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How to Start a Business with Bitcoin, Business Accepting Bitcoin, Wallet

How to Start a Business with Bitcoin, Business Accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Wallet

How to Start a Business with Bitcoin is a complete A- Z Bitcoin Course on How to Start a Business that accept Bitcoin through Bitcoin Wallet.

You will going to learn each and everything about Bitcoin Business Opportunities and also about other business accepting crypto payments. Let’s start the course: “How to Start a Business with Bitcoin”

Before begin with the Bitcoin Business Opportunities or Crypto Business Opportunities, let’s first discuss some basic things, which every one of you should know about. In the upcoming sections, what we will tell about Bitcoin will also applicable to the other crypto currencies too.

Introduction to Bitcoin: “How to Start a Business with Bitcoin, Business Accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Wallet”

Table of Contents


How does Bitcoin work?

In this article I’m going to show you how Bitcoin works and what makes it different from traditional paper currency.

Unlike paper money, which you can see and touch, Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not exist physically.

This basically means that Bitcoin only exists in digital or virtual format, just like physical money (which is accessible through Bitcoin wallet).

However, you can use Bitcoin to buy and sell merchandise both online and offline. You can use it to buy plane tickets, high tech gadgets, pizza, cable service, chicken wings and so much more.

In fact, with Bitcoins increasing popularity, hundreds of thousands of merchants now accept Bitcoin payment, which eventually increases Bitcoin business opportunities, and helps a lot of people to start a business with Bitcoin (Business accepting Bitcoin). And this number continues to rise every day.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is not controlled or backed by any bank or government.

Unlike national currencies such as the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound sterling and more.

Unlike paper money, which is printed by banks on giant printers, Bitcoins are created 100% electronically. Secure encryption techniques are used to regulate the creation of new Bitcoins to make sure no one cheats the system and creates an unlimited number of Bitcoins for themselves.

The same technology also ensures that no double payments will ever occur, which is a very common problem in digital products. Piracy really is a crime.

When you make Bitcoin payments to another person, the transaction occurs almost instantly and with very minimal fees. We have used the word almost instantly, because you do have to wait for the so-called Bitcoin miners to audit and verify the transaction and then added to the blockchain.

This process usually takes from a few minutes to 45 minutes.

While this may sound lengthy to you, consider the fact that if you transfer via bank wire transfer, you’d probably have to wait the whole day and pay significant fees (1-3% of the transaction amount).

 With Bitcoin payments, fees will only be an equivalent two cents. This is true even if you’re sending thousands of Bitcoins at once.

The Bitcoin network is open source, which means that anyone can access it. Each and every Bitcoin transaction can be viewed by the entire network.

But it doesn’t mean that everyone knows who you are and how many Bitcoins or fractions thereof you have in your digital Bitcoin wallet.

All anyone can see are alphanumeric codes which don’t make sense to us humans, but are of course easily understood by computers.

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Bitcoin Scams You Should Avoid

Three Bitcoin scams you should avoid to successfully start a business with Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin’s ever increasing popularity, scammers are taking advantage, too.

In this section, you’re going to learn about three of the biggest Bitcoin scams you should learn to spot and avoid.

Bitcoin is a scammer’s dream currency. Unlike bank transfers, credit or debit card payments, Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, untraceable, near instant and above all, irreversible.

These attributes are perfect for scammers because they know that once that send or pay button is clicked, there’s no turning back for the victim and they’ll have their stolen Bitcoins in mere minutes.

Three Kinds of Bitcoins Scams You Should Avoid are:

  1. The first kind of scams I’d like to discuss are relatively easy to spot. The saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” also applies to Bitcoin.
    • If someone tells you to invest some Bitcoins in their product or service and you’ll get a 10% per day return on your investment, then it most probably is a scam.
    • Check whether the company is legitimate. That is, they’re registered with the government. With that said, it’s still not a guarantee you won’t fall for a scam, but doing a bit of homework before investing in anything is always a good idea.
  2. The second kind of scams is those spoofing.
    • Government agencies or well-known large corporations. They will call you about some money you owe them and that if you don’t pay up, you’re going to go to prison.
    • This tactic works in some cases, especially when the victim owes money to that particular agency or corporation.
    • They’d get so scared of leaving their families behind that all rational thought goes right out the window. So when the scammers tell them to make the payment at a Bitcoin machine, they willingly do so.
  3. The third kind of scams is phishing scams.
    • These sorts of scams are pretty commonplace nowadays, and almost everyone knows when an email isn’t coming from their bank or PayPal.
    • But since Bitcoin is a relative newcomer, beginners often can’t tell when an email is coming from their real Bitcoin wallet or exchange service.
    • So they’d click on the email link, type their username and password on the imitation site and get redirected to the original site or wherever the scammers choose to send them.
    • The scammers now have the victims log in details to the real Bitcoin site and can send available Bitcoins to their own wallets.
    • These scams are pretty much scary if you have thousands or millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin in your account.
    • Absorb all the types of Bitcoin Scams carefully and secure your assets of Bitcoin or other crypto currencies in Bitcoin wallet or other crypto wallets.

