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Best Success Books to read for Students and Teenagers- Made me Millionaire

5 Best Books that made me Millionaire | Best Success Books to read for Students and Teenagers

In this article, we’re going to know about the 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers, 5 best books that made me millionaire. I believe reading books can absolutely transform a person.

A question that’s been asked for like the last two or three years now and I genuinely believe these books played a major role in shaping my mindset into a place where I actually was able to start and run multiple businesses. Just overall grow as a person.

Honestly, not even trying to cloud write books and write an article, just to write an article. I truly believe, I wouldn’t be where I am today at least business-wise, if I didn’t read some of the best success books, we’re going to be discussing in this article.

Best Success Books to read for Students and Teenagers

Just books in general, I think there’s something there in taking time out of the day to sit down, focus and read a physical book. Not only do you gain some major nuggets from the particular book but i think it also really builds up your discipline with so many distractions in our lives.

It’s kind of tough to actually pick up and read a book. It’s a lot easier to mindlessly scroll through social media, watch some Netflix, and play up a little cod. So I think there’s also this discipline building aspect of reading books.

You must have known the fact that “discipline is the path to freedom.”

But on a serious note, I know I’m probably going to click-bait this article, something like 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers or the Books that made me a Millionaire, which is true but I don’t mean that these are all step-by-step investing guides on how you can make money.

Its books that kind of shaped the way I think which led to me starting some of the businesses, that I talk about in our previous premium courses.

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Best Book to Read for Finances: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Anyways let’s dive into the first self-help finance type book I ever absorbed which is Rich Dad Poor Dad. I say absorbed and not read because at the time, I was in high school, working a minimum wage job, so I wasn’t trying to drop a cool 1-2 hours of work to buy the actual physical copy. So I ended up using like a free trial of an audio book service to listen to it. This book- Rich Dad Poor Dad goes over a lot of major wealth building concepts and can just overall shift your financial perspective.

Especially, if you’re completely new to personal finance you’re not subscribed to “Gram Stefan”, you don’t know who “Meet Kevin” is yet, then this is a must book for you.

It talks about making your money- work for your assets versus liabilities. Most people work really hard and then spend their money on liabilities. Stuff that takes money out of their pockets materialistic positions, balling out on the weekends, but that’s not how you build wealth, don’t buy that Jet Ski! LOL(talking about a real estate guru).

It also gets into some basic tax Finessery concepts. It’s an easy read, just an overall great book to read in order to build up the foundation for your financial literacy and get you looking at money differently. So, let’s move on towards the next number in the list of 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers.

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Best Book to Read for achieving Persuasive Power: Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion

Next up in the list of Best Success Books to read, we have “Influence- the psychology of persuasion”.

This one’s a heavy hitter. Firstly, it is just really interesting to read. Lots of intriguing scientific and real life case studies are available in this book (Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion) in regards to the psychology behind influence and persuasion.

If you’re interested in marketing sales or just business in general, this is for you. Then on the flip side, if you have no interest in those things, this book will help you understand and recognize certain techniques that are being used against you.

When someone is trying to sell you something or even just in your personal life, when someone is trying to convince you to do something or believe something, it explains why people behave in certain ways and the reasons behind why people make certain decisions.

As well as how you can slightly influence some of those decisions through seven different principles that are outlined in this book.

The way rich dad poor dad is a good foundation for financial literacy, I think this book Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion, can be a great foundation for your marketing knowledge.

That’s definitely what it was for me, but on top of that it’s just a very interesting book to read.

Let’s now, get into the next number of our list of 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers.

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Best Books to Read for People’s Psychology- How to Win Friends and Influence People

Third on the list of 5 Best Millionaire Success Books to Read is How to Win Friends and Influence People by dale Carnegie. Sus title but this book had a major impact not only on me but millions of others who read it.

I know it sounds like a book for psychopaths based on the title but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This one’s actually all about putting the focus whenever you’re interacting with someone not on yourself, but on the other person avoiding arguments overall being a better communicator.

So following the principles of this book, you’re probably going to become a more likable person but that’s not because it has the top 10 sneaky ways to manipulate someone.

Psychologists hate him it’s because the principles in this book if applied just make you a better more empathetic person. So naturally you can win more people over.

This can definitely help you in your business and in your professional career but also all of your personal relationships communication and everything.

I remember reading this book in high school. I’d really have to do some sneaky sleight of hand action every time I’d whip it out laid flat on the table just because I wasn’t trying to be seen reading a book with a sus title. But I’m really glad, I read it and this is one that I would recommend everyone to read and hence put this book in our list of Best Millionaire Books to Read for students and teenagers.

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Best Book to Read for Understanding the Millionaire Habits: The Millionaire Next Door

Fourth on the list is The Millionaire Next Door, which is a book based on a nine-month survey of over a thousand wealthy individuals in regards to the key factors of how those people became wealthy. And the big thing that the authors found was that real millionaires don’t look like millionaires, don’t dress like them, don’t eat like the millionaires, don’t act like the millionaires.

