Is Dropshipping still Profitable- Here’s Proof of My Dropshipping Business

Is Dropshipping still Profitable- Here’s Proof of My Dropshipping Business

In today’s article, I’m going to give you the answer of “Is Dropshipping Still Profitable” with proper proof of what I did in 1 week.

At the end of the day, all it matters is, your winning product, how you actually promoted your products, your website, landing page and everything. The marketing strategy, I used here is different and hence, declared the results on the basis of them only, and yours must be different too. So, this is what I should give you as a disclaimer before, letting you know about the results of “Is Dropshipping Still Profitable”.

What is Dropshipping?

Now if you guys don’t know, what drop shipping is, it’s basically selling someone else’s product but serving as the middleman and making your profits too in the process. So let’s say for example there is a supplier that’s selling baby products for like $10. What you’re going to do is advertise those baby products and you sell those products for $15 instead of $10 and keep the $5 as your profit.

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Is Dropshipping Still Profitable? – Complete Analysis

Now I did some dropshipping a couple months ago but I ended up stopping because the margins are very thin. So I was curious to see, if I can actually make money from dropshipping now and also somehow curious about the fact that: is dropshipping still profitable, as it is actually very saturated now-a-days. There is a lot of people doing it.

But you also see those videos of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. So, I was just saying maybe I could do it. So, without getting directly into the conclusion, do read the entire article to know the process of setup and marketing in a better way, and then go to conclusion.

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Product Research for Dropshipping

First things first we got to find the product.

The Blog Mentor has already published several articles on Product research, you can click any of the given links mentioned below:

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 After minutes of research, I think I found a banger, it’s a charging cable and it’s magnetic. It doesn’t sound very cool but it looks awesome and I haven’t seen any people sell it so let me show you the listing on Aliexpress.


Alright this is a listing. It’s actually pretty cool. They have super high definition or high quality pictures too and they actually have a video too, which is awesome, which I can use for the video ad. I can edit some clips out.

They have all the different types or variants of the charging cable, they have micro usb, they have cables for iphone and they also have it for usb type c.

So once I make the video ad it will be much clearer for you the customers to see how it works. The big thing is they have over 31,000 orders, which is huge, plus they have over 22,000 reviews and majority are all five stars. They have some as I said really good picture. These are amazing pictures which I can use for my store.

I found a killer product so let’s head on to the next step.

Creating Landing Page and a Brand around the Product

Now, we have our winning product. Hopefully, I’m going to spend the next day or two building out a brand around it, building the website, just making sure everything looks presentable on the website.

Don’t worry; you will go to get each and every detail in this article only.

So, I finished my store building, I have it on my phone, so let’s walk through this and see how it looks. I also use shopify to make my store because I think that’s what everyone uses for dropshipping and that’s what I did a couple months ago.

Designing Homepage for Dropshipping (Is Dropshipping Profitable)

PHOTO OF WEBSITE LANDING PAGE 1: Proof of Is dropshipping Profitable
Photo of Homepage
PHOTO OF WEBSITE LANDING PAGE 1: Proof of Is dropshipping Profitable
Photo of Homepage(2)

This is my website, I called it magnet charge. I know it’s not anything catchy but it gets the point across and .com was obviously taken so I did .co, no big deal. This is the main homepage.

I just took a picture from the Aliexpress listing, I got some good quality images from them, I put them all in the front over here. $14.99 is the price, I’m selling for.

Photo of About Us Section of Landing Page

I fix up the variations over here and just a quick about us section after that and just some descriptions about the website and added everything related to policies at the footer. And I used the beautify to make this, which actually awesome. They do a really good job looks really clean on here.

Designing Product Page for Dropshipping (Is Dropshipping Profitable)

But let’s look at the product page. This is where I’m going to be sending all the traffic to.


So, I imported some reviews, I added a sale timer for 55 minutes. I think this is a sticky add to cart so I added that into it. I made a good description as well: “are you tired of constantly buying new chargers because they keep breaking?”, also added some gifs into here.