Digging Down to Learn How to Acquire More Bitcoin

You can acquire more value through Bitcoin either by buying it and hold it or by selling it at a higher rate and buying it again when the rate of the Bitcoin comes down.

Starting a Business accepting Bitcoin or crypto is a plus point for all the businessmen out there, as seeing the current situation in the hype of 10-20% in the values of these currencies; it will be a good idea to gather crypto from the customers and sold it later at a higher rate.

You can collect those Bitcoins through Business Bitcoin Wallet but the fact is that, you should know something more before starting to play with these currencies into your business.

Though Bitcoin Business opportunities were huge, but not knowing the certain things will definitely make this a sin for you.

So, before, coming to the account creation process and other things, you should read the following sections carefully, so that you can start a business with Bitcoin carefully and successfully.

Things to know before investing in Bitcoin

Three things to know before investing in Bitcoin:

With Bitcoin’s popularity, more and more mainstream investors are beginning to show interest in investing in Bitcoins as well as other crypto currencies.

But just like any other investment, you need to know the ins and outs so you don’t lose out in the end.

In this section, you’ll learn three very important things, which you need to understand before you start investing in Bitcoin. Read them carefully so that you will not suffer from any kind of hustles before starting a Business with Bitcoin.

You don’t need to buy one whole Bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices have gone up astronomically in the last few years. And many experts are saying the prices could stay up for the next several years before you start worrying about whether you can afford to invest thousands of dollars for a few Bitcoins, you should know that each Bitcoin is composed of 100 million Satoshis.

A Satoshi is the smallest Bitcoin unit, pretty much like cents to a dollar.

This means that you can invest ten dollars, one hundred dollars, ten thousand dollars or any other amount you like.

Of course, the smaller the dollars amount, the smaller your Bitcoin value.

Price is highly volatile.

Just like investing in the stock market, Bitcoins are also a high risk and high reward investment.

Prices can fluctuate wildly and go up and down by thousands of dollars in a matter of hours.

If you don’t have the stomach for this, it’s best to stay away from Bitcoin investing.

But if you like to take calculated risks and you can afford to lose a few thousand or a few million, then go ahead and invest.

Experienced investors can ride out a dip in the market price and patiently wait until the price goes up again.

The best strategy when investing in Bitcoin is to invest only what you can afford to lose. This way you don’t get physically sick when you suffer a huge loss.

Don’t leave your investment on an exchange.

When buying Bitcoins, most people usually leave their digital money on the exchange platform, while many think this is safe, it’s not.

It’s true you can easily access your money from anywhere with an Internet connection. But it’s also an easy way for hackers to steal your coins.

With Bitcoin becoming more commonplace, more hackers are getting into the Bitcoin game.

Therefore, it’s best to check out other, more secure wallet options to make sure your investment is safe.

These three things will definitely going to make you safe from the game of losing. While writing this article, the price of Bitcoin dropped to more than 50% within 2 weeks, and this is the reason we want you to start a business with Bitcoin, want you to start a Business accepting Crypto, which makes you safe from the game of crypto trading much farther than you even imagined of.

Start a Business with Bitcoin will make you one step forward with respect to that of the traders, as with time, your Bitcoin amount will increase and when the prices of the crypto currencies will rise, you can sell it with a higher rate too.

That’s why business that accept Bitcoin or business accepting crypto is more valuable than exchanging the business with fiat currencies and then buy crypto with that fiat currency only, that’s a completely waste of time and money too.

Stay with us till end, and we will also going to share some Cryptocurrency Business Ideas (or Bitcoin Business Opportunities) you can start with.

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4 Easy ways to Acquire Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn you some Bitcoins. And you will need to either spend some time or some money to get them.

In this section, I’m going to show you four ways you can easily acquire Bitcoins. Note that I won’t be including crypto mining on this list because it requires an investment of both time and money.

And as many miners can attest, it’s certainly not an easy way to get Bitcoins.

