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Fiverr SEO Course- Best Fiverr SEO Tips That Work- SEO Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr SEO Course- Best Fiverr SEO Tips- SEO Fiverr Gigs That Work

Fiverr SEO Tips is very much important for those who were struggling for Fiverr SEO Gigs. This Fiverr SEO Course is here to help you now.

In this short course on Fiverr SEO, you will not only learn about how to create a Fiverr SEO Gigs effectively, but also going to know about certain Fiverr SEO Tips.

Fiverr SEO Course- Introduction to Best Fiverr SEO Tips

Fiverr Gigs Promotion for SEO That Works

With this module, let’s begin talking about promoting your Fiverr gigs and most gigs and this is very important.

Most gigs are found and purchased after search.

So, SEO on Fiverr, maybe you’ve heard of Google SEO with SEO services but we’re talking about on Fiverr SEO, people actually searching for stuff on Fiverr that is going to be how most of your clients would find you and buy from you.

Generally in my case all my gigs they have keywords inside their titles (having Fiverr SEO Title) for ranking my Fiverr Gigs. So, here’s a Fiverr SEO Tips for you, to have a Fiverr SEO Title optimized with keywords, so that ranking will be much easier.

We’re going to talk about in this in this example we’re going to talk my marketing strategy and marketing plan gig.

So it shows up for this “marketing strategy” search.

I’m gonna refresh the search. And if I scroll down it’s on the first page here somewhere.

Here I am.

And if I search for a “marketing plan” then this gig should also show up somewhere here.

See it’s right here.

And if I do an experiment like marketing for business this gig appears on the second page.

So what I did is if I click on this I put a lot of keywords into this one title and make this title so optimized for Fiverr SEO title, that it comes in page one for that respective searches.

My gig was like: “I will create a marketing strategy, marketing plan for your business”. And I am ranking for all the keywords like marketing strategy, marketing plan and things like that, and hence make this Fiverr SEO title an optimized with keyword to rank in Fiverr.

So I got a lot of keywords going on here. And so I’m able to come up for a lot of searches.

That’s essentially the very first thing to realize because a lot of people think like well should I promote on social media or should I do this YouTube or what should I do or how do I promote and I don’t have an audience.

People have these kinds of questions and you want to boost your initial orders and initial reviews from maybe from some of your own audience.

We’ll talk about that. But at the same time long term the right thing is that you will align your gigs for search.

What is SEO Title in Fiverr?

So what we’ll do is we’ll go into my account and we’re going to edit that very gate and I’ll show you what’s going on with all the things that I’m doing.

So this is my title and you see Fiverr also gives you tags that you can put into “Search Tags” section and you see promote business, marketing strategy, marketing ideas, all these are the keywords I’m specifically targeting.

Then I chose a category that’s relevant. Also we talked about the main title.

Now there’s also a keyword field for their SEO title. You want to put your keywords here as well.

I’m not going to say what changes you should make obviously but what I am going to do is we’re going to go into the description and your keywords in the description also matter.

So you want to put those kinds of keywords here as well.

You want to make this read naturally, but at the same time you want to use your keywords.

See I use the keyword- marketing plan within the sentence as- I’m going to help you create an ideal marketing plan.

That marketing plan is the main keyword.

And if you use the word marketing plan too many times like I use it here at some points of this Fiverr description five will give you a little error and say hey you’re using this too often like you’re repeating the same keyword too often just don’t do that anymore.

But definitely repeated at least a couple of times here at least once in the title and make sure that it’s here in the tags that will be what’s called your on page Fiverr or SEO.

So your gig will be essentially set up for a SEO after that.

You of course have to focus on making it rank higher to outcompete your competitors. We’ll talk about that later in the course.

But this is really the beginning.

And when you create all of your gigs starting with your first day when you create your seven gigs. Think of the keywords that you can use.

So if you don’t know what keywords might be good for you we’ll be talking about that later in the Fiverr SEO Course, but just as a starter I want to show you a little trick that will give you a very good foundation for it.

Let’s say we are discussing something about marketing right.

You want to understand which keywords you can use for marketing.

Well if you just type it into the search or actually gives you auto suggest suggestions.

