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Google Ads Free Course for Beginners- Everything You Must know

A Complete Google Ads Free Course for Beginners by our Google Ads Specialist writing for you in The Blog Mentor; successfully conducted more than 100+ Google Ads Training Bootcamps all over the world. So, Let’s Start the Google Ads for Beginners Course Now.

Hi everyone. Let’s get started with Google ads Free Course for Beginners Training. I’m going to show you step by step how I basically ran Google ads for some of my clients. It’s really easy, really simple to do; all you need is a Gmail account to start your own Google Ads Manager account.

In this Google Ads Free Course for Beginners, you guys will go to learn about the ad campaigns and things related to them. I am not going to show you the brief steps on creating a Google Ads Account, coz that you can learn from any video on YouTube. Let’s not waste time on creating Google Ads Account Manager, or on Interface Explanations or anything related to that. Let’s directly started with the important part of the course: Google Ads Free Course for Beginners

Getting Started with Google Ads Account


As you can see in front of you right now, I’m already there in Google ads search page in Google and this is exactly what you need to do. Just type Google Ads on Google and you can certainly see there’s an ad of Google similar to what you are seeing above in the photo. I am 100% sure that you guys would be seeing this as well.


That’s because once you click on the ad and you go towards the sign up for creating your own Google ads manager account, you will see that you’ll be getting a $45 credit, or any other credit amount(based on your geographical area).

Now this credit is really helpful. It helped me out with a few campaigns and I did make some money for one of my clients. So I’m going to show you how this would work.

How to Get Google Ads Promo Code or Promotional Code

It’s simple, you just enter your e-mail address and then click on get the offer and on your e-mail address, and you will get a mail regarding Google ads promo code (or Google ads promotional code).

After signing up successfully with Google Ads, you will have to enter the billing details over there. After entering the billing details, you will have to click on promotions where you will have to enter the Google Ads Promo Code which is given into your email.

Note: The Google Ads Promo Code (Google Ads Promotional Code) will not be valid as soon as you join Google Ads, but will be available only after spending certain threshold amount; again it is based on the geographical area you are living.

As it worked for me, so it’s going to work for you too, because this is something extra, that they’re providing for all the Google Ads Specialist out there.

How Your Google Ads will be Shown up in Google Search Network


So before I get started, here’s a small preview of how the ad will appear on the search network. The person just puts in the keyword and automatically your ad pops up on top, if it is related to the keyword, the other users are entering in the search box.

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Step by Step Guide on Creating Google Ads Manager Account

From here the technical purpose of the course: “Google Ads Free Course for Beginners” starts with. So, concentrate on each and everything carefully for managing all the Google Ads Settings in a right way.

So now just simply click on sign in the upper right corner. Sign in with your preferred email id.


And once you click on sign in, it automatically would be forwarded to the Google Ads Account Setup page as shown in the above photo.

As you can see that we are on the page of New Campaign Setup. Now let me take you through all the goals that Google Ads is offering.

If you’ve seen some of my Facebook Ads marketing Blueprint Course, it’s similar like that. But it has some key features that are not available on Facebook or even if they’re not available, it looks better on this Ad Platform.

Campaign Types in Google Ads Account

So first we have the option for sales, for leads, for web traffic, for brand consideration and awareness, for brand reach and app promotion.

You can also create a campaign without any goal but I strictly don’t recommend it unless you are a pro.

So since we’re beginners let me tell you about sales first.

Hovering onto the campaigns types, you can see the motives for which you can create a campaign on.

Just inside sales, you see search, display, shopping and video. This is used for generating sales or conversions for your product or offer or services.

We go on leads. It’s the same as the sales campaign but is generally used for generating leads instead of getting conversions.

When we go to Website Traffic, the campaign types is similar to the above one, but the difference here is, that, people usually visit your ad, not in the intent of buying or giving you an opt-in lead, but only for the visit purpose.

So you can just change the objective but almost all the other things would remain the same.

Now let’s come to product and brand consideration and brand awareness. The campaign type of these two objectives is display and video.

It does not include the search network. That’s because search network is something that your ad pops up in front of a customer who’s trying to search for you.

And these two ads, these are specifically when you’re trying to reach the customer yourself and you’re trying to create awareness about your brand or your product or your services.

Now what is the difference between product and brand concentration and build brand awareness and reach?

In Product and Brand Awareness Ad type, your ad will be shown to people who are more likely to take an action on your website.