  1. The first one would be micro tasking, which usually involves doing some activity on a website. First, you sign up for the service. Then you carry out the tasks they require you to do. So you can get paid. Examples would be clicking or viewing ads, watching short videos, filling out surveys, downloading, mobile apps, playing games, signing up for trial offers, spending a few seconds or minutes on the site itself, and so much more. If you think you’re going to be paid handsomely, think again. You can spend an entire day doing a variety of jobs on these sites and you’ll earn maybe a few Satoshis.
  2. The second one would be Bitcoin faucets. Faucets are Web sites that give away a few Satoshis on a regular basis, whether it’s every 15 minutes, one hour, three hours or once a day. This is a very popular method of getting Bitcoins for free because you do almost nothing in exchange for free Bitcoins. All you have to do is sign up to a credible Web site and wait for your free Satoshis to fill up your account.
  3. The third one would be selling your skills and getting paid for them in Bitcoins. You can offer freelance writing, design, programming, social media services and more in exchange for some Bitcoins. There are freelance platforms that support Bitcoin payments through Bitcoin Wallet. So if you have the right skills, this could be a lucrative and relatively easy way to earn yourself some Bitcoins.
  4. The fourth one would be buying or trading for some Bitcoins. This means you’ll be trading your real money or fiat currency for Bitcoins. Of course, this option is only easy if you have the money to spend. If you don’t have the cash to spare, any of the three options I mentioned previously would be a nice free alternative for anyone looking to get started with Bitcoins. In this way you can acquire Bitcoins by investing either your time or some money. In all the cases, you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet, not matter whether its individual Bitcoin wallet or Business Bitcoin wallet, you will need it anyhow.

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to Stay

Those not familiar with Bitcoin may say it’s just a fad that’s going to be forgotten by everyone in the near future.

They say traditional currency is here to stay and Bitcoin won’t ever replace it.

In this section, you will know four of the biggest reasons why crypto currencies and Bitcoin in particular are here to stay and why they’re not going to vanish anytime soon.

These reasons were well known defined by the Crypto and Stock Experts after a complete research onto Crypto Currencies. They finally then concluded the 4 reasons why anyone should start a Business with Bitcoin or a business accepting Bitcoin or crypto payments. Analyze the given reasons from your side once too.

So, here are the 4 reasons why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to stay

Very minimal transaction feesMore people are finding out every day the benefits of paying for and receiving Bitcoin payments.
There are no expensive transaction fees unlike when you pay with a credit card.
Your bank and your government all want a piece of your money, which is why you pay all those exorbitant fees when you pay with normal currency.
But with Bitcoin, you bypass all that. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for both sender and receiver.
Experts see this as a major reason why bitcoins are here to stay.
Instant transfer of BitcoinsUnlike regular bank transfers, Bitcoin transactions are finalized in a matter of minutes. For businesses, this is great news because they no longer have to wait days for a check, declare or credit card payments to post.
If you’ve ever tried waiting for a check to, then you know what I mean.
You’re literally holding your breath until the payment clears.
With Bitcoin You only have to hold your breath for several minutes.
Usually transactions are verified and finalized within 10 to 30 minutes or thereabouts.
Greater securityThere is no danger of having your identity stolen when paying with Bitcoins.
All transactions on the network are anonymous. All anyone sees are just the I.D. codes, which don’t make sense to a human reader.
This means you can send and receive payments to anyone without fear of having your identity exposed and stolen by identity thieves.
Decentralized- So it’s not controlled by one entityBanks and governments control the amount of paper money in circulation and can print money when they see fit.
But with Bitcoin, the number of total Bitcoins that can ever be produced is limited to 21 million.
Many so-called experts seem to agree that this limit will ensure that Bitcoin users don’t ever need to be concerned about inflation.

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Bitcoin Platforms and Some Major Wallets you can Use

We have already discussed these types of Bitcoin Wallets in a short way in the above sections, but do read this section in order to understand it in a brief way.

5 Bitcoin Wallets You Should Use Now

Just like paper money, you’d need a Bitcoin wallet (either Individual or Business Bitcoin Wallet) to store your Bitcoins in.

In this section, you’ll find out about five types of Bitcoin wallets, you can or you need to have in order to start a Business with Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Each type of wallet will have its own share of pros and cons, so bear this in mind when choosing the right wallet for your coins.

Paper Wallet

The first one on the list is a paper wallet. This is probably the safest type of wallet as it’s going to be, obviously, hack proof.

Your public and private keys are stored on a physical piece of paper and not stored digitally. So there is no way for hackers to have access to your keys.

Of course, you’d have to store your paper wallet in a safe place where no one else has access to it.