We can find title suggestions like- Marketing for Business, Marketing Plan, marketing strategy, social media marketing, Facebook marketing and so on and so on and so on.

They also give you these Fiverr SEO categories.

These categories are also ways people find gigs but they’re less common in terms of people actually finding services.

The most common is search.

And then people browsing categories as well.

So you want to accurately categorize your gigs when you create them but really you wants to make sure that you get your keywords.

And this is really the first place to get keywords so if you were doing logo design, then you can get search suggestions like- Logo animation, logo for businesss, minimal logo design, twitch, whatever right logo for gaming, you get a lot of ideas for keywords.

So when you create your very initial seven gigs at least start to use the keywords they’re suggesting to you.

The main problem with these keywords is that if you go for logo design obviously it’s an incredibly competitive space.

The first guy has like over a thousand reviews which means he probably got like over two thousand orders.

Also right here he tells you that there are 76000 services available for this.

Basically you’re competing against seventy six thousand other listings which will make it extremely competitive.

So it wouldn’t be a great idea to only target this keyword because it’s gonna be very competitive to stand out.

But at least this is what you would consider the beginning of your Fiverr SEO keyword research for your Fiverr SEO Title and Description for your Fiverr Gigs.

In the next module, we’re going to go deeper into researching your keywords for your Fiverr Gigs SEO.

Efficient Fiverr SEO Keyword Checklist- Fiverr SEO Tips

In this module, I’m going to give you a keyword checklist for a Fiverr that you can use to determine which keywords are good.

If you’re already familiar with this you this might be basic but I cannot assume that everybody taking this course is familiar, so I have to explain the basics.

So let’s go over with a Fiverr SEO Tips on how you should decide which keywords you should target.

So that’s the checklist of what to look for in a keyword before you decide to target it with your Fiverr Title so as to get Fiverr Gig SEO.

How to Quickly Rank a Gig on Fiverr- How to do Fiverr SEO- Fiverr SEO Course

In this section, let’s go over the five hour search engine ranking signals. Things that you should do to make your gigs rank higher because on day one you’re going to rank very low for the searches and the things I’m going to cover in this video are the things that you should focus on and they will help you rank higher, higher and higher.

And keep in mind Fiverr does not tell us the proprietary algorithm rules that they have. These are only approximations. People like you and I. We’re not privileged to know the actual secrets of the algorithm and the algorithm does change from time to time.

But if you focus on the things that I’m going to tell you in this section you’re going to be always on the right track.

So, in this Fiverr SEO Course the best Fiverr SEO Tips, which every one of you should follow, are as follows:

