How to Start Dropshipping Business for Free with No Money on Shopify

How to Start Dropshipping Business For Free on Shopify- $1000/day

I am going to show you “how to start dropshipping business for free with no money on shopify”. Today we’re doing a one week dropshipping challenge, on how many sales we can get on a fresh dropshipping store without putting any money in ads. Yes you heard that right, In seven days we’re going to be taking a score from zero to scaling to as many sales as possible without spending a dime in facebook ads or paying any influencers.

So pretty much in this video I’m going to be breaking down the product, the website, how we marketed the product using our free traffic method and pretty much everything, that it took to really get to the amount of sales that we got in just seven days.

Step By Step Guide: How to Start Dropshipping Business for Free with No Money on Shopify

I’m sure a lot of you guys, maybe started your dropshipping journey or if you haven’t now you might be extremely scared of you know running your facebook ads or having to have a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars to invest into marketing; that either don’t have or that you might be afraid to lose and hence searching here and there about how to start dropshipping business for FREE on shopify with no Money. That’s why it’s crucial for you guys to watch until the end because i’m showing you guys how to get sales without putting any money into ads.

I think that this is such a good challenge to do. So without further ado, let’s get right into the challenge.

PHOTO OF ANALYSTICS OF SHOPIFY STORE WITH ZERO SALES: How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money

As you can see right here we have zero sales on February 2nd, that means we’re going to be doing this challenge from February 3rd to February 9th. I’m going to start by breaking down exactly what product we sold and where we got it from.

So, Valentine’s Day is really starting to come up which means it is a perfect time to sell a seasonal product and obviously since Valentine’s Day is coming up, a lot of people are looking for a cute gift or something for their girlfriend. So in my mind, I’m like why don’t we go sell a product correlated to valentine’s.

PHOTO OF STUFFED BEAR: How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money

And no it’s not that stuffed rose bear that you guys have seen all over social media for the past five years.

PHOTO OF BEAUTY ROSE GIFT: How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money

So as you can see right here, we are getting this product from e-sniper, and this is going to be just a pretty much a dome of a rose. The reason why this product is so unique is because it’s not something that can get old and it’s not something that can kind of you know fade away. What I really liked about this product is that I haven’t really seen it too much unlike you know the rose berry, you guys have probably seen you know all the time.

So pretty much, I’m getting this product for $29 and the best reason why I like e-sniperis because it has some amazing tools embedded within e-sniper, making it a super tool for product research. In this tool, you can even find influencers who can sell the products for you as your affiliate, or you can pay them directly as per post nd status basis(depends on you).

You can snipe pretty much anything, from viral products, aliexpress products, competitor store, or anything. e-sniperhas all such features available into it. Do, check it out, if you want to get your first winning products without worrying much about product research and influencer marketing.

You can also take their free trial for as low as $1 for 3 days. That’s awesome, isn’t it.  Just check them out once, e-sniper.

So from that I want to go and show you guys the exact store that we use.


So with this store, pretty much we got the domain called the reason why we picked that domain was because we wanted to be the original owners of the product.


People saw the same exact product if anyone else was selling it they know to come to us because we are the original owners.

As you can see the store right here it’s nothing too crazy. It is as basic as it gets. There’s not too much to the site just some good pictures, from the supplier as well as some custom content that i’m gonna be showing you guys a little bit later.

But I mean as you can see, there’s nothing too crazy right we have the product right here.

PHOTO OF PRICE OF THE PRODUCT: How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money

Let’s kind of go in and deep dive the product description so pretty much right here we have the product and we priced it at $59.99, just a good number and also we you know we charge shipping as well. So everything equaling out costs around like $67.

As you can see here we only have five variants of this product. We picked out our five favorite ones that look extremely good but the thing is that we didn’t really want to put too much variance.

In the site just for the sole fact that, if you give the customer so many options, you know it takes some more time to get to the checkout and the goal is to get the customer to the checkout and purchase as soon as possible.

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As you can see here we just have some basic tags, some supplier pictures, all that good stuff but you know the big thing that i really liked about this site is that we pretty much target both women and men for this product, telling men to make this valentine’s day a one to remember and stuff like that. I think that’s extremely important, whenever you have a product description to target both.

PHOTO OF PRODUCT REVIEWS WITH PICTURES: How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money

Of course, we have product reviews and pictures. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible because i wanted to show you guys, even just a clean looking site can sell extremely well. I didn’t really want to go and add too much in it just because I was only going to have this site for a week and we had to get the site up and running in just one day.

So, now that you see the product in the website, I want to show you a deep dive into the Instagram that we use.