Hardware Wallet

The second one on the list is a hardware wallet, which is basically a USB dongle type of hardware.

Hardware wallets can be used to make online transactions, but you store your keys off-line when yo unplug the wallet from your computer.

This type of wallet is another very secure method of storing your Bitcoins, as you can just plug it into your P.C. when you want to send some Bitcoins and then unplug it again when you’re done.

Desktop Wallet

The third one is a desktop wallet.

This is a relatively secure and reliable method of storing your digital currencies as your money would only be available on that particular computer.

The downside is you can lose all your funds if your computer gets hacked, infected with the virus or destroyed.

Mobile Wallet

The fourth one is a mobile wallet.

This is an app on your smart phone, which means you can bring this anywhere with you.

It’s highly portable and you can easily and quickly make Bitcoin transactions while on the go.

The downside is your wallet will be extremely limited by your mobile phone storage size. So you’ll have to consider this when using this type of wallet.

Online Wallet

The last and least secured one is an online wallet. It’s great that you can easily access your wallet anywhere there’s an active Internet connection. But this is also the same reason why it’s not secure.

Your private keys are stored online, which means that if anyone gains access to your account, you can say goodbye to all your Bitcoins.

In most cases we will going to use online wallets as it will be an easy and somehow secure too for us, in order to start a business that accept Bitcoin. Hope this section on Bitcoin Wallets (or crypto wallets) proved to be useful to you. Let’s have some more section on the basics and then we will go to have a brief section on How to start a Business accepting Bitcoin.

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5 Secure Crypto Trading Platforms to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

In this section, you’re going to learn about five of the best trading platforms or Web sites where you can buy and sell Bitcoins.

A quick search on Google will reveal many places where you can trade your cash for Bitcoins or trade your Bitcoins to other crypto currencies.

However, not all platforms are created equal, and with the ever increasing popularity of Bitcoins, more and more crypto currency exchange sites are popping up.


The first one on the list is Coinbase. You can download the mobile app or can also access the website of Coinbase.

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Millions of people trade on this site and it should be one of the first places you look at when looking to trade Bitcoins.

It’s beginner friendly, the fees are reasonable and it’s relatively secure.

It also supports dozens of countries and has traded more than 50 billion dollars worth of digital currency.

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Binance is one of the largest Bitcoin or other crypto trading platform, where you can easily start a business with Bitcoin or create a business accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

Here, you can trade with multiple fiat currencies and also have almost 200+ crypto currencies to trade. You will also get many types of opportunities to trade on Binance.

There were usually 2 versions of Binance- one for US citizens named as Binance US, and other for International Users named simply as Binance.

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The third popular exchange platform is Gemini.

It’s fully regulated and licensed in the U.S., which makes its regulatory standards similar to a bank. While it only trades a few crypto currencies, users are guaranteed that their Bitcoins are secured because these are held in cold storage.

This means it’s less susceptible to hackers and other entities with malicious intent.


The fourth platform in our list is Kraken.

In terms of Euro volume, Kraken is the largest Bitcoin exchange platform.

You can trade Bitcoins to a variety of fiat currencies or legal tender, as well as many other popular crypto currencies. This makes the platform highly flexible and versatile as you can quickly exchange your money into another form.

Many people, however, say that Kraken is not as beginner friendly as other sites on this list, but is very highly recommended for more advanced users.


The last popular platform is Poloniex.

If you want to have plenty of choices of crypto currencies to trade your Bitcoins to, then Poloniex might be the right service for you.

With high volume trading happening daily, you can be assured of closing any trade position within a short amount of time. The trading fees are low as well.

So if you want to try your hand at trading crypto currencies, checkout this platform.

The above mentioned Bitcoin wallets are 100% safe secure and is easy to trade, and most importantly, it will give you a 100’s of choices to trade with. Though some wallets accepts GEO Based crypto trading, but wallets like Coinbase, Binance and Gemini do available for the International Users too.

Crypto Trading Platforms Updated Offers


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(If in future any other platform’s offer will be available, then, we will update the offer for you)

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Reasons Why your Business Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments

6 reasons your business should start accepting Bitcoin payments

More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin payments.

The early adopters are seeing amazing returns for this smart and very forward thinking business decision.

For those who aren’t sure yet if doing this is right for their business; this section of the course: “how to start a Business with Bitcoin” will help you make an informed decision.