1)Number of ordersThe first thing is obviously the number of orders your total number of orders and your increasing numbers of orders on a gig. If the gig is being popular then of course Fiverr is going to rank it higher and higher in the beginning it’s really hard to get orders. Beginning is always the hardest. So don’t look at established sellers and say, oh my god they have thousands of orders and I can’t even get one. That’s the easiest way to make yourself feel bad. So the beginning is going to be hard. Don’t worry we’re going to talk about strategies in the beginning but generally as long as you’re getting orders and the more orders you get than competitors then that’s going to work to your advantage in the search.  
2)Gig Average RatingObviously you also have to maintain gig average rating around to 4.9 or 5 stars. The higher the better on Fiverr the reviews are very much skewed up. So you definitely do not want to be below 4.8. On other platforms 4.8 is fantastic and five or it’s not so amazing. Also average revenue per order is important. The more money you make the more money Fiverr makes because they take a proportional cut so of course they want people who make more money to get more orders. No brainer.  
3)ReviewThe SEO Fiverr gigs also depends on a percentage of people who leave a nice review obviously want good reviews but you want more people to leave good reviews. For example if half of your buyers leave good reviews but 90 percent of my buyers the good reviews then obviously I have a better ranking signal because I have faster rate of getting reviews and a bigger proportion of people leaving reviews. Now there are a lot of ways to increase reviews. A lot of it has to do with how you close your gig. A lot of it has to do with how you deliver the gig and obviously the gig quality itself. Later in the course when I show you the script to use to close the gigs those scripts will help you increase the number of people who leave you nice reviews. We will add those scripts with new post and will add the link for the Customer Acquisition Course after this course. Another ranking factor is people leaving you tips. This helps you in a couple of ways. First obviously this increases your order size. And again Fiverr takes a cut from your tips which is kind of weird but they do so they make more money When you get tips, they make more money. They want to rank you higher and obviously tips increase your average order size. And as far as I understand tips are actually a ranking factor themselves. I ran an experiment where I used to have a gig for a very competitive keyword on like page number 10 for its keyword. And then I focused on asking everybody who bought that gig to leave a tip. And just that change alone brought that gig up to page five. I didn’t change anything else but just I made sure that a lot of people left tips. So that’s something you can do.  
4)Gig Conversion RateNow another thing that’s important is your gig conversion rate,meaning there has to be a high percentage of people who buy your gig after they see your gig and you might ask well how high. What’s the percentage? And obviously in every niche is different because there is no ultimate number. It just has to be bigger than competitors. And the bigger the better I’ll be showing you how to increase conversion rate with a number of factors some of them we’ve already covered like making your gig attractive in a number of ways, and we’ll keep touching on that as we go through the course.  
5)Profile WarningsAlso of course don’t have any profile warnings. Don’t break any rules on Fiverr.  
6)Reply RateMake sure you have a nearly 100% reply rate. That means when anybody messages you on Fiverr any potential clients you have to reply within 24 hours to everybody. You don’t have to reply continuously but you do have the reply. The first reply does have to go out within 24 hours and the sooner you can reply the better. You don’t have to reply to their second and third message but just make sure you do reply quickly to the first message.  
7)Gig DeliveriesAlso make sure you have no late gig deliveries all your deliveries are on time.  
8)RefundsMinimize your refunds, you will have some refunds. There’s no one on Fiverr who doesn’t have any refunds. Refunds are important part of Fiverr first to keep bad buyers away. Sometimes you just want people to go away and just pay them to just go away. But if people are unhappy sometimes giving a refund is better than taking a bad review there so there’s ways to mitigate that. Refunds are sometimes useful too many refunds are bad so minimize your refund. So those are the ranking signals.  

These are some of the blackhat Fiverr SEO Tips on how you can basically rank your SEO Fiverr Gig easily.

Verdict: Fiverr SEO Course- Effective Fiverr SEO Gigs

So, I hope you guys get a perfect Idea on how you can basically rank your Fiverr Gig. This Short mini course is generally useful for them who were in the services like SEO services, Fiverr SEO gigs, and were struggling with their rankings. After going through the Fiverr SEO Tips mentioned in this mini Fiverr SEO Course, they can actually going to make a lot of changes in their ranking factor, no matter whether they have some well organized Fiverr SEO Title, or  they have other SEO services, they will go to rank for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do SEO on Fiverr?

Basically, one of the Fiverr SEO Tips for you to do to rank your Gigs on Fiverr is simply just have a Fiverr SEO Title. Now what is seo title in Fiverr, we have discussed everything about this in detail. Do check out the Fiverr SEO Course for Free.

Does SEO work on Fiverr?

Yes, SEO do works on Fiverr. You can rank your SEO Fiverr Gig easily and stand out amongst your competitors. In this FREE mini course on Fiverr SEO, we have mentioned about how to do it in a proper way.

What is SEO at Fiverr?

SEO Fiverr Gig is nothing just to rank your gig so as to stand out from all your competitors and acquire your customers, before `your competitors do. How to do SEO in Fiverr, it is something which is not very much complex, and we have shared the proper ways on how to do Fiverr SEO.

Is Fiverr SEO worth?

Fiverr SEO is something which is like Google SEO but is not that much complex, once you ranked for the keyword you wanted to rank for, it would be very much easy for you to acquire customers on Fiverr. What you needed is only- Patience. That’s it. If you still asks whether it’s worth it or not? Then my answer would be yes. Do check out this FREE Mini Course on Fiverr SEO, to know how you can do it too.

I hope, you guys get a perfect idea about, how you can basically get yourself ranked on Fiverr with this Mini Fiverr SEO Course, wait for our new mini course on Fiverr where we will mention about Easy Customer Acquisition. If you want to go through some of our other premium courses, then click here.

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