionaire might see a fourplex that they could build, but a billionaire could see a skyscraper maybe with commercial real estate at the bottom part and then condos at the top.

They would see they could build a train station here maybe they could also acquire that property next door.

They see things completely different. They have a mindset what I call resourceful without resources. They are very-very creative when they cannot do something or someone tells that they cannot accomplish that, they will always find a way.

They have a very compelling vision, have a lot of clarity of what they want to accomplish and because they have that compelling vision it’s very easy for them to attract the right people and say hey I want to help you to accomplish that vision because billionaires they know how to paint that picture and they know how to craft that vivid vision that if you could help him to get what he wants then you will get what you want as well. So it is a win-win.

They know how to mobilize a team. They know how to motivate people. They know how to solve problems. They know how to make connections. So they have some exceptional skills and they think long term. They think very-very strategically.

That’s one of the things I have learnt. Ali Baba has a business plan for a hundred and two years. They are planning to be around for a hundred and two years. And I know that’s when I listen to my billionaire mentors.

They are talking about a five year plan, a ten year plan, a fifteen year plan, a twenty year plan. They have this long term vision and they are willing to wait.

They are patient and because they think long term they could put themselves in positions to capitalize on certain opportunities versus other people with shiny object syndrome or short sighted.

And one more thing that I notice maybe is a bonus mindset tip and that is they don’t think about niches.

They don’t think about a small market chances are almost of them they either think nationally how to dominate an industry in the whole country, or they think globally, how they dominate an industry globally not just locally. They don’t believe in small niches. They don’t believe in small categories.

They want to be the leader in a global industry. They think big. That’s why they are very-very competitive, right. They want to win, they want to win big and that’s why in order to win big they need that ten twenty thirty year plan and they are willing to pay the price and work towards that. And those are some of my observations of the mindset of a billionaire.

Focus On Yourself And Not Others… (You Need To Read This)

Make a fist. Make it strong. Make a tight fist. When you apply pressure, you’re going to apply pressure slowly. You’re going to do it gradually.

Partner B, you try to resist. Do your best to resist.

To be honest, first time speaking like this.

I cried during the exercise. That was crazy. When you said the mind of a partner A, I decided that it was not about him. It was about me.

And I closed my eyes too, when I was pressing on his arm. I was the strongest. It was not about others. It was all about me.

And when he decided that this arm, just want to stick. It took me one second, and then I push it back and it was over. I start crying. Was like, okay It’s always about others in my life and I want other people to succeed but I don’t want me to succeed.

And when you said this mindset with the power and HTC at the end and that entire thing. I decided to do the same thing, but on my side.

Close my eyes. And it was so powerful. Thank you. Thank you a lot.

– So. What are you going to do differently?

– Because I always think about others. And I will just focus on my goal from now.

– What are you going to do differently?

– Myself, I will take action. I know I can succeed.

– You know you can what?

– I know I can succeed.

– I can’t hear you.

– I know I can succeed.

– I cannot fu*ki*g hear you.

– I know I can succeed!

– I cannot hear you. Louder.

– I know I can succeed.

– I cannot hear you.

– Louder, come on.

– I know I can succeed!

– I cannot hear you.

– I will succeed.

And for this effort, you should give a huge round of applause for yourself!

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The Four Money Beliefs That Are Holding You Back Financially

So let’s talk about the four common inner conflicts that are holding most

People back, the four common inner conflicts; they’re holding most people back.

 Negative association with money and wealth

When you’re growing up, what are some of the negative association and statements that you hear, when you’re growing up.

The [Man/Woman/anyone] discussed in this lesson were none other than the normal, middle class YOU!

– [Man] Money can’t buy happiness.

– Money can’t buy happiness, yes.

– [Woman] It doesn’t grow on trees.

– Money doesn’t grow on trees, yes!

– [Man] But you say like money’s the root of all good.

– Money’s the root of all good, yes I said that, yes.

But only negative associations, money’s what then?

– [Man] Money will change you.

– Money will change you, okay, well.

– [Woman] Make you a bad person.

– Money will make you a bad person, yes.

– [Man] Greedy.

– Huh?

– [Man] Greedy.

– Oh, if you want money, you’re greedy.

– [Man] Rich people are evil.

– Rich people are evil, yes.

– [Man] If you truly want to help someone, you wouldn’t want to profit from them.

– Oh, if you truly want to help someone, you don’t want to profit from it.

– [Man] Yeah, You should do it for free.

– You should do it for free, interesting, have someone from the back. Yes?

– [Man] Stinking rich.

– Stinking rich, filthy, stinking rich. Okay, yes?

– [Man] You can’t make all the money in the world.

– Oh, can’t make all the money in the world, very good.

Now notice how fast we come up with these statements.

– Okay, let’s try to come up with some positive ones.

– [Man] Money is freedom.

– Ah, money’s freedom, yeah.

– [Man] Can buy you choices.

– Money can buy you choices, yes.

– [Man] Lack of money is the root of all evil.

– Lack of money’s the root of all evil, yes.

– [Woman] Helps you help others.

– Money helps you to help others.

Think about it, if you have subconsciously, if you have a negative

association with money and wealth, what are the chances of you getting some money?

– [Man] None.

– Slim to none.

And even if you do get it accidentally, are you going to be able to keep it?

– [Men] No.

– No, because you don’t want to be a bad person.

You don’t want to be a bad person. Because if I’m make a lot of money, I’m greedy, I’m selfish, I’m not helping others, I’m bad, I’m whatever. Yes, Chris?

– [Chris] I just want to say that based on what I’ve seen is that the money’s kind of a reflection of one’s ability to help others, that’s what the market pays you for.

– Yes, it’s like, Chris, you said the same, if you want to truly help others, you wouldn’t want to profit from it. Is that a belief system, yes or no?

– [People] Yes.

– Yeah.

So if you love helping other people, you love what you do, you shouldn’t make money from it, yes? That’s one belief system, yes?

– [Man] It’s like what you sale, so like you can’t help poor people if you’re poor yourself.