Six reasons for starting a business accepting crypto or a business accepting Bitcoin are as follows:

Get Paid Quickly or InstantlyCash is still king when it comes to quick payments. But Bitcoin is quickly becoming the next best thing.
Bitcoin transactions are near instant and you can be assured there is zero chance of customers scamming you by spending the same amount on another purchase.
No ChargebacksCredit cards are notorious for this.
You think you’re getting paid when in fact a week or so later you’re getting a chargeback notice from your bank.
With Bitcoin payments, there is no probability of getting chargebacks as all Bitcoin transactions are final and irreversible.
No Fraud.The Bitcoin network is entirely transparent, which helps avoid fraud.
Everyone on the network can see all transactions that have happened in the past and those that are currently happening.
But it doesn’t mean that everyone knows who everyone is; absolutely not.
What everyone sees on the block chain are just codes that we humans can’t interpret.
Negligible FeesYou can accept Bitcoin payments from anywhere in the world.
You don’t need to worry about exorbitant bank charges, credit card or PayPal fees. You simply need to have your Bitcoin wallet ready and direct your customers to send their payments there.
Happy CustomersAdding Bitcoin as an additional payment option for your customers is great news for them.
The more payment options you have, the more flexible and easier it will be for your customers to send their payments to you.
And the happier your customers, the higher the possibility they’ll come back and do more business with you.
Leader of the MarketYou’ll be seen as an innovative leader in your market.
When people hear that your business is accepting Bitcoin payments, the Bitcoin community in your local area will start flocking to your business.
The ease of paying for products or services using Bitcoins is a major benefit for customers. So this is going to be a big plus for your business. When you started a business accepting crypto (business accepting Bitcoin), then at the same time, other sellers were just using fiat currencies for the exchange medium.
Remember, word of mouth is always a good thing. So make sure you capitalize on that.

Hope this section helped you out with the issues of whether o not to start a business with Bitcoin. So, rather to think on Cryptocurrency business ideas, Bitcoin business opportunities, or any such shit, just start a business accept Bitcoin instead; that’s it.

10 Interesting Facts About Bitcoin

You might have heard about Bitcoin on the news and read about it in newspapers or your favorite magazine. In this section, I’ll give you a deeper look into Bitcoin and share ten interesting things you might not know about this digital cryptocurrency.

  1. It’s the world’s first successful cryptocurrency.
    • Many have come before it, but all failed.
    • Bitcoin is the world’s most successful working example of a digital currency that isn’t backed by banks or governments.
  2. Limited number only.
    • Just like real gold, the Bitcoin protocol states that only twenty one million bitcoins can ever be created.
  3. No physical coin
    • Bitcoins are digital or electronic in nature.
    • While some enterprising companies sell physical Bitcoins, these aren’t the real thing. It does make for perfect gifts to Bitcoin geeks.
  4. You can mine Bitcoins
    • If you want to have your own Bitcoins and you own a very powerful computer, you can mine them.
    • It’s going to take some time, however…
    • As your computer will need to solve some very complex mathematical problems before you get your Bitcoin reward.
  5. No one knows who the creator is.
    • No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is.
    • He’s the guy or group of guys who wrote the white paper on Bitcoin and released the system into the world.
  6. All transactions are final
    • Before you hit the send or pay button, make sure you’re sending your bitcoins to the right person.
    • There is no way to get those coins back once the transaction is verified.
  7. Can be used to pay for items in the real world.
    • You can use your Bitcoins to pay for many things, such as pizzas, limousine service, flowers, plane tickets, sandwiches and more.
  8. You can see all Bitcoin transactions.
    • Bitcoin is an open source, peer to peer network, which means that everyone can see all payments and transactions made at any given time.
  9. You need a wallet to store your coins in.
    • You have plenty of choices to store your Bitcoins.
    • You can use a paper, wallet, hardware, wallet, mobile app, desktop app, or store it in your favorite Bitcoin exchange platform.
  10. It took only 5 years for Bitcoin to reach $1000.
    • In the early days, you could buy 1000 Bitcoins for a few dollars, but in just five short years, the price skyrocketed to $1000.
    • And experts are predicting the price could go as high as one hundred thousand dollars in the near future.

So, these are some interesting facts about Bitcoins, and after this section, sit tight, as we will going to start the main motive of the course, i.e., to explaining you How to Start a Business with Bitcoin. First we will create a Business Bitcoin Wallet, then we will set it up within our Business (with Bitcoin Business Opportunities), and later on we will start a business that accept Bitcoin as a Payment. Let’s start the step by step guide.

Practical and Live Exercises in Setting Setup Your Rocketr for Your Business

Rocketr Step by Step Guide to start a Business with Bitcoin and Running a Business accepting Bitcoin as a payment

From this module, we are going to start the process of Starting a Business that accept Bitcoin as a payment, by selling your digital product and accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

And to do that, we’re going to start at the website called Rocketr.

