HOW TO BUY MONETIZED YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Best Place SitesTo Buy Monetized YouTube Channel

How to Buy YouTube Channel | Best Place to Buy Monetized Channel

Want to know “How to Buy YouTube Channel”, but you don’t know about certain things. Know this before searching for “How to Purchase YouTube Channel”.

In this article, I’m going to teach you, How to buy a YouTube Channel; You must be searching for stuffs like- YouTube Channel for Sale; How to purchase YouTube Channel; Buy Monetized Channel; Best place to buy YouTube Channel and many more things. In this article I am going to answer all the questions for you guys. Just be with me till end.

Things You Must Know before Searching for “How to Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel”

I’m going to be going over a few things inside of here. And I want to make sure I was covering everything just to make sure I present every scenario for you before you can find the best place to buy YouTube Channel, so that you guys have all the information you need to know, to go out there and purchase a monetized YouTube channel.

Make Sure Seller is Legit

So first things first, if you’re going to buy a YouTube Channel, make sure that the seller of the channel is legit.

And so the best way to do this is to see if the sellers who listed YouTube Channel for sale, they sold other channels and talk to the people that they sold channels to before. Or you could use third party YouTube services, which we will be going over at the middle of somewhere of this article.

Make Sure You have a Vision

Second thing you want to make sure is that you already have a vision for what you’re going to be doing with the channel.

Most of the people were checking throughout the Google, about “How to buy a YouTube Channel” or “best place to buy YouTube Channel”; but without keeping any kind of vision into their mind.

Getting a vision for the YouTube channel you purchase, will help you make sure that you purchase YouTube channel that is already in a niche that you want to get into.

So when you start uploading videos, it’s not trying to convert an audience as much as possible, because you don’t want to take people from like, let’s say, a fortnight channel or a gaming channel over to a beauty channel.

It’s going to be very hard to convert that audience and you’re going to get a decent amount of resistance moving forward. It’s going to be like you’re starting from like a brand new channel, basically.

So make sure that it lines up with the direction that you’re trying to head. And you can just definitely just verify what type of channel it is, see what videos are already on the channel and make sure that they’re kind of similar to the niche that you’re trying to get into.

So do have the vision before checking out the “YouTube channel for sale”, this will help you get into the move in the right direction.

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Make Sure Prices are Right (Compare other channels in the niche and buy Cheapest YouTube Channel)

So the next thing is make sure that the prices are right for the channel that you’re buying. And what I recommend when I will show you some of the best place to buy YouTube channel, just get a couple of channels in like the same niche, talk to a couple people and see what they’re offering the channel for, and then purchase YouTube channel (or buy a monetized YouTube channel which is the cheapest one).

Make Sure you purchase a YouTube channel which is in Momentum

Make sure the YouTube channel has momentum already. So what I mean by that is when they upload videos, they have like a certain view velocity, which basically means when you upload the video, it starts getting a certain amount of views every hour, because if they like if their videos, every single one of them are only getting like 100 views, then it means that you’re going to be basically starting from scratch, you’re not going to have too much momentum.

And that still is going to be better than a brand new channel. But if they have any momentum whatsoever, it’s going to be better. So compare the prices, if you have the option of let’s say paying $500 for a beauty channel that is monetized but it has zero view velocity, or you have the option to pay $800 to $1,000 to pay for a channel that’s getting, let’s say 1000 YouTube views of video, then I would probably go for the $1,000 channel; just so that way I can save myself time. And it might be worth it to me to spend that extra $500 to buy the more expensive channel because it already has the momentum or the view velocity.

So make sure that you purchase a YouTube channel that is already in momentum.

Make Sure You Buy Monetized YouTube Channel and Free from Copyright Claims

So on top of that, you will have to take care before you buy a YouTube Channel, about the monetization and copyright claims. Make sure that there’s no a claim or strike on the YouTube channel purchased by you.

And so how you do this is you’ll go over to your channel.


What you’ll have them do is go to the Creator Studio and then simply just click channel, and then go to standard status and features. And you want to make sure obviously, that the channel is monetized and that it’s enabled.