– Yeah the best way to help the poor is not to become one of them, but I want, I just want to focus on that one statement.

If you love what you do, you want to help others, you shouldn’t make money from it, yes? Is that one belief system?

– [People] Yes.

– Okay, let’s take a, let’s take a different look at it, different perspective.

Here’s my belief, you don’t have to buy my belief.

I believe you should love what you do so much, it’s the only way you make money from it. Just a little shift, just a little shift. Very similar statement.

So negative association with money and wealth and most of the time these

Negative associations are coming from where?

– [Man] Society, parents.

– Society, parents, and where, tell me.

– [Man] Experiences.

– Experiences, yes, friends.

– [Woman] Media.

– School.

– Let me ask you a question; are most of these belief and statements coming from the 5% or the 95%?

– [Audience] 95%.

– There’s your answer.

They are the 95% and this is the belief system. If you want to become that you could, do the opposite. You cannot afford to have these negative associations and in many ways, like money doesn’t buy happiness, money’s not that important.

When I hear from people and say, “Oh, money’s not that important (babbles).” Most of the time, it is a defensive statement. No, it’s a stupid statement, but it’s also a defensive statement. Most of the time people say that, usually means they don’t have any or they don’t know how to get some.

In fact, from now on, anyone that you talk to, if they say anything like, oh yeah money is not that important, money doesn’t buy happiness, (babbles), here’s what you do: do this with me, just do this.

Just do this, go ahead, tap your forehead, and just, you just like, when you hear just money’s not that important, you’re like, wait (grunts), you’re broke.


They’ll be like, how do you know? You have psychic power, would you like to know more? some money from that, because think, it’s so easy to tell, if that’s the belief system, guarantee you, they have no money.

They cannot, they cannot have money, if that’s the belief system.

So, how you handle that, I mean there are a number of ways, I just want to show you, so number one, negative association with money, could be coming from our parents, coming from anybody that you know, your surrounding, just be, consider the source.

Where does that come from?

Does that come from the 95% or the 5%?

So here’s some top ten money limiting beliefs from a good friend Joe Vitale. Money’s the root of all evil. If I’m successful, people would hate me.

By the way, guarantee you, if you are successful, people will hate you. There aren’t that many guarantees in life, that I can guarantee you. People would hate you.

Sometimes are they people closest to you. They will hate you. If I make a million dollars, I might lose it, then I will feel stupid

and hate myself forever. There’s not enough money to go around.

If I have a little more money than I need to get by, someone else has to do without, hm. If I have a lot more than I need to get by, lots of people will have to go without.

It is better to take less than to be responsible for someone else’s hardship.

Democrats punish the rich, Republicans punish the poor. If I make a lot of money, I will be betraying my father who never made much money. Hm, that was, the last one was the one from me, by the way.

You know, made a lot of money, it means, because my father’s a middle class, it means, you know, ’cause my father’s always into giving, helping people, and if I made a lot of money, does that mean I’m greedy, I’m not a good person.

Its like my granddad used to run a restaurant many, many years in Hong

Kong, and he was known as a guy in his village, like you know in Hong Kong at the time, he would like always make these congee and feed the poor.

It’s very real well-known in my own little town, in Mount City, so while there’s that, if I make a lot of money, am I a disgrace to my own family.

What will people think of me, so that was one that I had to kind of work on.

Overly Sensitive

To others’ opinions and perceptions and criticism and gossip and outright attacks. Overly sensitive to others’ opinions, perceptions, criticism, gossip, and outright attacks.

Yes, when you become successful, people will criticize you. They will talk about you, in some cases, they will just attack you for no reasons.

For no reasons, in some cases they don’t even fu**ing know you, they just attack you, ’cause they have a perceptions about what you are about.

It’s like the other day, I was watching uploaded video and I saw negative comment and the guy was attacking me, you know, posted a comment, it’s like, dude, you don’t even know who I am, what is this about?

Like what did I do to you, man, I just upload a freaking video that is free to watch, what’s there to complain?

And he wrote this long thing, I’m like wow, he must be having a bad day, okay?

Sometimes people having a bad day and try to make your day worse, don’t take it personally, don’t take it personally. So you have the ideas that I want to be nice,

I want everybody to like me, okay?

Fear of Changes

Fear of changes require a cost by higher level of success, secret sense, deep down within yourself, you say, maybe I am not good enough, or maybe I’m worthy of wealth, maybe I’m inadequate, or if I become, see, it’s one thing to become successful, but I would really look stupid if I become successful and lose then it all, then I look really dumb.

Okay, fear of changes requires a cost by a higher level of successful. This usually happens to people who have attained a little bit of success. They’ve attained a little success, a little bit, they’re comfortable, and that’s why they don’t strive for more because they’re afraid of the change. They’re afraid of a change.

Realization of Unwillingness

You know what, that’s what it takes to be a seven figure earner, to be a millionaire, man, maybe just, just not for me, and I just keep going to these seminars, to make myself feel a little bit better, so that at least it feels like I’m doing something, but I’m actually not doing anything, ’cause deep down, I don’t know if I believe it.


– [Man] How do you know what the price is?

– How do you know what the price is, that’s a very good question.

Let me, let me tell you about some about somebody’s success, success, success has a price, and it’s a price that you pay prepay, in advance. There’s no installment plan, no three easy payments, success has a price and its something you pay in advance. Now how do you know when you’ve paid the price?

You pay enough, when you know you’ve paid enough, you’ve accomplished it, that’s when you know you’ve paid enough.

So how big is a price, depends on your goal.

But chances are it’s a lot higher than what you might think.

You think it’s cost you this much effort, double, triple that, that’s probably more likely, ’cause people underestimate how tough it is to build a company, how tough it is to succeed, how tough it is to succeed in the business. More difficult today than ever. So out of the four, I want you to take let’s say three minutes, how long?

– [Audience] Three minutes.

– Just discuss among your table which one kind of resonated with you, it’s like yeah, damn, I have one of those, or damn, I have all four of those, and I’ll give three minutes, go!


Partner a high five and say, “I think like a millionaire!”