And once you get to Rocketr, we’re going to go to the right hand corner and you’re going to click sign up.

You are going to then create a user name along with your email address and a password.

You’re going to click the captcha and then you’re going to accept the terms and conditions, of course, make sure you read thoroughly the terms and condition to make sure that they are what you would want them to be.

If you’re going to Start a Business with Bitcoin on this platform, you must read the terms and conditions of their site and must agree to it too.

You are going to start the process by typing in your username and password and logging into it.

Once you’ve done that, you should get an email in your inbox if you have set up your email correctly.

Now, this is not going to be a confirmation email, so you won’t have to worry about that. But you will want to place this email someplace safe where you can remember it in terms of navigation.

You can access your settings by clicking the gear (on the right top corner of the dashboard of Rocketr) or clicking the settings button (in the left hand side of Rocketr dashboard). All the other things are self-explanatory.

You can use the analytics. You can set up your products, which we will be doing. You can access the orders that you have generated. You can set up coupons. You can also do marketing with this link, as well as allow your affiliates to promote your product.

How to set up a Bitcoin in Rocketr

We’re going to do now is we going to set up our payment methods and to do that; we’re going to go to the settings gear icon.

And then that’s going to give us a link. We do that, we’re going to go to this left side menu. I’m going to click payment settings.

Now, assuming that you already have a Bitcoin address as you must have in order to accept Bitcoin Payments from the customers. We have already discussed some top Crypto currency Bitcoin Wallets in the above sections, just go there and create your one, if you don’t have any yet.

You’re going to want to take that Bitcoin address and place it inside of this area that says Bitcoin address.

Now, Rocketr has an option as Bitcoin partial payment leniency percent. This means that when the payment that you get lands within a certain percentage, you will opt to go ahead and take that payment.

The reason this is necessary is because the price fluctuates often during the course of a day. It could be that the buyer may not have process enough Bitcoin to meet your price.

And what you can do is you can set the number.

If the buyer meets within 5% or 10% or 15% of the actual price, you can determine that you will accept that payment and you will actually deliver your product.

And of course, there are other payment methods. Rocketr will also take PayPal. It will also take stripe if you wanted to offer those options at the same time. We were not considering them now, as, we want to start a business with Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallet, not with other payment methods.

Once you’ve added in and you’ve saved your Bitcoin address, Rocketr will tell you that you have successfully updated your payment settings and you are then ready to start taking Bitcoin into your Rocketr account.

So, now in the next section we will go to work on how to add a product and we will also work on payment button.

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Adding Products and Pay Button From Your Rocketr

How to add a product in Rocketr

Now, this section, we are going to start by creating a product in the site of Rocketr.

So to do that, we need to go to the products link.

And then we’re going to click, add a product, and once we come to the ad, a product screen.

We can add a product in several different ways. We can do a file download, we can add a serials or a code, or we can add in a service where we will have to deliver an email for the customer to actually get what it is that we have.

Now, if you want to deliver people to a page where they’re going to actually get everything that you have to offer them, you’re going to actually deliver them using the email. You can actually do that easily through the service button.`

Do you want to give them a download also as well as a URL? You are going to be able to give them the download in the actual purchase process and then send them an email subsequently with their download link.

So let’s start by clicking the file download button.

And we’re going to do now is we’re going to give our product a title and we’re going to give it a description, and then we’re going to give our product an image by uploading it using the choose file button.

Once you have your product image in place, you can then click next.

Now, the next tab that Rocketr is going to bring you to is going to be the Settings tab and we are delivering in file. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to click choose file and we can actually upload any kind of document type.

Typically, we’re talking about a PDF or a zip file. So let’s go ahead and upload a PDF.

We can actually limit the number of times at this price can be purchased or we can actually let it be sold.

An unlimited number of times we can limit download to a particular purchaser’s IP. We can also water-marked the PDF with the purchaser’s IP and email address.

That is one of the advantages of using the PDF with the system.

`Now, once again, if you have to use and deliver a, you are all going to be able to do that in Section four.

We’re going to do now is we’re then going to click next and heading towards the section 3 of uploading the product in Rocketr.

We are now going to set our price. `We can use a fixed price or we can decide to allow our buyers to pay what they want to pay. But if we want to be more traditional, we can use the pricing alternative.

And so we’re going to do is we’re going to write in our price. We’re going to accept Bitcoin. And then we can actually use a couple of features here. And Rocketr will allow us to have everyone to be able to purchase with the exception of certain limitations.

