How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners

How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners?

Let’s Know the Right Strategy for Affiliate Marketing and stop searching for How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners on all over the internet. The key to affiliate marketing is rising above the noise. It’s so true, there are so many people out there doing the same thing, writing the same reviews and nobody’s getting any success because they’re doing it wrong.

The Direct Approach on How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners?

Yeah so we’re going to talk about what the problem is right now with most people that try and fail at affiliate marketing. We want to get into a lot of the secrets and the things we’re doing to make the big money with affiliate marketing because most people are going to be stuck at the bottom of this industry.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

But first we want to start this from a beginner level of what it’s like to get started and then we’re going to work into the advanced. I mean over the years we’ve sold tens of millions of dollars of product through our affiliate links and then we make a commission from the amount of product that’s sold.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. It’s where you have a relationship with another company, be it Amazon or Cabela’s or best buy or whoever and when you recommend their service, you don’t use a regular link to Amazon you use your custom affiliate link that they give you when you sign up for their program.

Then if anybody clicks through your link and then buys, you’re going to get a cut of that sale. So affiliate marketing is really straightforward and frankly most internet retailers have some kind of program that you can sign up for.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that anybody can start affiliate marketing and make money. You don’t have to have an audience to get started. Really all you have to do basically is go sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program and you’re putting your links everywhere, put it on your facebook, share it with a friend.

But again, that’s the small part of the market, that’s how you get started and then it’s like okay. But how could I get a hundred people to click my affiliate link today, how about ten thousand.

The Outdated Strategies, people used for Affiliate Marketing

This whole discussion started, when I was going on a winter camping trip and I started searching for best winter glove.

And so let’s do that, I want to show you exactly what it looks like best winter glove and when I do that.

PHOTO OF SEARCH RESULTS OF WINTER GLOVES: How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners

I see just a bunch of stuff here and look how many companies are willing to tell me the 12 best gloves, 20 best gloves, five best gloves, etc.

Whatever, I click on the first one.


Now this is actually like the best case scenario for somebody that does a review. It’s not just like here random one on Amazon. This person actually purchased the gloves and has used them but look at it.


Yeah, it’s like, each one it shows you the name of the glove, it shows you the category, some stock photos sometimes they’ll show the price and stuff.

And it’s essentially an elongated Amazon review. That’s really all it is. When people want reviews today it feels like you either go to YouTube or you just skip it because so many of them are just junk.

We’re here to show you that if you make reviews the right way you can make big money. All right, so this is the problem and what we’re trying to actually solve. We need to start simply though and that’s with an example site that we have called disposalxt.

Okay, so we bought this by the way. We didn’t build this, so disposalxt is a website, it has about 150 articles on it, but we’re going to get into that a little bit later. Let’s talk basics here about How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners?

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Working Strategies on How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners?

You’re just getting started, the first thing you really need to do is choose your platform. You need to decide how and what medium are you going to use to get information out there. So that, you actually have a place, to put your affiliate links. It can be a blog; it can be a YouTube channel. Those are the main easiest and most relevant platforms today.

There are good reasons not to go on some other platforms like instagram, where you can’t have links in your post and so affiliate marketing is kind of tough to be able to pull it off. We’ve found the most success with blogging and YouTube for affiliate marketing.

Okay, after you choose your platform, you need to create content. The content is so important here. We just looked at the glove review where essentially the person who reviewed all those gloves. They just took an Amazon review and then they stuck it on their website and added a paragraph about what they maybe liked best or how it kept their hands warm. You need to make quality content which is going to drive traffic to your site so let’s look at

We’re going to show you all the numbers, how much money it’s earning and stuff.

Basically this is somebody who decided I’m going to be an affiliate for my kitchen disposal. It could be anything a computer mouse, chairs, office furniture, camping gear, fishing gear, clothing, you could be an affiliate for anything. They picked a disposal- most boring topic ever so then they started finding questions that people are asking about disposals- should you run water when using a garbage disposal, waste king 2600 versus badger 5 which is a better choice.

So they’re going through all those different questions that people could type into Google and just writing an article answering it that is going to start getting traffic in, because Google will find your website and it’s going to start it showing up in Google search and then you could get a lot of people with the intent of buying some of these products, coming to this website.

Then the next step is, we go to the retailer and we need to sign up for the affiliate program, once we start seeing some of that traffic coming in.

PHOTO OF AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETPLACE: How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners

If we choose Amazon, we just go to the Amazon associates login, anybody can create one.


Create your account get your special link and then you just make a hyperlink in there. So that, when people click it Amazon will track it for you.

How to do SEO for Affiliate Marketing?

Okay now this all sounds really simple but creating the content and getting content that’s actually going to drive traffic can be a little bit difficult.

So, this website after writing those 150 articles is bringing in 7,200 page views per month to that website.