This is the Instagram after the seven days that we’ve already sold this product. I want to show you the finished Instagram, so this is just the Instagram page that we use. Pay close attention to how we fit its theme. It has a very-very good Valentine’s Day look. It’s very clean and it’s very simple as you guys can see our Instagram, you can see that it’s just very well branded. There are a lot of pictures, a lot of story highlights.

One of my favorite things about the way we really branded this Instagram is the fact that there’s a good and nice Valentine’s Day theme. We have a theme going on where we post a lot of quotes and everything like that but pay very close attention to just everything and also the bio in, our website.

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As you can see we don’t just have our website, we have it going straight to our product page and if you see everything going down further everything fits the theme. Not too many posts but enough posts to completely fill up the Instagram, so where if somebody comes to our Instagram they know that we’re active. They know that if they go buy something that they’re actually going to receive the product.

But now I want to kind of dive deep into exactly how we did our free traffic strategies, we did do some free traffic strategies on the Instagram but I’m not going to go over that too much. I’m primarily going to talk about how we use TikTok.


As you can see here on our TikTok, we have the same exact name as our domain- original rose globe and that’s extremely-extremely important because people understand that we are the original owners of this product so now you see the exact instagram page and the exact TikTok page, I’m going to be breaking down exactly how we got these leads funneled into our website and going to checkout. I’m also going to be breaking down step by step on how each day went how many sales we got and what type of videos we posted for that day.

This is pretty much where the exciting stuff happened because remember we didn’t pay any money in ads we didn’t pay any money influencers this is strictly just free traffic.


So as you guys can see right here on February 2nd, we got zero sales. And somehow this is starting on February 3rd.


So on February 3rd, we started posting TikTok content about the product and actually one of the first videos we posted did around 70,000 in view.


And as you can see here you know there’s a ton of comments, a lot of comments with a lot of replies and everything like that and also there’s over 600 shares in that video as well.

So after having that one video we also posted another one right after talking about the product, we’ve had this rose for this amount of time, we absolutely love it, all that stuff, talking about your girlfriends are going to love it and pretty much what we’re doing is we are connecting with our audience. Our audience is for both men and women and that’s what I want to show you guys really in this video is that you have to be able to connect with both audiences, so when connecting with men we talk about why this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

But when we’re targeting women we pretty much talk about why this is the perfect Valentine’s Day present and our main goal was to get women to tag their boyfriends, dates or whatever in the comments on our product videos.

And as you can see pretty much in this video, we had people tagging their boyfriends, we had people saying i wanted, all this stuff. That is exactly what we want. We want all that engagement because obviously the more comments you have the more shares you have on TikTok, the further the post gets pushed out on the for you page seeing a bunch of new people.

I want to break down the exact amount of sales we had for our first day of selling without putting any money into ads and going to motivate you on How to Start Dropshipping for free on Shopify with No Money.


So in our first day we hit $306.85 in sales with no ad spend in sales and honestly i was a little surprised. Just how well we did our first day and the reason is because if some people run facebook ads and they get the same amount of sales as this obviously that is a winning product. So pretty much that’s exactly what we did to get sales on our first day.

Let’s hop into the second day so in our second day of posting. We had another video go semi-viral with around 64k views.


As you can see, there’s about 2,000 likes only about 12 comments. So honestly not too many comments, but there is a lot of views and we also posted another video. It only got around a thousand views, so really not a crazy day today. We didn’t get a ton of traction, a ton of engagement, so let’s see how sales are for the second day of selling.


 So, on our second day of selling, nothing gets too crazy. We did about one order for $66. So you know a little disappointing because we had such a big day, the day before, but all days can’t be big so you know we’re not really worried about it.

Obviously this is only our second day, so we are still doing very good right at about 400 for the sales in the first two days. So that being said let’s go hop into the third day of selling.

So on our third day of selling we had one TikTok, do about 15k in views, 14 comments so pretty normal and we had about 44 shares.

So with the first post nothing too special, so we decided to go and post again and with the second post of the day we had a video with over 300K video views.


The engagement is absolutely crazy as you can see, we have 40k likes, we have 628 comments, a ton of comments on here absolutely crazy.


As you can see here, there are a lot of people tagging their friends right tagging their boyfriends, tagging their girlfriends. This is exactly what we want to see on a great TikTok post.

As you can see we’re relating to the boyfriends right here. You can see that we’re telling the boyfriends and stuff to get it to their girlfriends.

So that is something you really need to keep in mind when you posting content like this is, you have to be extremely relatable to the customer. So with that being said let’s go hop in on the third day of sales.


We had $366 worth of products sold. That is absolutely crazy for just our third day. So far in the first three days we have hit almost $800 worth of sales and mind you we are not paying any money in advertising for all these sales. And definitely if you are looking for How to start dropshipping business for free on shopify with no money, then this post will help you getting out of this query. Let’s go ahead.