(excited chattering)

So can I have two people go to the mic and share what, what have you gotten out of the discussion, what does it mean for you? Hasan, one more.


Always introduce yourself, “My name is…”

– My name is Hassan Mohaidly.

– [Me] Everybody say, “Hi Hassan.”

– [Audience] Hi Hassan.

– Well something I noticed why these negative beliefs come, like rich people are all crooks, um, white rich people are crooks, they don’t do stuff, anything for society.

They’ll, how did I say it, they’ll achieve their money by like using dirty tactics, but it comes, it makes me believe one thing, they’re the only people that give so much to society, like they help educate people like what you’re doing right now, these seminars, workshops, and books.

And another topic I want to talk about, all these like negative thoughts they have towards successful people, it’s all jealousy and hate that’s embedded within them, and they’re just taking out the anger on you. It’s something you talked about actually last year.

– [Me] Uhuh, uhuh.

– And that’s all.


– [Me] That was awesome.

– Check, whoa geez. I’m Sasha.

– [Me] Hi Sasha.

– [Audience] Hi Sasha.

– Hi guys, so I recently, you know it’s interesting

I believe I may have aspects of all four of those things, potentially on some level, holding me back in some way, shape, or form. Something I’ve recently become aware of, I believe, mostly is predominantly on an unconscious level is the biggest step that’s maybe not in my scope of conscious awareness, is, I believe on some level that my mom would hate or resent me for yeah, for having achieved prosperity and abundance.

And I became recently aware, I was like oh my god, that’s probably what’s been running the show on some level and totally off my radar level for quite awhile.

– [Me] Thank you for honesty, I appreciate that.


– Hi, I’m Mohammad.

– [Me] Hi Mohammad?

– Mohammad, yeah.

– [Me] Hi Mohammad.

– [Audience] Hi Mohammad.

– Hello.

I want to share a quote that somebody at the table said, Pete said and I think it’d be really useful for everybody, “Money is the amplifier of who you are.” So if you’re Dink, and you have money, you just amplify that you know, ability and if you’re a nice guy the money amplifies that, and I think that resonated with me quite well because it sort of takes into all four of those pieces and it sort of, kind of brings out why and shows that, so I thought that was something that was really nice and

I wanted to share that.

– [Me] Well said, well said.



– I’m Andre Minkov.

– [Me] Hi Andre!

– [Audience] Hi Andre.

– Thank you.

Number three reminded me of one of the things you taught us several events ago which I really thought was deep, when you said

that most people think that their biggest fear is if you’re a failure, well, in fact, their biggest fear is the fear of success because they know how failure feels but they don’t know how the success feels.

And I’ve been thinking about this a lot ’cause basically when I’m looking at the way I’m growing, and it’s been a fascinating journey for me, but really when I go back to that idea, I’m thinking, could I have been going faster if I, you know, knew where I was going and the answer’s probably yes.

So I really like that, so thank you.

– Thank you, thank you.


For me, for myself, personally, number three was the biggest one, for me

’cause I have all these goals I wanted to achieve and I would have the self-limiting beliefs just because you know I’m an immigrant, I didn’t know anybody, I speak with an accent, I’m too young, just imagine,

in my 20s, people say I’m too young, I’m 34, people still say I’m too young.

Okay, then when I am 44 people will say I’m too…

– [Audience] Old.

– Yes.

Then when the f**k is a good time? There’s no in between, it’s like, you’re too young, you’re too young, you’re too young, and suddenly you’re too old.

Then what, it’s like if you say you’re too young then what is, what is the appropriate age, please tell me. It’s never appropriate, it’s never the right age, so that was something I had to overcome personally. Also with my dad, also because of that, that also, but good thing is I had my dad, which is, and then my mom, my mom is always very, very supportive.

I would tell her I want to do these things and do these great things and some of the craziest, outrageous goals I have and she always tells me, yes, if you think you can do it, go do it.

Do it, show me. And I’ll go do it, and then I come back, yeah I did it, and then go do some more, go do some more. So I’m fortunate to have a mom that’s very, very supportive and also of course different mentors that I have.

I remember a quote there from my mentor, he said, “You know, as coach, as a mentor of you, what I do is I make you do stuff that you don’t want to do, so you can be who you want to be. I make you do stuff that you don’t want to do, so you can be who you say you want to be.”

And so he constantly pushed me and challenged me.

Understand that on these four inner conflicts that you have, it’s a little bit like if you are, there’s a great book by Jim Newman called Release Your Brakes, Release Your Brakes by Jim Newman.

It’s a, you know, classic kind of book and Jim talks about concept where most people, they operate in this as a metaphor, that you’re driving, we’re working hard, we’re pushing, we’re setting goals, and we’re just pushing on the accelerator, and sometimes not going fast as we want because we don’t know subconsciously we have this emergency brake on. That we try push, push, push, push, but we have a emergency brake on.

And once you realize what that is, it could be one of these four, when you release your brake, you go what. Bam, you go forward very, very fast. So, realize, being aware, some of these things holding you back.

No six figure earners can operate with relatively high levels and of unresolved.

What’s the word?

– [Audience] Unresolved.

– Inner conflicts about money and wealth, millionaires have no margin, absolutely no margin for such weakness. Because if you do, you

won’t keep the money. You won’t keep the money. And there are three things about money you need to know, just three: make it, how to make it how to keep it, and how to multiply it. How to make it, how to keep

it, and how to multiply it. Most people can’t even get to level one, they don’t even know how to f**king make it, level one. Earl knows, once you make it, it’s a whole other game to keep it.

Okay, someone’s lost tens of millions of dollars, right? One thing to make it, one thing to keep it, it’s a whole different thing to multiply it.

You’re making it through your business. You keep it through your behavior, your savings, your invest, and then multiply, of course, you’re investing. Most don’t even get to this piece, they don’t even know how to make it, and then keep it and then multiply it. No margin for such weakness.

So one of the experiences that I recommend in Vancouver is the Millionaire Mind Intensive, how many have heard of it?

Yeah, I recommend, many years ago, when Harv Eker was teaching it to pre-potentials and it was his company, I took that and actually paid for it.

