How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

5 Ideas on How to start a YouTube channel without showing Your Face

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How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

  1. How-to Videos
  2. Health Videos
  3. Books reviews
  4. Motivational Videos
  5. Self-improvement videos

1) Create a YouTube Channel having How-to Videos

How-to Videos is one of the best and the largest niche for the beginners who were searching for How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face which has every kind of audiences that is facing problems or unknown products for users that cannot use in life.

It could be the best niche for you to telling about solutions to different things, tech problems. You must be aware and expert knowledge of modern technology, lifestyle, food, and also those things that you are giving solutions to your audience.

How to videos rely on many categories that you are like to make videos on. It’s something such as an experiment for you that you are observing and solve. The topics range from arts & crafts to wedding and everything. Creating how-to videos require some research from you; but if done right, there’s vast potential. Sites like WikiHow are an excellent example of how to websites that gets thousands of daily visitors.

So starting a YouTube channel covering different how-to guides allows you to get daily visitors and show expertise and expand in any niche. You can teach kids how to draw an apple, you can make a video on how to tie a tie, you can make videos for women like how to wear a wig. You aren’t limited to a specific set of audience and there will always be room for growth. You need to have some experience in a respective niche.

These videos help you get in touch with different perspectives of life. Learn how to deal with various issues in life. That’s a cool way to get started that requires just your computer screen and not a physical camera. Try stuff like how-to activates a Gmail account, how to set up segments on MailChimp or how to link Facebook to Instagram. Although these may seem pretty common sense to you and me, it can be a real savior to others.

I once had a problem on my computer and I watched a YouTube video on how this guy solved it. and if you don’t have a camera and you want to make other things that require filming  and do this type of videos like how to make a chocolate mud cake. I’m going to show you how to make these videos without a camera so you don’t need to film it. And if you have a camera and you want to film no problem you can do this. So you can make up to thirty thousand dollars per month by making simple how-to videos on YouTube.

PHOTO OF HOW TO BASIC CHANNEL- How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

So this is a channel called How to Basic and they have over 15 million subscribers.  They only upload like once a week so you don’t need to upload every day these guys upload once a week and they get millions of views. You don’t need to film it, you don’t need to put your voice in it.

Let’s look at how much money, this channel actually making from these how-to videos.


If we go to social blade, we will find that how to basic is making between, $17,000 and $272,000 per month, that too only from ads. So I would estimate they’re making around $150,000 a month just from ads.

That’s incredibly insane and they’re getting 68 million views per month. This is a weird niche with amazing opportunity on YouTube.

Let’s move on to our next Idea on “How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face”.

2) Health Videos YouTube Channel is a Great Start for Faceless Videos

What’s the first place you go to get some health tips or workout plans? Either Google or YouTube. But if you need some exercises and workouts, it is better to watch it someone performing rather than writing instructions. Fitness and health-related channels are a huge hit. If you have a story that can connect viewers that will be good if you’re too shy to face the camera, but good at animation, you can create an animated character performing the activities. Not the best way, but gets the job done. Health and Fitness are very important for a good and happy healthy life. If you like to do exercise and want body fitness.

You can explore ideas and share your knowledge and experience with people. People are searching for these channels to get information and several ideas or methods of exercise and fitness of your body.

You should create animations in your videos. These channels are not only for vlogging about fitness and exercising. There are other choices you can do like share tips about weight loss reviewing new products and the best food  and many things related to our health and things like that without being on camera.

So what I mean by health videos let’s take a look at this channel right here called natural cures.

PHOTO OF NATURAL CURES CHANNEL How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

As you can see three million subscribers and the videos are literally just voice-overs with text on the videos using other people’s picture videos like that.


As you can see “this is why you should replace salt with oregano”; “4 best essential oils to strengthen your immune system” “this is why your hands and feet are always cold” and these videos get millions of views.


If we take a look at social blade statistics 1.8 million views in the past 30 days could be making between $460 and $70,000 a month. I would guess they are probably making around $5000 revenue a month just from ads.

You can also put your affiliate links in the description of the YouTube videos which help you to earn extra money.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples or any company product. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

These channels are for questions and answers about medicine and healthcare.

You can create videos about anything you want. You can convert a blog article into a video but make sure you are transforming the article a bit and take free stock images and videos and just add a voice over and Text over So you might be wondering where can I actually get content to use in a channel like these channels.

3) Create YouTube Videos related to Books reviews

Books are known to be human’s best friend after pets and the best resource to get information. If you are a bookworm and enjoy reading books, why not share your personal reviews to help others. You can share what you liked, what could be improved, how engaging it is and other points which can help other readers make an informed decision book summaries would be the way to go over 90% of the time as you don’t need lengthy explanations but can directly absorb the key points.

There are so many books published every single day, so many important books that come out every month. More than anyone can read, that if you want to know what’s going on you should read book reviews and then choose actual books to read from there.

You obviously get more out of a book if you read it, and for those books you don’t read, you’ll still have some idea of what’s going on, and you can take part in the conversation. Book reviews are often welcomed by Authors and Publishers, especially if they are positive. But even if it’s a negative review, as long as you’re not actually sharing the full contents of the book or narrating the book as if you were doing an Audio reading of the book, then you are fine. You will often find You Tubers doing reviews of a book, monetizing the video, and then placing an affiliate link in the description and this is fine as long as you’re not narrating the book.

So there are two simple ways to monetize a YouTube channel that reviews books:

  • The usual way by allowing ads to be played on your videos.
  • The affiliate marketing way by putting up sponsored links to various e-commerce sites from where your viewers can buy the reviewed book immediately after watching your video.

If they end up buying using your link, you get a commission on the sale. People will go everywhere leads to books whether reading or summaries and reviews but most especially book reviews and I’m one of them. There’s a huge market guys for that niche. Millions of people are searching for that niche, every single day on YouTube.