So we can limit people by our global black list, and anyone buying from a proxy which typically indicates some kind of lack of trust, or we can allow all buyers to purchase the most conservative way to allow people to purchase would be to, not accept purchases from people on a global blacklists and proxies.

So in this particular case, I’m going to use the most conservative method. And then we’re going to click next.

Now you’re going to notice that your buyer is going to have an e-mail sent to them by Rocketr. So if you want to have your buyer sent to a certain URL, you were going to write that URL inside of this e-mail.

So, for example, you’ll notice that they’re going to get a link to their file URL; they’re going to get a link to the product title; we can actually put in a URL to this email.

Now, one thing that we can determine at this point is whether or not we’re going to have affiliates to be allowed to promote our product.

And what we’re going to do is we’re going to click the box to say, yes, we’re going to give our affiliates a percentage.

And once we’ve done that, we can then click add product, and once we’ve done that, our product is ready to go to the next step for placing on to our website.

How to Add a Pay Button for the Product Created in Rocketr

We are now going to do is we are now going to generate a button for the product that we just created in Rocketr.

So to do that, we’re going to go to the product embed generator. And then we’re going to choose our product from the download menu. We’re going to choose what that button text is going to say. So, for example, if we want to say “download now”, we can do that.

If we want to change the color, we can do that too, by using the color picker. And then when the code generator saves, we’ll have our new code there.

And then the actual embed code will be here. So, for example, if we actually want to widen this button, we can actually do that by increasing or decreasing the value in the “Choose Button Width” field.

And so now our button is now ready for us to place on our website.

Let’s head towards the affiliate marketing procedure for our Business with Bitcoin.

Integrating Affiliate Marketing in your Rocketr Product Account!

-Setting up Affiliate marketing for Your Product of Your Business with Bitcoin

Now, it’s quite possible that you will want affiliates to actually market your product on their behalf. So in order to do that, you’ll need to have those individuals have their own Rocketr account and then you’re going to give them a specific link.

To find that link, you’re going to go inside all products.

This is where you’ll see all of your products. You are going to take the product’s` link, right click it, copy list address. That is the link that you will be giving to your affiliates.

Once that affiliate is inside of their account, they will go to the products area. You’ll want to give them the product ID.

Then they will click register to be an affiliate, Rocketr will tell them that they are successfully registered to be an affiliate.

We’ll give them the product price, their affiliate percentage, and then they will have a page that will actually keep track of their sales as they generate them.

Now, one thing that you will want to do is you will want to give them a video with the process of opening up an account and finding this link.

You want to provide that link to them so that it would be easy for them to actually apply and then to begin to make sales.

Now setting up of coupons is the most crucial part of a sales journey, as it can enhance the sales to an extensive level. So, how to add coupons for your product; we will going to learn that in the next section of our course of “How to Start a Business with Bitcoin”.

Setting up Coupons

We are going to give our client or a customer, a coupon for the product we have created where they are going to be paying with Bitcoin.

And so in order to do that, you are going to go to the left hand side section of the Rocketr and click the link that says coupons. You’re then going to click “Add a coupon”.

Once you click, add a coupon, you’re going to see that you have a menu and you can choose to do this with all products or you can choose to do it with just one.

We can decide that we can only do coupons with one payment method.

So, for example, in this particular case, we’re only taking Bitcoin.

So we’re going to click Bitcoin there. We’re going to then write in a coupon code. So we’re going to write that in right now.

And then we can decide what kind of coupon we want we can do a percentage off or an amount off.

We’re going to go ahead and do a percentage off here. And then we’re going to set the expiration date. Now, we can set a specific number of uses if we want to be unlimited.

We’re going to leave this as a negative one, which is a little counterintuitive, but that is what we would do for unlimited coupons.

So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to click add coupon, which will work for the product, as soon as you added the coupon to your product.

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Managing Email Marketing from the Backend

Email Marketing Success within Rocketr for Your Business with Bitcoin

Now, in this section, we are actually going to be able to start doing e-mail marketing with our client base and all of the customers that purchase through our Rocketr link.

In order to do that, we are going to go to this marketing option in the left hand side menu of the Rocketr site.

And then we’re going to click this link that says new marketing email.        

We do that, we’re actually going to come to a specific page and we can actually select the buyers that we’d like to email.

So, for example, we can determine that we want to email all buyers or all buyers that did not go through with the purchase.

We can write in a subject for our e-mail, and then we can add in additional content for our message.