So, that’s the website. It’s nothing too crazy, so I guess I’m going to be sending all my traffic onto my product page. As I think, it gets a point across and it looks pretty good.  

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Designing Video Ad for Dropshipping

All right now it’s time for the video. I did this a couple hours ago while I was working on the store. It’s not anything crazy, I literally just used the video that the supplier provided because it was actually a really good video. It was a high quality video as well.

I just rearranged the clips cut the clips down to make it a lot faster and shorter. I think it came across to about 13 seconds.

Marketing the Dropshipping Product

Now that we have a winning product, hopefully a website, a decent looking video ad; now it’s the most important part- sending traffic to our website and hopefully getting sales.

I’m going to be using Instagram Reels to promote my store.


If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s basically just like TikTok, but on Instagram’s platform and some pages actually get a lot of views through Instagram Reels. So I already went digging and found a couple pages that I could possibly work with.

I shot them some dm. So I’m going to be showing you how much I ended up paying for these promotional shout-outs and how they ended up going for me.


So I dm probably about 10 people and out of them I only use like two but this is one of the people I’ve dm. They charged me $12 for our 24 hours Instagram reel plus bio link. So, I chose him to promote my product, and now let’s see the result and let’s head towards the main topic, ”Is Dropshipping still Profitable.”

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Results of Instagram Reel promotion.


So this is my video over here, where I got 37.8k views with 694 likes. I’m so surprised he kept the video up because it’s been a couple days honestly; but he did remove the link in bio. It’s another product now but 37,800 views from this one page is not that bad.

So let’s see how many views I got from the other shout-out.


This is the second page; I used this one which cost me $45 for a 24 hour Instagram reel plus bio link. So let me just show you how many views my video got.


So, this one got about 47,000 views.

So, those are the two uh promotions I ran. So I think that 45 plus 12 is how much I ended up paying for the promotions.

So let’s see how much that ended up making me.

Is Dropshipping Still ProfitableRevenue from Dropshipping after Instagram Promotions

All right, now the moment you all have been waiting for how much did I end up making from those two video ad Instagram Reel promotions and the website, the product, how it all played out and how much did I end up making.

Is Dropshipping Profitable: PHOTO OF 1st DAY PRODUCT REVENUE

So, let me refresh the page. So I ended up making so today as zero sales but if I go to this week, I made a total of $31.98, for two orders.

Is Dropshipping Profitable: PHOTO OF 1st WEEK PRODUCT REVENUE

Now of course these are sales and these weren’t even my profits. so let’s calculate how much I ended up profiting from this one website.

Profit Calculation of Dropshipping

Product NameBuying PriceSelling PriceMarketing Cost(Influecer)Profit Calculations
Magnetic Charger$8$15.99$45-$33

Total sales were $31.98; I paid $12 to one of the promotions so subtract that by $12 and another $45 for the other one. The product cost was about $8, so that was about -$33.

I’m not going to incorporate the shopify cost. So, with all that with how much we made minus all the expenses- we were down with -$33.02.

So we were at a loss.

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Verdict: Is Dropshipping Profitable?

So with all my hard work, sweat and tears, I put into this website in these past couple of days, I lost 33 dollars and two cents. Now it sucks but one thing that I want to share with you guys that a lot of dropshipping people don’t talk about is the skills you learn from dropshipping.

I’m telling you the amount of skills that you can learn from just like creating one store and doing it from a to z like you will learn so much. I remember when I first started dropshipping a couple months ago or I don’t dropship but when I first created a store a couple months ago. You won’t believe how much I ended up learning just from creating the store, the website design, the video ad and all things that I literally used these day.

So, if you still want to know is dropshipping still profitable, then based on the above results I can clearly conclude No. But, there were still several influencers out there, who can take your product from level 0 to level hero, within just 24 hours. Again, all matters is the product you chosen for dropshipping, the website design, the landing page, the marketing strategies and everything. And there were also some profitable stories of mine in the dropshipping field, where I can give a Big YES for the answer of “Is Dropshipping Still Profitable”. You can check out our other articles over here, to know more about dropshipping.

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Thank you.

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