 This is a weird niche that I can bet, not a lot of you have even thought of; but you can actually get a lot of views

I want to show you guys an actual example as you can see right here this channel called one percent better.

ONE PERFECT BETTER YOUTUBE How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing your face

They have 3,27,000 subscribers and they upload animated book summaries. This channel must be making around $5,000 on a monthly basis only from the ads.

Let’s know about our next Idea on “How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face”.

4) Start YouTube Channel with Motivational Videos

Motivational Videos help us inspiration today’s life is living in ups and downs for achieving something but in your aim, you must face these stages sad feelings, failures in your goals, challenges, problems.

But don’t worry today you have a big opportunity for yourself. And help others to wake up in your life for success by watching the motivational and inspirational videos.

It needs high communication skills and confidence to create these videos with a perfect niche. A lot of motivational speeches or interviews are about success in life, health, wealth or relationship and these videos help people.

So, if we search motivation on YouTube, we can see this huge list of different motivational channels that pop up. Each having hundreds and thousands of subscribers. I am going to show you different channels that doing this.

so the first example channel I want to show you guys is this channel right here called motivation madness.

MOTIVATION MADNESS How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

As you can see they have 1.8 million subscribers and that is a lot of subscribers by the way. They usually get hundreds of, thousands of views and millions on each video that they do.

They have just used some stock footage and some real life pictures and videos and ran in the background while the inspirational speech is going on in the front end.


If we take a look at their social blade statistics, they’re getting 6.1 million views a month making an estimated $1500 to $24.6k per month just from ads alone.

Let’s take a look at some more channels right here.

BEN LIONEL SCOTT - How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

Let’s take a look at this channel called Ben Lionel Scott. He has videos which works like hell. He has videos like three weeks ago “when you lose all hope”; four weeks ago “commitment best motivational video” one month ago “when life breaks you”. He usually uploads video every week.


If we take a look at social blade statistics 4.8 million views in the past 30 days could be making as much as between $1.2k and $19.3k per month. I would guess they are probably making around $10,000 revenue a month just from ads. 

So what you can do is make a channel like this by just finding clips and using them for free. You can find free video clips and audio and all sorts of other stuff on the internet. You can actually find some clips of speeches and stuff like that. So, if you typed in something like success you could just look for different speeches, from certain people talking about it. You can use audio instead of videos and then use your own clips from stock video websites and you could use that just look at channels like motivation madness.

You can get creative from them and start creating videos; maybe in a few months you’ll be getting hundreds of thousands of views like some of their videos.

There are plenty of examples out there of how to do this and probably how to be successful at it and you can see there’s a very high ceiling for how much money you can make and how many views you can get. These channels not only work towards building strong human characters, but also aim to challenge the individuals’ existing potential to exceed their limits and make their lives better. So, you should definitely give it a try for once.

5) Self-improvement videos: Start YouTube Channel without Showing your Face

This is also an amazing niche to start a YouTube Channel on. Much like the educational videos which tells us How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face, these are also meant to give tools to the viewer instead of entertainment. But rather than teaching a particular subject, self-improvement is aimed at making someone’s life better through self-knowledge.

Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing yourself in order to achieve your fullest potential. Personal development is a vital part of a person’s growth, maturity, success, and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Self Improvement is important because: This is one kind of exercise to know more about yourself. You will be aware of your weakness. This will helps you to decide your careers and goals. This will create your special point which can be your identity in the future. This helps to improve your relationship. This will increase your soft skills so many! All the benefits you can think of.

Better health, more understanding, calmer, less afraid and stressed better relationships. The list goes on.

I can’t see any reason not to try to work with self-development. The personal development niche provides us with how to improve awareness and identity, how to develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, and enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

In fact, the personal development industry has become increasingly popular among teenagers and working adults.

The Internet has made it much easier and convenient for people to search for personal development resources.

This includes books, webinars, courses, and videos. A lot of individuals are still trying to figure out their goal in life and with the right resources, they would be able to find their answer. By planting these ideas in their head, there are possibilities for success.

This niche is huge for those who were searching for: “How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face” and not going anywhere anytime soon.

There are literally a ton of sub-niches within this industry that are just ripe for the taking!

Some of the sub-niches you could take part in and most common include ideas like Leadership, development, Self-esteem, Motivation, Career development, life coaching, spirituality etc.

There is a massive market for that niche. I want to show you guys an actual example so let’s jump straight into the practical part.

So, for example, I wanted to check you out this channel the School of Life.

SCHOOL OF LIFE How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face

School of Life is one of my favorite self-improvement channels. Through short animated videos, they tackle complex issues from self-love to how to handle depression. They have over 6 million subscribers as you guys can see in the photo attached above. This is absolutely insane.

And let’s look at these videos. As you can see these videos like “what do you love me for” 5,11,000 views 4 months ago; “the fear of ending a relationship” these are in relationship categories.

Let’s look at how much money, this channel actually making.


 So taking a look here this channel is making between $2.1k and $33.7k on a monthly basis according to social blade.

This could be an incredibly lucrative niche for you. There are numerous affiliate programs that you can promote on YouTube You could join Amazon’s affiliate program and get up to 10% of the sales you give them or Moving to ClickBank- the number-one affiliate network on the Internet, where info products are sold by marketers like you and me for commissions of up to 75 percent, sometimes even more. A single 20 dollars book on ClickBank will get you a profit of ten dollars to fifteen dollars. Rather you can also promote your own products.

Hope these 5 Niches on How to start a YouTube channel successful without showing Your Face helps you to get ideas and confidence for starting your own YouTube Channel. Again, If you want to read the earlier Part of “9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face”, then do click here.

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