This is because, if you’re buying a channel that’s disabled, then what the point of it is, of purchasing such a YouTube channel. So, if you don’t want to check things like: “How to buy a Monetized YouTube Channel” or “How to Purchase YouTube Channel” or “best place to buy YouTube Channel”, then do check the things mentioned in this section, so that you can get a best deal, without regretting ever for that deal.

On top of that, you want to make sure that it has zero copyright strikes; even just one strike can potentially screw you over in the future. And as much as possible, you want to buy an older channel, so figure out when it was first made.


How you do that is you just go into the about section on the channel when you just search it up. So it will tell when the channel was created. And the older it is the better.

For some reason, YouTube considers it, like the older channels are less risk for them because they’ve been in the system for a longer period of time. Whereas some of the newer channels, they don’t know exactly what’s going on.

There could be some sort of thing like if you’re doing anything that might possibly go against community guidelines; there’ll be quicker to terminate your channel or something like that, if you do something that’s outside of the guideline. So if you buy a YouTube Channel that is older, it mitigates a lot of the risk that you could potentially have with having a monetized channel. So definitely make sure that there are no community guidelines, status strikes or anything like that.

The next part of this article will definitely give an end to your search for “How to buy YouTube Channel” or “best place to buy YouTube channel”. Just get the next point clearly.

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Use 3rd Party YouTube Services

I recommend as much as possible try using a third party YouTube services to make sure that way the payment goes through smoothly while you buy a monetized YouTube channel and you’re not getting scammed or anything like that.

So what I would do is just Google it: “purchase monetized YouTube channel” or “buy monetized YouTube Channel”.


And there’s going to be a few different marketplaces or websites where you can do it.


The Eazyviral is one of the best place to buy YouTube channel from the sellers who listed their YouTube channel for sale. It’s actually like you pay a flat fee like $500. And Eazyviral get you a monetized YouTube channel. They have bundle offers too, where you can buy more than one monetized YouTube channel at some lower cost.

Eazyviral might be worth the time that it takes to get a channel monetized.

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There’s some other websites like EpicNPC, you can just go into these different websites and see what’s all for sale.


So EpicNPC this one’s a little bit more of like a forum, where people say like, Oh, I’m trying to get a channel that is in the music niche. So you just go into here, and then you can see what’s going on in the forum. Here the buyer contacted directly to the seller through the forum, where the seller or the buyer put their requirements or the deals in the forum and the one who is interested get in contact directly.

As far as I know, the deals from this website is somehow anonymous and buying and selling the things over here is, I don’t think is safe and secure at all. But still there are best place to buy YouTube Channel like Eazyviral and obviously you can buy and sell YouTube channels from sites like Epic NPC, but it’s all up to your risk.

 As much as possible, you want to make sure that they are organic views and subscribers, but if they use bots for bring the traffic, and subscribers, I would just prefer it being an older channel that they are selling and not something that’s like literally they created yesterday, and they used bots for their YouTube Channel because that would be potentially high risk, as there can be a chance that it hasn’t gotten caught by YouTube with the bots that they’re using.

So make sure that it’s a little bit older if it is already, then bought it. But I wouldn’t pay that much money whatsoever for maybe just like a couple $100 for the monetized channel.

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Is Buying a YouTube Channel Worth it?

What my answer will be is that, It depends on the seller. If the seller is selling the YouTube Channel which is older, have momentum, also free from claims and strikes and also have monetization enabled, then it will be worth to buy that YouTube channel. But if it is not, then surely, you will be in loss.

I have already discussed about it, how to check all those things first, before buying the YouTube channel from any seller, just recheck the terms and conditions, which we have discussed above and buy if it satisfies the need.

I will still suggest to check out Eazyviral for buy monetized YouTube channel, as I think, it is the best place / site to buy monetized YouTube Channel with lower cost (which is cheap) too.

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Verdict: How to Buy YouTube Channel : Best Place to Purchase Monetized YouTube Channel

 So, that’s how you purchase YouTube channel and hopefully you guys been able to get some information about How to buy Monetized YouTube Channel and also things like: “best site or place to buy YouTube channel”, “place to find out the list of YouTube Channel for Sale”.

The last step will somehow help you guys get through the monetization process a lot faster than starting a channel from zero subs and zero views. So, it’s all up to you, whether or not to buy a monetized YouTube Channel.

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