So a majority of these sales are left with profit, so the first three days of this product seems so promising. Let’s go and head into the fourth day.


So on our fourth day we only posted one TikTok just because we had a lot of things on our plate and this video did not do too crazy well. So, this video really only got like five comments. I want to point out as well is that me and one of my partners both got content on this together and the reason for that is because I wanted to try different contents in different environments. So with having just one video not doing too well, let’s go see the sales.

PHOTO OF Sales report on 4th day in shopify: How to start dropshipping business for free on shopify with no money

So on our fourth day of selling we did $246 in sales and a majority of these sales were from the video that went pretty viral from the day before.

So still we ended off the day very strong, so from this day let’s go look at the fifth day of selling.

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So in our fifth day of selling we pretty much remade a video just like yesterday, right you know pretty much just saying that “the rose lasts for years” and all that good stuff.

This video didn’t do too crazy it got around like nothing too crazy at all. Obviously every single video can’t go viral and still getting a couple thousand views on a video is super good on a fresh account. So with this let’s go see how many sales we got.


So right here we did a $133.78 worth of sales, not as much as the day before but still it’s all right. And the reason why we didn’t head up to that 300 mark is because we just didn’t post a lot i really think if we would have posted at least three to four times on the day, we would have probably hit three to four hundred in sales but it’s not a big deal. Let’s go ahead and go into the sixth day of selling.


On the sixth day of selling as you can see we had 185k views, with 44k likes, 314 comments, absolutely crazy.  

People were literally just people tagging their boyfriends, tagging their girlfriends in the comment section. There’s so much engagement on this post and with this there is a 25% like to view ratio which is absolutely insane for TikTok.

So this video absolutely blew up. Let’s go see and exactly how much sales we did for the sixth day of selling.

In our sixth day selling, we did over $1261.90 in sales, absolutely crazy doing over a thousand dollars in sales without putting any money in ads and no influencers, is absolutely wild. On our sixth day of selling we broke our record high by over three times as much as we did on our second day of selling. So we had a strong sixth day. Let’s go and see the last day of selling.


So on our last day of selling we pretty much try to remake every single viral video that we had. With this, we went all out and posted a ton. The content that we were posting wasn’t too different from the six days before, so we’re posting kind of the same content as our videos. Let’s see how many sales we did on our last and final day.


So in our last day we did $500 in sales. This didn’t beat the day before, but we did a lot of sales. Most of the sales that we had, pretty much carried on from the video the day before and i am extremely happy with our last day we ended off extremely solid. So after reviewing our last day let’s see how much we did in total in just seven days of selling with no ad spend and no influence.

All just using free traffic and building a brand around the product. So, in one week with having a new brand, not spending any money in ads, no paid traffic, only using social media and free traffic. We took a brand from $0 to $2883.74.

Getting just about three thousand dollars in sales on our first seven days of selling is so crazy and the reason why I ran up this brand and I did this challenge is to pretty much show you guys that you can pretty much really do anything right.

If you don’t have the money, figure out ways to get sales without putting any money into ads. When starting a business there should be zero excuses so pretty much with doing the three thousand dollars in sales in just one week, i want to break down each expense and how much we got profit in total for the week.

So in reality we had almost little to no expenses because shopify we did the 14 day free trial and in our app store we only had two apps we had e-sniper and we had Looks reviews.

e-sniper didn’t cost us anything and the looks review app we pretty much just used a free trial so the only expense that we had was our product cost.

Obviously there was zero advertising costs because we used free traffic only. So in total in just one week we sold 46 units of our product and since we sold each unit for around thirty dollars in expenses, we are at $1375.40. So if you subtract that from our total sales interest of one week we’re left with $1580.34 worth of profit in just the one week of selling. And with that that’s putting us at almost a 55% profit margin with our total sales.

Typically with drop shipping you’re lucky to get even 30% profit margin but since we didn’t put any money into ad spend a profit margin percentages were through the roof. The biggest take away from this challenge and the reason why I did this was because I want to show you guys that branding is key having a good branded feel and aesthetic on your product, really makes you turn from that traditional dropshipper to that next level branded dropshipper.

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Obviously, if I still continue to sell a product like this I would take the money that i made for my free traffic and I would reinvest those back into ads and influencers to scale. Honestly if I did this challenge again I really think, I could hit over five thousand dollars in sales in the first week with a different product. So if you guys want to see a part two of this challenge trying to get as many sales as possible in just one week without putting any money into ads, then stay tuned with us, and we will give you another guide on How to start dropshipping business for free on shopify with no money.

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Meet you in the next one.

Thank you,


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