But in the brand awareness and reach Ad type, it’s not specifically optimized to show the ad to people who are more likely interested in your Ad. But its goal is to reach more and more people.

Personally from me I tried both, and so far, product and brand consideration worked better for me.

But even if I wanted I utilized the same budget in web traffic, because initially if I am getting traffic to a website, I could later retarget them with ads and sell whatever I want.

So if you’re specifically trying to promote or video or anything or just create awareness, I personally believe that you can go with these two ads (product and brand awareness and Brand awareness and reach) if not if you have another objective, you’re trying to sell something, you guys better go with the first three.

Now I’m pretty far myself have used different combination of all these ads depending upon your client’s objective. So when I’m trying to find new audience I probably go for web traffic. If I’m trying to collect reach out to more people and just tell them about our brand I go for product and brand awareness, if I want people to buy something on to website I go for sales type campaign and if I want people to provide me with their information or their personal contact details I go for leads. It’s all a combination.

So mostly for like different businesses like car dealers or real estate, I personally prefer leads because that’s where people come in and willingly provide their information after reading out what you can do for them. So it varies from different business to business right now.

If you guys want to know more about the Google Ads interface, I will prefer you to click on the cancel button and then click on the link named as “Continue without creating a campaign”.

(NOTE: I am not going to tell you all the basic steps regarding Google Ads, this Google Ads Free Course for Beginners is for them who want to play with ads, not with the setups and all)

Hierarchy of Creating an Ad on Google Ads

Before guiding you towards the creation of ads in Google Ads, let me tell you the hierarchy of creating an Ad on Google Ads. If you are already familiar with the ad platforms, you must know that before creating an ad directly we need to create an ad group, and before that, we also need to create a campaign.

So, there are three levels of an Ad, they are:

  • Ad Campaign
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads

It is necessary to create one campaign, one ad group and on ad into this system, so as to run you Ad.

You can also create more than one ad groups, into one campaign, and more than one Ad into one Ad group. For More Details About Google Ads Hierarchy, click here.

Creating a Sales Campaign on Google Ads

For now, I’ll be going toward sales directly because I’ll be driving traffic to a website that you could consider as an e-commerce website. And over there I want people to make a purchase.

Setting up Google Ad Campaign


In our Google Ads Free Course for Beginners, the first step is to create an Ad Campaign for the whole ad.

So now let’s go ahead and select sales and as you can see I have been available with different options. There are search, display, shopping and video campaign types through which we can bring sales or conversions to our products, offers or services.

I suggest that you simply go with search and display network, as for shopping campaigns, you will need to have your Google Merchant account properly setup to connect it with Google Ads account. This is a completely broad topic, which we will definitely discuss in our upcoming courses.

So right now let’s click on search and automatically our ad would be converted into display ads as well. This is this is where all my text based ads would appear. But if I want someone to see a specific creative or banner that I create, I will go for display ads.

Search is simpler than any other type (as far as I know) for anyone to get started.

When I click on it and I want people to visit my website and give phone calls. So let me just put in the name of the website and phone number, which I don’t have for now but I’m going to use it as an example and phone number

I can even go for a store visit ads but I’m certainly not trying to do that right now. I don’t know how effective this is.

But these two will work for me, I guess.

So let’s go ahead and click on continue and we are done with the campaign.


Let me let me show you a few more options over here. You’ve got the option to select campaign settings, you can setup ad groups, create ads and confirmation.

Now we have already done with “Select Campaign Setting” part.

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Setting Up the Ad Groups on Google Ads Campaign

Now we’re going to spend most of our time in setting up ad groups and create an ad, and obviously the confirmation part too, as this is where you put in your card information and obviously the code that you got in the email. (If you’ve skipped the campaign creation at the beginning after creating your account, then don’t worry, you can manually add the card details, by going into Billing > Payment Settings and for entering the Google Ads Promo Code, go to Billing > Promotions).

General Settings in Google Ad Group Setup


So first comes the campaign name. I’m going to name the campaign as “Sales Search” and you can see that search and display are both included.

But this would be our text based ad, which I will discuss with you after a minute.

I’m going to go ahead and click on more settings.


So here you can see that, there is the option for the start and end date. I’m just going to select an end date and move forward.

Don’t touch the URL Options and Dynamic Search Ads Settings for now.

And now comes my most favorite part the targeting.

Targeting Settings in Google Ads Campaign Setup


This is where it makes Google Ads, really different from Facebook.


