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Design Product Pages Like a Pro: Essential Tips on Design Product Page

Design Product Pages, no matter where, whether design product page on Facebook, product page landing page, or any other product page website, you will require these things to know.

In this short article we will go to learn about how you can basically design product pages on any platform, whether it’s woocommerce, Facebook or even any other website, you can create it very easily by having the ideas mentioned in this article on: “Design Product Pages Like a Pro: Essential Tips

The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) While Design Product Pages          

You know how sometimes something might look really cool but in practicality, it might be really difficult to use?

You don’t want your interfaces to be difficult to use while design product pages website.

So in this module, we’re going to talk about three ways that you can design product pages and implement effective interfaces for the web, mobile, or almost any other digital use case.

You can basically use these tips to design product pages on Facebook, design product pages website, and even help these tips to get the product pages ideas.

Effective User Friendly Interfaces While Designing Product Pages

  • Use customer knowledge to anticipate the information that they’re going to want at each stage of their experience.
  • Make actual signals readable by using larger fonts and using color and size to signal importance.
  • Finally, make the experiences actions and messages that you’re displaying to them more familiar by using metaphors and images that this audience is already going to be familiar with.

All the mentioned points were proven to design product pages, you can get a product pages ideas, on how your page should look like, or else, you can also use these points for your product pages optimization.

First, anticipate what your user is going to need at each phase of their experience and give people the information that they need only when they need it.


Also, make the parts of the product pages that do different things, make them look different.

Second, you want to make things readable. You want to make your font sizes relatively large while product page design.


Also, signal the function of something like a button. Early on, in the text of the button. Because often, Research shows that people just want to differentiate between the buttons so they don’t actually read the text all the way right away.


Also use contrast to your advantage.

So signal through things like a contract that this is the button that you want people to click.

Also, make larger objects associated with the more important function of the interface that you’re designing like a landing page.


Finally, make it familiar. Use metaphors whenever possible, things like written or visual metaphors that helps people get a sense of what you’re asking them to do really easily.

Also, use imagery that will be familiar with your audience already.

Most of you must be imagined, about design product pages on Facebook, in that case, use the same points and apply it onto your Facebook product page through images and canvas.

How to Design a Killer Landing Page- Effective Tips

  • Use the landing page to optimize your conversions
  • Once people are at the very top of your funnel and coming into your ecosystem, you want to draw attention to the action zone and make the offer that you’re asking these people to accept pretty easy to understand.
  • Use a thank you page to allow people to continue down the funnel if they’re ready to move on in your ecosystem.

You can almost think of your product page landing page like a runaway. When this plane or these passengers land, how are you going to greet them? What is the flow that they’re going to go through to get them to take some action?

The use cases for a product page or landing page are like maybe a pre-sale for a new product.

Maybe you want to segment between customers and greet different potential personas differently or maybe you want to run an ad campaign and greet those incoming users in a special way.

So here’s the structure for a great product page landing page. Use these tips to design product pages for your website or design product page woocommerce, or else, get product page ideas for yourself.

`First, your headline needs to describe the offer that you’re making really clearly. Make it simple so that people know whether or not they’re in the right place.

And then you want to have some sort of action zone, this could be a button or a short form.

And that’s the main focus of your landing page where you’re getting people to take action.

You want this action zone to be high on the page or sort of before the fold in terms of front in web design.

And then, you oftentimes want to draw extra attention to that action point.


For example, research shows that a female looking to the action point really helps people focus in on where you want them to look on your landing page.

Now below this action zone, you want to highlight the user benefits to them taking this action.

Make it short and sweet and you might even try to make a sort of visual illustration of the benefit that people are going to get.

For those that maybe aren’t those detail oriented people but those who are more intuitive and get a sense of the benefits rather than reading the bullet points that you’ve outlined.

And then finally, after people take that action it’s a good idea for your landing page to take them to a thank you page.

And on this thank you page, you want them to know what they would need to do in order to move down your funnel further. And oftentimes on this thank you page, you want to make a share link so that they can sort of help you spread the word and bring other people that they know into your landing page.

And there’s also a key hack about having this thank you page and that’s that in your google analytics platform or other web analytics platform, the number of times that page is viewed is basically the number of conversions that you have which makes it easy to calculate stats.

Verdict: Design Product Pages Like a Pro: Essential Tips

Use these tips to design product pages for website, woocommerce and Facebook and use these points to optimize you product page landing pages. Hope this article helps you to get you perfect product page ideas, if it is so, then do read our other articles on Digital marketing for FREE and access our A1 Premium Courses from our A1 Specialized instructors for FREE.

Thank you.

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