Nowadays, you can actually go for free, like three day, and you go through the experience and they have all these different processes they take you through to learn about, to get rid of some of these conflicts, so I recommend those. You can, and I’m not affiliated with them but you check them out, Millionaire Mind Intensive. Based in Vancouver, which is lucky, you can take those trainings, it’s now for free. I used to pay like a couple grand for it.

And then, of course, you go, they try to upsell you to different programs and this and that.

Regardless if you buy or not, the three days is a good experience as

far as I’m concerned.


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The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life

The three decisions that can change your financial life forever.

Decision number one:

Who are you going to learn from? And who do you hang around with? My martial arts instructor said something to me very profound, a few years ago, he said, “As a martial artist, “what determines how good you are and how fast “you will progress as a martial artist “is not just how many hours you put into your training, “and what style that you practice. “What determines how good you become is your sei-fu, “your instructor, and who you learn from.”

Now, at first I didn’t quite understand. And later, after I studied with him, I trained with him, my martial instructor; I realized, wow, what a profound statement. Because think about it in a martial arts context. Imagine if you want to learn different martial arts; you want to learn Krav Maga, you want to learn Tai Kwan Do, you want to learn karate, you want to learn boxing. Whatever style, or MMA, whatever style that you decide to choose, your instructor will dictate, will determine how good you are.

Your coach, their skill that gets transferred to you. Think about that. It’s the same in your financial life. Who do you want to learn from? Realize, when you learn from somebody, when you listen to their advice, you become them. You get their lifestyle. If you listen to your friends, your family, are they financially well off? Are they struggling financially? Remember, you take their advice, you get their lifestyle.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, “your thoughts become your words, “your words become your actions, “your actions become your habits, “your habits become your values,” and ultimately, “Your values become your destiny.”

So you need to decide exactly who do you resonate with? Who do you want to learn from? Who do you want to hang out, who do you want to spend time with? Very- very important.

Decision Number two:

The number two decision that will change your financial life is decide exactly, what do you want? What do you really want?

When people come to me and say: Hey , I want to make more money! I always say: Here you go, here’s a dime. You just made more money.

You see the problem with an answer that is that big? It doesn’t give you power. It doesn’t give you clarity. So it’s not just about, you know, I want to make more money.

How much more money exactly do you want to make? And also, I always say, it’s not just how much money you make it’s how you make the money.

What would you do for money? What would you not do for money? Where do you want to live? Do you like a big house? Do you want a townhouse? Do you want to live in a condo? Or do you want to live in a penthouse? What kind of car do you drive?

It’s not good enough to just say, oh, I want to drive a Mercedes. Exactly what color? What model? What upgrades do you want? Let me give you a perfect example:

I’ve had multiple opportunities come across my table where it would require me to go to Asia and do more business in Asia. Multi, multi, multimillion dollar opportunity, but in order to do that it would require me to maybe stay here for six months in Canada and then go to Asia for six months, or a lot of travel back and forth.

And I asked myself, hmm, the money is good, but does it fit my lifestyle? Is this something that I want? And I said, no, that’s not something that I want. I prefer to stay home; I don’t want to travel as much. So there you go. What I will and what I won’t do for money. Where do you want to travel? How often? What hotels do you want to stay in? What kind of charities do you want to help? Who do you want to help? What kind of investments do you want to own? Do you like real estate? Do you like stocks? Do you like bonds, mutual funds? Whatever it is that you want to invest in, that’s clarity. You cannot act and you cannot take action, you cannot improve your financial situation if you don’t have clarity.

Lack of clarity means lack of power. And power is the ability to take action. Extreme clarity leads to extreme results.

Decision Number Three:

The third decision that will change your financial life is this: Decide what price you are willing to pay. There’s always a pay/price to action. Everything you want in life, it has a price. I remember the first five years when I was building my empire, building my business, the first five years, I was working. I did not take a single day off for five years straight. I was working every single day, 12 to 14 hours. I remember, there were nights where I actually, literally worked till exhaustion and I fell asleep on my desk.

That’s the price that I pay. While all my friends, they were drinking, partying, watching sports games and chasing girls. I didn’t do any of that; I was focused; I was obsessed because I was willing to pay for the price for success. I was committed to spending a few years doing whatever it takes, doing things that other people are not willing to do, making sacrifices that other people are not willing to make so that I could do what I want to do for the rest of my life.

What about you? How bad do you want it? What’s the price you are willing to pay? You see, success has a price. And here’s the thing: There’s no easy payment plan. There is no installments plan. You must pay that in advance.

Well, then the next question you have is: Well, how do I know that I’ve paid enough? It’s actually very simple: You know you have paid enough, you know you’ve paid for the price of success when you accomplish success.

7 Mentalities That Will Make You Poor

Show me your friends, and I will show you your future. I talk a lot about Motivation, success, sales, entrepreneurship, wealth creation. And one of the things I say again and again, and that is don’t hang around with poor people. And some people take it the wrong way. Oh, you’re saying you only judge people’s character by how much money they have? That’s not what I’m saying. Because people without money, that’s just one form of poor. There are many, many forms of poor.

Today I’m going to share with you the seven mentalities that keep most people poor. You see, I’ve been broke. I was in debt. I started with nothing. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I created all this from scratch, so I knew what it’s like not to have money.

So, as I teach you these seven mentalities that keep most people broke and poor, I want you to comment below how many of these do you have? How many of these do people around you have? And what are you going to do about it?

Number one: poor in spirit

Do you know people who walk around all day,  they just look defeated, right? They are saying to you, you know, why bother trying? They have lost hope.

Maybe they’ve been burned before. They have failed before. They’ve made mistakes before, but now they’ve all given up. They’re saying to you all the time, “Oh, it can’t be done. “It’s impossible. “Hey, don’t even try that. “I tried that before.” You see, just because they can’t do something, now they’re selling you, they’re telling you why you cannot do it either. They are poor in spirit.