PHOTO OF PAGEVIEW ANALYTICS OF THE WEBSITE : How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners

You can look at the analytics. We’re showing everything look at this, nobody will show you the specific pages of their site and how much traffic each one gets because they’re nervous you’re going to take the same one, we’re going to show you everything here.

So that’s pretty low. That’s not good to get 7300 page views from 150 articles. When we build a site we have much higher standards. We like to see a lot more traffic. This is one we bought from somebody else and we’re trying to revamp to build up but it’s a good example of what you will probably frankly see your first crack at affiliate marketing. Most people are going to struggle to figure out SEO and how to get traffic and you’re going to learn and improve over time that you’ll get way more traffic per article that you write.

So with those 7300 page views how much is this site earning. It’s making $200, right around 200 a month from the affiliate links now those are all links to Amazon products. Then it makes about another $200 from ads on the page.

Okay, so about 400 bucks a month but the cool thing is you get that cheque. I mean in fair perpetuity. Eventually those articles are going to start sinking down but I’ve had sites that I had for years that I didn’t add new content to and it just they keep their rankings if you’re writing on evergreen topics and you can get that cheque for a long time.

So you know $400 a month is pretty small and I think this should be doing better for 150 articles but still 400 bucks a month that you just get the cheque for several years. That’s pretty cool too, it’s pretty sweet but I would say this is a site that’s in the noise.

This is a site, which just doing what everybody else is doing and I think that there’s a way that you can rise above that. It’s almost like a level 2.0 which is just awesome. You have so much more success.

We are going to eventually do this review kind of thing on a multi-platform. We’ll do this review once we have all that content, we’re going to make a YouTube video of it and we’re going to put it on the website so that we can win SEO and YouTube to get more eyeballs to the information.

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How to Choose Specific Products to create Reviews?

So the way that we choose which ones to buy, is a cool tip for you and it’s one that’s really helping us to step it up before we choose which products to buy.

We first pick a price category because it works well for reviews to be able to say like the best under 200, or something. And then we ask on YouTube. We say, hey we’re reviewing trail cameras under $200, which brands do you guys want us to include.

Then if after we do the review, somebody says why you didn’t include this one like hey we just asked the audience and they told us which ones were most popular, because we want to be reviewing popular products.

After you poll your audience, you decide what you’re going to buy. You got to go pay, you got to foot the bill.

Now I got to say with this back to the disposal site- 150 articles probably 50 of them are actually doing anything, and the other 100 articles were probably and honestly a waste of time.

Now how long do you think it will took probably 200 hours at least to write those hundred articles. What if you went and got a side hustle for $200 and then you took that money and invested it in your product. You can do that. Go buy the product so that you can actually handle it, you can actually review it.

We spent a thousand bucks, yeah a thousand bucks on these and how many hours I mean over 100 hours reviewing them and that’s where the value is. You have to spend time with the product and actually test the things in the product that people want to know.

So an example of that we did a previous review on the backfire YouTube channel of binoculars- best binoculars under 250. We didn’t want to spend too much money on them and so we went to the store and we said hey we’re Youtubers; we want to review a bunch of binoculars. Would it be okay with you if we bought 10 of these, pick the one that we like and keep it and return the others and the store owner said it was fine.

Yeah they said that’s fine, whatever people do that all the time, they didn’t care. And so it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars on product in order to do these reviews, but a lot of times now. It’s not worth us for business thing we’re just going to buy them right.

So we get these, now we put it all into excel and we pick the different categories of our review- build, quality, price, all those different things and then we’re giving them a ranking and so in our YouTube video.

It can be entertaining and talking about each category and stuff and giving them all a score and then I think a critical thing to do in your review is come to a specific conclusion, and say you know after looking at all the market backfire picks this one as the best trail cam. The reason that that’s so critical is, they came for you to help make the decision for them. If they leave with just a bunch of pros and cons of 10 things that didn’t help them really, so usually what we’ll do is we’ll say, this is our best overall bang for the buck this is the one that we would buy this one. When my friend says hey what trail cam do I get, I say that one right.

But then sometimes we’ll also say this is the best value on or things like that but make a clear recommendation and we find that with the conversion rate of the people that actually click your link, and buy, the CTR goes way up, when you’re excited about what you found, when you’re like oh my gosh this one is half the price and it’s better image quality than the one that’s 180 bucks.

When you’re super excited about the product they’re going to go buy it and not feel like they need to go read 10 more reviews.

For YouTube, that works great. There’s a way to do this on a blog as well.

So, on that glove review, that we saw earlier, the pictures of the gloves look like stock images. The guy had bought all the gloves and didn’t take a picture of him wearing the gloves or it was just his.

You couldn’t see that he had actually handled them and when you were looking through the top 10 gloves or everything, he didn’t actually come to a conclusive result of which one you should pick and that is so important.