In this course: “Google Ads Free Course for Beginners”, we were not here to explain the basic terminologies, but yeah, we will definitely going to explain important terms, which will definitely going to help out the advertisers in some way.

Right now I’m in a city Karachi and you can see that there are 7.3 million people in the city that could be targeted.

So I want to go ahead and click on it. I can target every single person who is in the city, but I want to be specific. I want to utilize Google ads to the fullest right.


So I’m going to take on advanced search and as you can see that my targeted location is all here I can either exclude it or remove it.

I don’t want to target whole city but I want to specifically target a few places. So let me put in the name of some specific places in bulk.

As I am restricting the whole city and specific to some places now, so I’m going to go ahead and click “X”(cross) sign on Karachi city because I’m not targeting a whole city.

Now suppose if I’m trying to trying to drive traffic to a store and I want people to visit the store, then I can do that too by selecting a particular area and run an ad for that particular area only.

And similarly if I want to sell something in a specific area it could be anywhere in the world. So this is the right way to go. You can specifically enter your targeted location.

So this is all you can enter different locations using advanced search feature of Google Ads, which is more advanced than Facebook Ads somehow.

Now suppose if you’re trying to enter an area that is not showing up, so how would our target that place specifically?


When I click on radius, I will be given option to choose the location with certain km or mile as a radius. I will search the particular area nearest to the known area and adjust the radius for our ad visibility


Now similarly you can do this for all other places.

 You can also target the specific location using the pin mode provided as an overlay option in the map. Just drag and drop over to the area, where you want to show your ads and then adjust the radius, that’s it.

Once I’m done with this with the targeting I’m going to go ahead and click on Save.

Now these are the specific locations where my ad is going to be shown. So this is something I haven’t tried with Facebook or even if I had tried it not broke out. It’s possible that you guys might get different results with this.

So the possibilities are unlimited in advertising. It’s up to you how you utilize it. So I’m done with the audience. It’s time to move forward.

Choosing Languages for Your Google Ads

Obviously I will put in the languages of people living in that location. I want to target the people who speak English and Urdu or obviously one of that.

Now for our course on Google Ads for Beginners, it’s time to move on towards the audiences section.

Audience Targeting while Creating Google Ads


So you can see the option of “targeting” and “observation”. I personally prefer observation because you’re at the basic right now and you don’t want to go into detail targeting.


You can either target people by their status like parental status, marital status, education and homeownership status.


You can target people who are actively searching for something in the market in a specific niche. You can use many options for this type of searching.

It’s similar to Facebook but Facebook is a bit more user friendly for narrowing down the audience in audience targeting.


Here are the few ideas that this Google Ads account is already providing me since I created some ads for one of my clients through this Ad account.

You can select the options based on your preference too, by searching the specific key term regarding your ad, in the search section of the audience targeting.

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Budget and Bidding for Your Google Ad

Then there’s an option for bidding. I generally use my different bidding strategy, but in this Google Ads Training for Beginners, I would suggest that you keep it just like the way it is it is already set on clicks. And we’re going to go ahead with that. The Blog Mentor will release a blog on this bidding strategy soon, depending on the number of requests, made in the comment section.

But let me tell you some of the basic use of the options available within bidding.

Target CPA and Target ROAS- These options are useful only if you have some previous conversion or acquisition records available in the conversion pixel of Google ads.

Maximize Clicks- With this option, you can increase the clicks quantity within the specific of the budget, but the budget will be automatically decided by the Google Ads system.

Maximize Conversions- This is same as the maximize clicks option, but the fact is that, here the maximizing of conversion will take place instead of the clicks.

Manual CPC- This option is very much useful for the advertisers who are actually Google Ads Specialist, as using this option you can manually decide the value of each click on your ad, and you can change the value of each click on the go.

Enhanced CPC- This option is useful for the advertiser who want the system to bid from their side, but unlike the Maximize clicks and Maximize conversions, here the user can actually control the highest amount, the system can bid from their side. In this case the system will not go beyond that limit.

There were also several options but, I gave you an idea about the most frequently used options.

Creating Ad Extensions for Your Google Ads

Now there are different options provided by the Google ads under the Ad extensions, these are:

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Call Extensions

I’m going to show you an example of an Ad extension, how it actually look like.


So you can see that I ran a search with online shopping in keyword and there comes the result.

However anyone who’s searching for online shopping, people will going to see the ads related to the online shopping only. We were talking about Ad extensions, and in the first result, you can see the first search result, where the links named as: “Super September Deals” and “Fashion” is usually known as Ad Extensions.