Number two: poor in love

You see, most of us, I believe, don’t love ourselves enough. Now, I don’t mean arrogance, self-arrogance. I’m talking about self-love. Because growing up, we don’t get enough love from other people. For most of us, for most of us, there’s a guy I used to know who had experience, multiple breakups, and to a point where now, he doesn’t trust relationships anymore, doesn’t trust women anymore, because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

And I believe hurt people hurt people. And you can see on his face when I look at him, he doesn’t smile. There’s no joy. There’s no life, right? Think about it.

If you have given a choice, if you could have $1 million for the rest of your life. You have $1 million, but in exchange, you could no longer have intimacy, you can no longer have relationship with anybody else, you can no longer love in exchange $1 million.

Would you take it?

You wouldn’t, because life without love means very, very little. And how could you give love? You cannot give something that you don’t have, so how can you give love if you don’t have love yourself?

How can you love others if you don’t love yourself?

Number three: poor in wisdom

There are people who are dumb. There are people who know they’re dumb. There are people who are dumb, thinking they’re smart. And there are people who are smart playing dumb. You want to be the fourth type. When I’m talking about wisdom, I’m not just talking about knowledge because knowledge does not equal wisdom.

I don’t mean just school smart, being academic intelligent, I’m talking about way more than that because as a human being, if you’re talking to people that they’re not growing, they’re not learning, they’re not becoming better every single day, when you talk to them, do you know what I’m talking about?

That it lacks depth. They’re talking about the weather, they’re chit-chatting about their problem, they’re talking about their jobs. It’s very tasteless. You don’t want to do that. Wisdom is very different from knowledge. Knowledge is knowing what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it.

Knowledge is daily increase, and wisdom is daily decrease.

Number four: poor in character

They lie, cheat, and steal. They lack integrity. They promise you to do something, and they don’t do it. Basic character, right?

And these people are people that you could never count on. You can’t trust them. You can’t rely on them. They say that they’ll back you up.

They never back you up. Basic, basic integrity. Poor in character.

Number five: poor in habits

They are lazy. They procrastinate. They value comfort instead of freedom and success. They take drugs. They smoke. They drink. Stay away from those people. You see, you are a product of your environment. You cannot help but be influenced by people around you. Successful people, they just simply have better habits. That is it.

So stay away from those people.

Number six: poor in attitude

You see, what is most contagious is not a positive attitude. It is a negative attitude. These are the energy drainers. They drain the life out of you. They suck the energy out of you.

Whenever you have a conversation with them, after the conversation, you feel like you need to take a shower because all their bullshit and negativity.

Number seven: poor in finance

They don’t like money. They don’t want to talk about money. They don’t like to talk about money. They don’t know anything about money. They don’t know how to make money. They don’t know how to save money. They don’t know how to invest money. They don’t know how to create more money, and therefore they have no money. Poor in finance.

So, how many of these poor people do you have in your life? How many of these poor people do you know beyond than just money?

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7 Skills That Will Make You Rich

Have you ever heard of lack of money is a little bit of a problem? You know what, if not, you will definitely come to know about it in this lesson on: “Success Millionaire Mindset Hack”.

Lack of money is never, ever, ever a problem. What I mean by that, lack of money is simply a symptom of the problem, but it is not the cause of the problem. What the problem really is, is a lack of skill.

Have you ever heard stories of lottery winners who suddenly a win for money coming into their lives, millions of millions of dollars, only found themselves a few years later broke, bankrupt.

Actually, sometimes, worse off when they were financially. Now, why is that?

They have money but they don’t have the skills of the rich. I am rich. Not because of my money, cause I started with no money. I was in debt. I was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I am rich because of my skills. So, today I am going to teach you the seven skills that I have mastered. There are seven skills that I believe you need to understand and master if you want to be rich. Now, as I go through each skill, I want you to ask yourself the question, and comment below, and rate yourself from a zero to 10.

Zero being absolutely horrible, like you suck, and 10 being world class. So, here we go.

Skill 1: The ability to talk to customers persuasively

I call that closing skill. Do you know how to close? Can you articulate the value of what you do to your potential clients? Do you know how to ask powerful questions that compel people to buy? Are you comfortable talking to strangers, presenting your ideas, demonstrating your product or service? Closing skill, I believe, is one of the most important,if not the most important skills you need to master, if you want to be rich.

When you are talking to customers, you’re closing. When you’re talking to vendors, try to persuade them to give you better terms, Guess what? You are closing. When you’re talking to your employees, you are closing. So, that’s skill number one.

Skill 2: The ability to speak to groups

The number two skill that would make you rich, and that is the ability to speak to groups. I call that public speaking skill. You see, do you know the number one fear that most people have in life? It’s not snake and it’s not even death.

The number one fear that most people have is public speaking. Now, why do so many people, why are they afraid of speaking to groups?

Most of the time, because they worry about if they gonna sound stupid, or how do they look, or they are afraid because they might say something wrong. All these things, but you look at great leaders, almost all great leaders, they’re all great public speakers, such as Steve Jobs, right? Such as Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett.

One of the skills that changed my life is public speaking. When I joined Toastmasters years ago, because I wanted to improve my English, and also reduce my accent, and I was improving myself through public speaking.

I developed confidence, self-confidence, through public speaking. So, ask yourself, are you afraid to speak to groups? Do you know how to present your ideas to groups? Can you communicate with conviction and certainty? Can you interact with your audience? Maybe you get sweaty palms.

Maybe you are like me, in the beginning, your face will turn pale, your knees would be locked. That’s okay. It is a learnable skill, but in order to be rich, public speaking is one of the most valuable skills that you must master.

Skill 3: The ability to communicate with words in print

The third skill that will make you rich, and that is the ability to communicate with words in print, or what I call persuasion in print. I refer that as your copywriting skill. Now, notice that I said copywriting skill.

Now, copywriting, I am not talking about being all grammatically correct, although it is good to do that, but I’m not talking about what you learn in school, academic writing, I am alking about communication. I am talking about, maybe it’s your webpage, your video.

I am talking about your email. How do you communicate with the written words?

Now, why is this so important?