We can add in our text. We can edit using any of the menu items that we have here. And then we can then hit send.

Now, one thing that you want to be aware of is that Rocketr will allow you to email these contacts every 72 hours.

As long as you keep that in mind, you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening with those who have purchased your product and then be able to offer them even more value.

Though email marketing is somehow a tough thing to perform, but with Rocketr you business is going to perform email marketing in a way easier manner.

-Learn How to Blacklist Buyers to Save your Business from Chargebacks in Rocketr

Now, it’s quite possible that you could have someone that you do not want to purchase your product. If that’s the case, you can actually create your own blacklist.

And to do that, you’re just going to go to this left side menu and click on the option saying: “Buyer Blacklist”.

And there are three ways for you to add someone to the blacklist. You can add them by email, by IP or you can blacklist an entire country.

The other thing about that is that any time you have a chargeback; someone purchases your product, you can actually have that person add it to your blacklist automatically, Rocketr will do that for you.

Whenever you add someone, you can actually put a reason as to why you want them blacklisted. So this particular case, if you want to put their IP address, email address or even the two letter country code, which Rocketr will give you a hint for when a write in the reason and then click add.

Now, there could be a case where you discovered that this person does not belong on the blacklist. That is the case. Just going to go to view your blacklist and then you’re going to click delete. Take that person off of your blacklist.

And heading towards the last section of the course- How to Start a Business with Bitcoin, we will go to learn a little about Crypto Mining.

How does Bitcoin mining work

In this last section, you will learn about Bitcoin mining, how it works and why it’s such an integral component for the entire Bitcoin network to work.

Bitcoin miners don’t need pickaxes, safety goggles, steel toed boots, long sleeved shirts, heavy pants and helmets to go to work on the Bitcoin mines.

They don’t need to get muddied and dirty to earn some money, and there is certainly very little risk to getting physically injured while Bitcoin mining.

You may think Bitcoin miners do a lot of hard work.

You see, miners invest a lot of money to buy powerful computers. They then install special mining software, which solves complicated math problems.

These formulas are so complicated for humans to solve that it may take even certified math geniuses several days, weeks or months to solve a single problem.

But with these high tech computers, these mathematical calculations are done in a fraction of the time.

When it successfully solves the problem, the computer, or rather the miner, is rewarded for their hard work with Bitcoins.

And this is basically how Bitcoins are created.

The more miners there are attempting to solve problems, the more stable and secure the Bitcoin network is.

Of course, receiving Bitcoins as reward is more than enough incentives for miners to continue doing their jobs.

You may think Bitcoin mining is super simple. In theory, it does sound pretty simple indeed. You just go out and buy some powerful computer, install special software, have it solve math problems and receive Bitcoins in return.

What most people fail to consider is that like real mining, it will take some time before you strike gold.

The more miners there are, the more competition you have in regards to who gets to solve the problem first.

And I haven’t even mentioned the cost to acquire one of these high tech computers and the electricity it would cost to run these powerful things.

Solving problems is not easy even for supercomputers, as it requires so much energy that your system can overheat Short-Circuit and end up with permanent damage because of these stringent hardware requirements.

More and more miners are joining mining pools, which allows them to solve problems faster and puts less strain on their computers.

The amount of Bitcoin rewarded to each member is proportionate to the amount of work done.

Bitcoin Business Opportunities or Cryptocurrency Business Ideas

As I have said earlier in our course, that I will share some great Bitcoin Business Opportunities or Cryptocurrency Business Ideas, so we were here with a short and simple list of ideas of Bitcoin Business Opportunities. You can start a Business that accept Bitcoin as a Payment in the several list of ideas:

So, these are cryptocurrency business ideas, where you can start a business with Bitcoin and make a business that accept Bitcoin payment.

Verdict: How to Start a business with Bitcoin

So, putting an end towards the course on “how to start a Business with Bitcoin”, we have ended up with many things like Bitcoin wallet, some facts about Bitcoins, some scams related to this cryptocurrency era, creating a product with Bitcoin, create an affiliate section for our business, adjusting the commissions of the affiliates, email marketing and lastly cryptocurrency business ideas or Bitcoin business opportunities.

So, after learning all these things, I don’t think, it will be that much tough for you guys to learn and earn from home. This is one of the easiest methods, which I have shared it to you guys. Just learn it and earn it afterwards. So, giving an end to our words, just let us know, how much effective this course: How to start a Business with Bitcoin is, through our comment section and stay with us for latest courses. Also suggest some courses from your side too. Do check out our Premium Courses for more ideas on Business and Passive Earnings.

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