Under Ad Extensions, we have sitelink, callout and call extensions. All these links will take users to the same website, for which the ad is going to be shown to the users.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks are the links which will be available under your ad to let the users navigate to certain areas of your website.

You can create your sitelink extensions by clicking on sitelink extensions and there you will see an option for “New Sitelink Extension”, just click on that and create your one, and after successfully creating the sitelink, just check it by clicking on the preview option.

Though, I have already created some sitelinks and other extensions, so, I am going to use them only.

Callout Extensions

Callout Extension will be appearing behind the ad description, and these will be the links too, to redirect the users to particular sections of the website.


Just click on the Callout Extension section and create your new Callout Extension for the ad, and preview it, to check how it will look in the ad.

Call Extensions

Next comes the Call Extension. This is generally a phone number extension for the user to call you directly by clicking on the number. This extension is usually useful when the advertiser wants to promote some services, or the advertiser want leads through calls.

The procedure of creating Call Extensions is same as the above ones.


And I’ve already added this call extension, as you can see in the photo above.

There are more extensions available, which you can check by yourself, but the ones, we discussed above, were completely useful and is in frequent use to the advertisers.

Now click on Save and Continue.

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Specifying Keywords for the Ad Groups

Right now we are outside the Ad Groups settings.

This area is where you will have to enter all the keywords related to your business and all the other things. So I’m just going to show it to you.

I’m going to rename this ad group.

You can give any name, which you want.


As you can see in the above photo, there are basically 4 sections, we have to deal with. Let me explain these things in brief, by considering the above photo only.

Section 1Ad Group NameEnter the ad group name for your campaign. I will suggest, entering the name of the ad group related to the keyword.
Also, it will be a great tip for you to create an individual ad group specifically for individual keyword.
As this will help Google to optimize the ads in a significant way.
Suppose, you have 4 keywords: shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, stylish shoes; then, I will suggest you to create 4 different ad groups having these 4 different keywords individually.
Section 2Get Keywords IdeasSuppose, you don’t know where to start the keywords for your ads. In that case, you can enter the keywords, from the website.
For that, you only need to enter the website URL and press enter, and Google will automatically extract keywords from your website, and then keep and remove them, from your own choice.
You can also enter websites of your competitor, so as to get his/her website’s keywords.
Section 3Manual Keyword Entry SpaceYou can enter keywords manually in the big blank space given below the Ad group naming section. Hope you remembered that, I suggested you to create individual ad groups for individual keywords. I am going to give you the reason behind this strategy. There are three types of match modifiers, while entering keywords.
These are:
1) Broad Match
2) Phrase Match
3) Exact Match
These match types were generally have their own specific uses.
If to explain you in short, Broad match is normal written keywords, like shoes, running shoes, sports shoes etc. where the Google will target all the users who have the keywords related to the specified broad type keywords.
Phrase Match keywords were generally enclosed within the double quotes, which means that, Google will show your ad to only those users, who have that specific ad terms.
Suppose, you have a keyword: “digital marketing course”, then Google will show your ad to those users, who have searched for the same term (like digital marketing course near me).
Exact match keywords were enclosed within the square brackets, meant for those users who have only searched that term.
Eg: [digital marketing course] related ad will be shown to those users who have only searched for the same exact specific terms.
Main motive of creating individual ad group for individual keywords is to increase the ad quality, removing the negative keywords and easy to optimize them.
Strategy: You have to enter one keyword in each ad group of all the three types.
Suppose your ad group is of the name: “Sports Shoes”, then you have to enter the keywords as Sports shoes “sports shoes”[sports shoes]
This is what all the Google Ads specialists were doing now-a-days. You can ignore the Broad match keywords, in order to saving the budget, and can also include them either to get the specific data, or the search term reports of the users.
(If you didn’t get the idea about this, then do comment down, so that, I can teach you in a more specific way)
Section 4Estimation ReportsThis section is available in the right hand side of the screen, where you can see the daily and weekly estimates of the impressions and clicks, your ad would likely to get.
This report will be depending on the type of keyword, competition level, and also the bidding on that keyword.

You can repeat the steps mentioned in section 3 again and again, until and unless, you will end up with your keyword ideas.

Hope this detailed Google Ads Free Course for Beginners is efficient for you guys to absorb the essential things in an efficient way.

Now let’s move on towards the step to create Google Ads for the ad groups which you have created right now. Want to Know more About Keywords in Google Ads? Click Here.