Because, in day-to-day communication, the emails you send, all the social media posts, the agreement, the contract, your lending post, or your blog. A lot of that is written communication and when you know how to communicate effectively through the written words, it gives you a tremendous amount of leverage.

Let me give you a perfect example: Let’s say you created a social media post and you have a decent amount of following, that gives you leverage, because what you see and what you write, that is seen by hundreds of people, thousands of people. In my case, it could be millions of people.

In fact, copywriting is the very first skill that I developed as Young Millionaire, and that’s the skill that changed my life.

How I went from losing money and not making enough money to earning $10,000 a month, in my early 20’s. So, copywriting. Now that is not taught in school. School taught us writing, but it did not teach us copywriting, so that’s skill number three, the ability to communicate with words in print.

Skill 4: The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your team

I am talking about your leadership skill. In order to be an effective leader, you must be an effective communicator.

Do you know what the vision is for your company, and are you communicating that with your team members? Do you communicate clearly, the vision, to your team? Do you know how to create a good culture within your organization?

You see, all of that is leadership skill. Business is not a solo sport. Business, not only is it an intellectual sport,  but it is also a team sport. It is an organization.

You are only as good as your team. It is very, very important to develop that leadership ability to be able to inspire, to motivate and lead your team.

 Skill 5: The ability to manage and organize your time for maximum results

Some people refer that as time management. I refer that as priority management because, at the end of the day, we all only have a week, and 365 days a year. You cannot actually manage time because we all have the same amount of time.

However, what you can manage, is your priorities. What are the important things you’ve got to focus on? One of the important things that would move the needle, that will help you move closer to your goals.

The problem is, school never taught us how do we manage our priorities, right? You do your homework, your taking exams,  your taking care of your family, you’re doing a bunch of different things, but most people will never take the time to slow down and look what we do, and ask ourselves, okay, why am I even doing this at all? What is the pay-off of these activities?

We never ask ourselves those profound questions, and, at the end of the day, priority management really is self-management. How do you manage yourself?

And, if every single day, you can manage your time efficiently and effectively, and you focus on just handful of things, that two or three things you know, if you keep doing that consistently, will get you the results that you want.

So, rich people understand that and realize the value of their time, and that’s why they avoid, what I call, minimum wage activities. If someone can get the job done, costing you less than

what your time is worth, we delegate it. So, that’s skill number five.

Skill 6: The ability to read financial statements

I call that financial literacy skill. Now, this skill is not taught in school. In school, how do we measure how well we do? Your school card. Are you getting an ‘A’, a ‘B’, or a “C’? In the real world, in the business world, we look at the financial statements. Your financial statements, they are your score card. It tells us how well you are doing financially.

How well are you managing your money? Now, you may thinking,

“Well, are you asking me to be an accountant, or take an accounting course, or be a bookkeeper, things like that?”

No, but you do need to understand the language of money. Financial literacy, that’s the language of money, how money works. Your balance sheet, your income statement, your cash flow statement. When you look at the statement, you look at numbers and you’re like, “Oh my God, man, I don’t know what’s going on,” or, “I’m not making enough money this year, in this poll”, or, “I’m having a loss this year in business,” or can you read between the lines? What is it telling me? What is the story? How am I managing my money, right?

 And you need to understand the basics of some of these vocabularies of money: credit score, return on investment, profit and loss, capital gain, capital loss, depreciation. A lot of these words, that is what you have to understand.

You cannot improve something you don’t measure. So, financial literacy, and it’s extremely, extremely important skill you must master, if you want to be rich.

Skill 7: The most important skill out of them all, and that is the ability to manage your own mind

I call that your mindset skill- Frustration, negativity, fear, envy, depression, limiting belief, procrastination. How do you manage your emotions? How do you manage your mind? You see, you could get all of the other six skills right, and you can master all other six skills, but if you don’t have your mindset right, it is not going to work.

I’ve said it many times, the book that Napoleon Hill wrote, it’s called Think and Grow Rich, part of thinking is managing your mind.

What are you feeding in your mind?

How many times do you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goal, to achieve result, but you cannot get yourself to do it because of procrastination.

Maybe, how many times in your life you have opportunities slip through

your fingers and you cannot get yourself to step up and take action because of self-limiting belief. Or, what about, how many times that you know that other people believe in you but you don’t believe in yourself because of self-limiting belief.

That’s all mindset skill.

So, those are the seven skills that will make you rich. If you want to know how I went from a poverty consciousness, a poverty mindset, to a millionaire mindset.

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The One Word That Makes People Millionaires

Let me ask you a question. I want you to take a guess.  What’s the one word that makes people millionaires and billionaires?

Did you write down luck? Timing, attitude, mindset, product, quality, team. What did you write down? I want you to imagine this. If you had $86,400 in your bank account and someone stole $10 from you.

Would you throw away the remaining $86,390? And try to get back to that person. Or would you say, you know what forget it and move on?

Imagine there’s a bank account, that credits you $86,400 to your account, every single day. But there’s one catch. It carries over no balance. It means whatever you don’t invest, you don’t take out that day, it gets to zero.

Now what would you do? You would draw every damn dollar now, wouldn’t you?

Well you know, we do have that bank account. And that bank account is called time. Every single day, you have 86,400 seconds, deposit to your life, your time bank.

How would you spend that time? It carries over no balance and it doesn’t allow any overdraft. You see you’ve heard of the concept of Return on Investment. R.O.I. Now but here’s a more powerful concept and that is ROTI, and that is Return on Time Invested. That’s correct.

Now you see most people when they think about that one word, that makes people millionaires and billionaires. Very often, the word that comes to mind is what? Hustle, you gotta work your face off. You gotta eat shit for 10 years.

And you know what? Hustle, that’s part of it, that’s a f**king given. That is like the price of admission, to get in the f**king door. You don’t even hustle, forget about even trying to get in the game. That’s just to get your foot in the door.

But that’s not the word, that makes people millionaires and billionaires. When I was getting started, I was hustling. Right, I was living in a one bedroom apartment with my mom. And when I hear these concepts, Hey man you gotta work for 10, 20, 30 years and eat shit for 10, 20 years. Here’s the problem, I had bills to pay.