So that the audience can actually get your opinion which is what they came here for they can go to Amazon, and get a five-star review or whatever but they want you to tell them what to buy.

All right, so we’ve done our review and now we’re going to put it out on our YouTube channel, put it out on our blog. For somebody that’s just getting started that’s intimidating because you put it out there and you feel like, okay how’s anybody going to find this, it got no views and things like that.

What we would say is you have to trust google to do its job. We’ve taught thousands of people internet marketing and everyone feels like this. It feels like you’re in a ghost town shouting like somebody come see my review right and but Google’s job is to find good content and put it in front of people who searched for it right.

So if you are making a great review and you put it out there on blogging it can take about eight months to really start to see that uptick in traffic. It’s slow there.

On YouTube, a good review can start ranking in weeks, even on a brand new channel and so YouTube is faster to gain traction but they both platform forms work and that’s why we will focus on both a little hint of our little tip about getting traffic to your site.

A lot of people when they search for How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners, they really want to go after the product driven posts. Now while that’s a great idea that’s what everybody else is doing and so by providing value by doing really helpful posts, answering people’s specific questions, even if they didn’t come with the intent to buy, there’s a good chance that if you’re writing a post about “how do I set up a trail cam” and then you say in your post “and here’s my favorite trail cam”, they could actually click that link and then you’ve accomplished the same purpose.

Yeah that’s a really good one, a good point. On backfire specifically we get a ton of traffic and the videos do well product reviews because it’s a very gear driven industry.

There are other industries that aren’t driven by interest in binge researching a particular product like a disposal. Nobody’s like “what you doing honey on your phone late at night” and your honey be like “just read and dispose all reviews you know” LOL.

It’s just it’s not a hobby; it’s something they just want quick information. So on a site like that, we sometimes get good results by just picking like: here are our five favorite outdoors products ever and we just include it in the description of every YouTube video we do or on a blog post.

You could have a section at the end of every post that says my top 10 favorite outdoors products of all time. You just have them there even if the post was called like “how tall is an average trekking pole”. You don’t have to be an affiliate for a trekking pole in that post, you can be an affiliate for anything if you can get people excited about your cool stuff.

Another tip there or for putting your links in is, once your articles or videos are actually getting traffic, see which ones are getting the most traffic and then add a couple in there. Slip them in, make sure that it makes sense, and make sure that they’re relevant but you can really optimize the conversion, the amount of people seeing those links by just putting the links in the top post. Go to those top 20 posts and stick some links in there.

Sometimes we’ve done that even randomly. We’re like in the middle of the post, we’ll say okay this is a random side note but if you guys haven’t checked out this awesome new outdoors gadget, you really should check it, it’s my favorite product of 2020 or 2021.

Then sometimes people are reading a random post and they click yeah you get those commissions. Something that you might be tempted to do is just to go with Amazon. Now if you’re just getting started, that’s not too big of a deal, it’s a good place to start they make it very easy.

However, after you are getting some traffic after you’ve got started a little bit, you really need to start looking for affiliate programs that are going to benefit.

I would say Amazon’s not looking to benefit you. There’s opportunity there but by finding really good affiliate programs in your space, who are going to give you a higher percentage commission, you’re going to have a better opportunity to make some more money.

On average, Amazon generally gives two percent of a sale and so you convince somebody to buy a hundred dollar product and you can do the math you get two bucks for it. That’s a hamburger. It’s okay, but now we have to have thousands of people buying in order to do it.

I love working on affiliate products that we’re going to be making at least 10 dollars for it, just because with the numbers of most websites that’s where it’s going to start to really stack up.

With photography, if I wanted to be an affiliate for a sandbag, for a light stand, that’s like a $10 product and so how much am I making, 20 cents.

It’s just not very much money and so we want to start stepping it up. You can earn at least you know $10 commissions; there are also places where you can make a $100+ commissions. It’s really going to start adding up a lot.

We’re an affiliate for hosting companies that will pay over a hundred dollar commissions for us every person that buys. Many subscription services will have great affiliate products.

So, take your time and just look for who are the players or the industry and then go into the footer of their website and look for an affiliate program. They’ll usually have a link down there to their affiliate program.

There are a lot of things that you can do. The very first thing that you need to do is choose your platform, find an affiliate program and get content. That’s how you got to get started that is the best way that you’re going to have success. If you try and do it in a different order, in a different way, it’s just not going to work out as well and the numbers are awesome when you do it.

You know, I mentioned that binoculars review. We did one post, it now earns 176 dollars every month plus what we get in is YouTube ads for that and now we can add that same content onto the blog to potentially double it right.

Now I did one piece of content and I get that check every month probably for years. So affiliate marketing is awesome, it’s easy to get started. It’s just time to get in the game.

Thanks everybody for joining us on the article “How to start Affiliate Marketing and Make Money for Beginners”. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay with us and we will be back with more such interesting and useful articles.

Thank you.

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