Creating Ads for the Ad Groups


So now we are almost at the end and this is the time for us to create ads.


So I’m going to read this same exact ad that I did before, as you can see in the example photo above.

The above photo has one text ads on the top for desktops, and the one in the left below the top one is the display ad, while the next one is the text ad for the mobile users.

So I’m going to create something like that or exactly like that but you guys would have the idea on how to basically design your Ad.

So, if you are enjoying this Google Ads For Free Course for Beginners, do share this article with the others too, so that, they can have the idea on how to create Google Ads, though this is for the sales purpose, but the other campaign types were somehow, similar to this only. If you want, we can create another Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners Course for you where our other Google ads specialist will assist you with other campaign types. What you need to do is just let us know in the comment section.

So let me tell you guys the scenario of creating this Ad. I’m trying to advertise a business that is an I.T. company and it offers certain digital marketing services.

Now I want to use Google ads to show my ads to those people.


Let’s start with the headline, as you can see in the photo above that, there is a section for final URL, then there are three headlines, there’s a display path, there is a section for description and lastly, there is a section for the URL targeting option, for tracking visitor’s behavior.

So this looks really ugly but by the end once we’re done, you guys would know what it means right.

First you have to add the original URL of the website in the Final URL, which you are going to promote through the Google Ads. Do mention the specific page, which you are promoting (in case you are not promoting the homepage of the website).

In the headlines, we’ve got 30 characters each i.e., 90 characters in total (including all three headlines).

So when I start with putting in the keywords like: “digital marketing, research proposal, corporate branding, software development, web design and development” to promote their services.

I’m going to exclude and adjust the keywords, if they exceed the 30 characters of every individual headline section.

The next comes the display path, where you have the website’s URL mentioned for you already, and then you were needed to enter the sub-domains of the URLs. I will suggest you to either leave it (to make it a clean one) or include some keywords there too (to have other’s idea about what they were clicking for).

Finally comes the Description section, where you have to enter the brief description of the ad within 90 characters, and there are two sections for descriptions. So, utilize both the sections.

In the right hand side, you can get the option for previewing the ad, which you were creating on the left hand side.

You can create more than one ad in a single ad group, and copy and paste them for the rest of the ad groups, by making slight changes to all of them.

NOTE: The tip for creating an ad is basically simple. If you have more than one ad group, then try to create ad including the keywords, which you have mentioned for that respective ad groups. Try to include the keywords in headline and description too and make it a meaningful sentence.

If somehow, you can’t see all the characters visible in the headline section of the preview section, then, don’t worry, it must be because, you have created Ad extensions, and that’s why, it is restricting the visibility to the full extent. The same applies with the description of the ad.

You don’t have to worry about the URL tracking options, it is mostly needed for the phone calls purpose, and also this option is mostly used in display ads campaign types, where there is a high chance of fake clicks on the ad or the bot clicks/impressions.

Just click Save and Continue after creating the ad/s successfully.


So, the ad is now complete, and then you will be redirected to all campaigns section of the Google Ads Manager Account, where you can view the statistics of your Ad.

You just have to wait until your ad gets approved by the Google Ads team. You can click on Ads and Extensions on the left hand side section and see the status of your ads.

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Though there are several Google Ads Status terms, but some of the common terms are explained as below:

EligibleIf it is eligible, that means, it is either running, or it has to be manually approved, by the team or it will have the chance of get into the search engines within less than 4 hours.  
 2Pending (or in review)If it is showing pending (or in review), then a team of Google Ads Specialist will review your ad within in 12-24 hours, though it usually gets approved within less than 4 hours, if it is Google Ads compliant.  
 3ApprovedIf it is showing Approved, then it means, the ad is running on the Google Search Engine successfully.  
 4DisapprovedIf is showing disapproved, then it means your ad has been disapproved after reviewing by the Google Ad Specialist. That can be because; your ad might be against the Google ads policies.  

NOTE: Do, create ads, according to the policies of Google Ads, to get the easy approval of Google ads, or to avoid disapproval of the ads or suspension of the Google Ads account.

So, this is it for today’s Google Ads for Beginners Course, and if you want to know more in-depth course, and then do let us know in the comment section, we will be available with new Free Google Ads Course for you in the future.

Do share this Google Ads Free Course for Beginners with others and tell us in the comment section, about how you useful this course is for you.

Stay tuned with us for more such useful courses, and do check out our other Free Premium Courses. Also check out our Premium Designs on Redbubble, created by our A1 Designer/ Artists.

Thank You.

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