I was the only child in my family. I had to take care of my mom. And after my mom and dad got divorced, I have to be the man that provides for my family.

And I couldn’t wait 10, 15, 20 years. I had to make some money and I had to make some money right now. Nothing wrong with hustle, but that’s not what made me a multi-millionaires. Now so what’s that one word?

That word is leverage. I want you to imagine if you want to lift a big heavy stone. And you try to do it with your two hands, right?

And it doesn’t even move. And you try your very best. However, if we can use something like a long pole, use some kind of lever and we can lift that up. Suddenly, with same man power, now I could lift that heavy stone. That’s leverage. The definition of leverage is, maximum productivity with minimum effort.

Maximum productivity with minimum effort. So, let me give you some examples. There are many, many forms of leverage. Many forms of leverage. I give you, let’s say four today.

 Number one:  It’s what I call, Money Leverage. Imagine you are buying a piece of, let’s say real estate. A property. And you borrow from the bank. You put down your 10%, you’ve heard of that concept. And then you borrow the rest.

Could be 90, 80% or 75%, from the bank. That’s a Money Leverage. You’re using the bank’s money to create more wealth and to build your business. Or, you want to buy some kind of new equipment, for your company and you go to the bank. Or you go to an investor to borrow some money. That’s a form of money leverage, right? Or it could be a line of credit from the bank, that’s money leverage.

An investor, that’s money leverage.

The second form of leverage is what I call, marketing leverage. Now what do I mean by that?

Imagine if, let’s say I’m running an ad on social media. And I create that ad once. Just kinda maybe like this, or maybe it’s like a video ad. And I run that ad and it’s seen by 10,000 people, or 20,000 people, 50,000 people, a hundred thousand people. quote unquote, marketing and selling, but my ad is working for me.

It’s being exposed, it’s being viewed by tens of thousands, or even millions of people. Yes, that’s a form of leverage, it’s called marketing leverage.

And the third form of leverage is called people leverage.  So what do I mean by people leverage?

By having the team, by hiring someone to do the task, that maybe your time, your hourly rate that is x amount of dollars and you can hire someone. You can outsource, you can delegate.

Someone who’s hourly rate is a bit lower than you and they can handle certain tasks. Having that team member, that’s people leverage.

The fourth form of leverage is system leverage. Example let’s say here for my book keeping, I am having, let’s say using Quickbooks, to manage my finance. To do the book keeping.

That’s a form of leverage, a system leverage. Or, let’s say if I am managing my email list. I’m using a email system that allows me, to craft one message and it goes out to two million people.

Well that’s an email system. That’s technology, I’m leveraging technology to grow. That’s another form of leverage. There are many, many forms of leverage. I would challenge you. I want to think about anyone, who’s a millionaires or billionaires. They have highly, highly utilized, different forms of leverage in terms of finance, people, marketing and system. So that’s the one word that makes people, millionaires and billionaires.

How to Master A Skill In A Short Period Of Time?

You can’t. You can’t master a skill in a short period of time.

I want you to think about, in any area in life, it could be sports, it could be learning a language, it could be learning anything new. Mastery takes time.

It takes years to achieve mastery. Now you can learn a skill in a relatively short period of time. But to accomplish mastery, it takes years.

Anyone who has achieved mastery, it takes years. See the question itself is, it tells me that the way that you’re thinking about it

is where’s the shortcut? How can I take the shortcut?

And then sometimes there are smarter ways to do something. There are some shortcuts but it takes time, it takes effort, it takes patience and it takes repetition, to accomplish, to achieve mastery, right?

And I believe, the best way to do that is have a mentor. You think about how skills are passed along, how skills are passed down.

I like to take a martial arts example, if you wanna learn, let’s say you wanna learn kung fu, you wanna learn karate, you wanna learn Taekwondo, you wanna learn boxing, right? The best way to learn is not just to practice on your own but to actually practice with other people but having a mentor, having a coach, having an instructor to show you the ropes, to say “Hey, here’s the fundamental. “Here’s what you need to do. “Here’s how you do it right. “Here’s the move.”

Once he or she coaches you and gives you feedback, and you go out there and you practice, you do your own thing, right?

And then come back to the dojo and you learn some more, right? And that’s how you get good and how to get a black belt. When you do enough. When you do the same punch again and again and again thousands of times, same kick, thousands of times. That’s how you get your mastery, right?

So it takes years, it takes repetition. That’s why most people don’t accomplish, don’t achieve mastery. There are very few true masters in the world in anything because most people are not willing to put in the work.

They say, “Hey, how can I get there in six months? “How could I get there in one year?” When most of the time it takes decades. It takes decades to get to that point and that’s the difference. Having a mentor to show you the ropes. Learning from them and being humble.

Being able to put your ego aside and say teach me, show me how to do this. And you practice again and again and again, and get feedback and you correct and you pivot and you correct and you practice and you practice and you get feedback and you correct.

And that’s how you get to mastery. The funny thing about mastery is this, because there’s so few masters of anything in this world and the world values mastery. That maybe right now you’re struggling to get attention, you’re struggling to go in business you’re struggling to earn more money, you’re struggling to do whatever that you choose to do, your career. But once you become good, not even a master, once you become good, you’ll see there are a lot more opportunities coming your way. Once you are great you’ll notice the world leads a path to your door.

But if you truly accomplish, if you’re truly good and you become a master, the sky’s the limit because there’s so few true masters in the world today. Choose them wisely.

Let’s Get into the next topic of our course on: Success Millionaire Mindset Hack.

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No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Master This One Thing

If you don’t have any money to start a business, the answer is you shouldn’t start a business.

If you follow my work, you know I believe the worst time to start a business is when you have no money and when you are desperate. Yes, there are entrepreneurs who make it big starting from nothing, from their garage, from their basement with no money but you never read the ones who died on the magazine cover. Out of the one that makes it tens of thousands of small businesses fail, but you don’t see that.

So I believe that if you have no money, the first thing you should start is developing a high income skill. Now when it comes to high income skill, I have a lot of my students and friends asking me this question.

So I want to make this video to give you some more clarity ‘coz one of the most common questions I still get is Dan, what is the best high income skill that I should focus on?

What’s the high income skill that is the best right?

Today I want to give you a principle, a principle that you could follow so you can decide for yourself what is the best high income skill for you. Now first in case you don’t understand what high income skill is, high income skill it is a skill that could make you a minimum of 10,000 dollars a month. So basically six figure income a year.

I defined it as high income skill. There’s a big difference between a high income skill, a high income profession, and a high income job. Now high income job is company specific.

Let’s say you work for a Fortune 500 company. You have a good salary. You’re making a decent income. Six figure income a year, but the minute you leave the company, your income goes from here to here.

That’s a high income job. High income profession such as maybe you’re an engineer, maybe you’re a doctor, maybe you’re a real estate agent, you’re mortgage broker.

That’s a high income profession that is industry specific. So meaning if you are working within the industry, let’s say, you’re a real estate agent, that’s fine.

But the minute you get out of that also your income drops significantly. And usually a high income profession requires a lot of study. Requires certifications and degrees and you got to spend years learning to be a doctor, a lot of practice. Then you have what I call high income skill.

Now high income skill is completely different. Because it’s not industry specific and it’s not company specific.

High income skill you could develop your skill within a relatively short period of time. It doesn’t take years to develop. Maybe it only takes you a few months to develop to learn the basics of it.

Also, high income skills they are transferable. Meaning, I could have a high income skill, let’s say I’m a high ticket closer. I could close for a company. I could also close for influencers. I can close in the health space.

I can close in the investment space. I can close locally. I can close for companies in other country. You see it’s much more flexible. That’s the difference.

So if you are wanting to start something and you have no money, develop your high income skill first. So what is the most lucrative high income skill that you could develop?

Here’s the principle. Companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, they are always willing to pay someone to bring in revenue. This is very critical. So maybe your high income skill is you are a golf instructor. You’re making a 10000 a month. That’s good. Nothing wrong with that.

But companies, organizations, entrepreneurs they’re always willing to pay someone to bring in revenue. It means the best high income skill this is what I believe in, the most lucrative high income skill you could develop, a skill set that could help companies, entrepreneurs to bring in revenue.

The reason for that is this. You want to recession proof your income. Meaning when times are good, you can make money with your skill. When times are bad, you can even make more money with your skill.

I always use the analogy it’s like the bar business. When you’re selling alcohol, when times are good, people will have a drink. When times are bad, people will have two drinks.

It’s recession proof. So imagine let’s say your skill such as copywriting, such as marketing, such as YouTube, such as closing. All these skills are designed to bring in revenue for companies and organizations. So when time’s good, they’re looking to bring in more of revenue.

When times are bad, when there is an economic downturn they are more eager to look for someone to bring in revenue. So if you understand that principle, yes there are different high income skills, but the best high income skills are the skills that could bring in revenue.

Now once you understand that, isn’t that lot easier? Doesn’t that give you more clarity? Okay so what should I focus on? Now within that, understanding following that principle, you can choose within all these skills that are out there it could be dozens and dozens and dozens of skills, pick the one that resonate with you.

Pick the one that you are passionate about. Pick the one that you’re naturally good at and you develop that, and you hone that skill and you master that skill and then you’ll never, ever have to worry about money again because companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, are always willing to pay you a lot of money to bring in revenue.

How to become a millionaire- step by step.

Today I’m going to teach you one of the most profound concepts that I’ve learned in my life that has helped me become a millionaire by the age of 27 and a multi-millionaire by the age of 30.

Now you may not realize this, but one of the most toxic concepts and one of the most toxic ideas that you have been exposed to is this. That somehow if you make money in a very short period of time, that somehow if you make money quickly, it is a bad idea.

You’ve heard of the term, get rich quick. Somehow in our society that we believe if you make your money, if you build wealth quickly it must be something shady, you must be doing something illegal, it must be a scam, right?

Get rich quick, ooh, that’s a bad idea. When people say oh, is this get rich quick, you better hope that it is. Because you don’t have time to get rich slow.

Now what do I mean by that? Wealth is not just measured by how much money you have; wealth is measured more in time than in just money.

Let’s say you make $25,000 a year and let’s say you work 40 years.

How much money you’ve made? One million dollars? Now is one million dollars a lot of money? Absolutely, you’ve made a million dollars. The question is, are you rich?


Why not? Because, it took you 40 years to accumulate a million dollars, to make a million dollars.

Now let’s look at a different scenario.

Let’s say you still make a million dollars, but instead of taking you 40 years you make those same million dollars within Now, are you rich? Yes!

Now you are a millionaire. What is the difference? It’s the same one million dollars. The only difference is the time that it takes for you to make it.

And the cool thing is this, when you make your money in a relatively short period of time, guess what?

Now you have more time to enjoy it.

Instead of waiting for 65 years old then, you may enjoy you money for the like 10 years, why not enjoy it for 30, 40, 50, 60 years? That’s the only difference. That’s why wealth is not measured in how much money you make it’s how fast you make that money.

Now what if you make a million dollars a month? Let’s think bigger.

A million dollars a month? The person who makes a million dollars a month is 12 times richer than the person who makes a million dollars a year. And he or she is richer than the person, person who makes $25,000 for 40 years, that’s the difference. And that’s why rich people, we value time more than we value money. Poor people, they value money, more than they value time.

And that’s why if there’s something, you know, with my Bentley, an oil change or I got to go, do something or fix the car, I’m not going to do it, because it’s not worth my time. My time is much more valuable. I have other activities that I could do that could bring in more money.

Now you may be saying that well, easy for you to say, you’re already a millionaire.

You’ve got money; of course you could do that. That is not true.

You might be thinking ’cause you are rich, that is not true. I got rich when I started valuing my time. Most people never get rich because they never value their time. So think about that.

Do you want to make it quick or do you want to make it slow?

Do you have time to even make it slow? If you’re serious about making it faster, not the traditional path, but how do you make it faster?

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Thank you.

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