With the rise of flex culture on social media, it seems like everyone is doing better than you, everyone got a fat whip, a thriving business, everyone’s posting their big dubs, never the losses, which I think, leads to a lot of subconscious comparing and then that can lead to a feeling of not being good enough.

So in our current fake Instagram culture I think this book is more important than ever. It talks about what the average millionaire in the US, actually looks like, and how they got there and stay there, which is very different than what the media will show you. This book definitely had a huge impact on me and my spending habits.

Too many people are spending money that they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. There’s a good amount of real life stories and examples in here that are inspiring overall a great finance book, that can help you have a healthier relationship with money.

And it might seem like, “oh! Well, that’s stupid, what’s the point of life and having money if you’re not going to spend it?”

You shouldn’t obsess over it in reality. Though, it’s kind of the opposite. A lot of people even making great money are still living paycheck to paycheck and stressing over it because they’re living way above their means, whereas if you’re more frugal and live below your means. You can worry less about money and be less of a slave to it, and that’s how you can truly obsess less over it, if you think about it now.

 Before we get into the secret fifth book on the list of  5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers, I want to quickly go over two groups of books that kind of make up the remainder of the literature, I’ve had laying on my table

Some of these have been, by far my favorite books they just don’t really fit the theme of the other books on the list but they’re definitely bussing played a major role in the way I think and my mindset. As these books were also included somehow in my subconscious building of my journey to millionaire, so I included them to in the list of Best Success Books that made me Millionaire. So, I figured I should still go over them.

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Bonus: Best Other Success Books to Read That Made me a Millionaire

So out of the two of those groups the first group are books on Christianity. As a fellow of faith, I believe there’s more to life and a deeper meaning behind it. I don’t think it’s just about having a cool 80 to 100 years and then you’re gone forever.

In my eyes that’s almost seems a little empty because then what’s the point of all of this. We’re all just running on this hedonic treadmill that leads to nowhere.

I don’t know about that, but I personally believe in god and an afterlife and the first book I have on the list of Best Spirituality Books to Read is a certified hood classic called Mere Christianity.

It’s kind of like an introduction to true Christianity and what the major beliefs actually are.

And then Gunning for God, it takes a logical, more scientific outlook on god and explores that pretty interesting read.

Then in the list of Best Spirituality Books to Read, we have Crazy Love by Francis Chan and it focuses on being more selfless and giving and less lukewarm. I feel like reading this one has definitely motivated me to become a better person.

Now, this second group of books is probably the easiest for me to sit down and read. Some of them really had me reading to like 2 a.m, just because I was so invested into them that I’d lose track of time and these are stories of how major companies were built up as well as certain come up stories of particular individuals.

On top of just being incredibly entertaining they’re also really beneficial because to me they humanize the people behind these huge companies, break it down from the beginning and help you realize that- hey these people building up the world’s biggest companies.

Didn’t start off the way and at the end of the day, they’re just humans like the rest of us. So reading through these books is very motivating and eye-opening.

The first one of this kind of a bad example you shouldn’t follow but American kingspin, one of my all-time favorite books. I think I read this thing in like two sittings, couldn’t put it down, it was that good. It’s about the story of the Silk Road website which is a website from years ago on the dark web where you could buy different illegal substances and items. I don’t endorse that whole concept obviously but it was so interesting to read, how this pretty regular guy named Ross Ulbricht, I believe basically just started a billion dollar company right on his laptop and how Bitcoin played into that, pretty relevant topic right now.

And then simultaneously the book also shows the FBI set of things and the investigation that eventually led to the capture of Ross, who is currently serving, I believe multiple life sentences in prison but such a fascinating read.

On a more positive note though by the same author we have Hatching Twitter, also one of my all-time favorites and it goes into the back end story of how twitter was started, the struggles, the power, the betrayals, mind blowing to read that whole story playing out from inception to what it eventually became. There’s so much more to it than I thought.

Then we have, That Will Never Work, which is the story of how Netflix was created same kind of ibis hatching twitter, very fun and motivating to read about all the twists and turns and the perseverance in the early days of what today is a massive revolutionary company.

The final book out of these you know had to do it to him the Gucci Mane Autobiography, is Gucci Mane. I don’t even listen to Atlanta rapper Mr. Gucci’s music but his come up story is insane, how he made it out of the trenches going in and out of prison.

The book goes into the Atlanta hip-hop scene, his days of rapping in the streets, abusive record deal contracts, his rights to fame, and the crazy negative side effects of him sipping lean and how he eventually turned his whole life around.

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Best Book to Read for Being Creative and Purposeful: The Third Door

Now getting into the final fifth book on the list of 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers. I feel like this one really ties things together since it goes over a theme that can be seen throughout pretty much all of the stories I’ve read about successful companies and individuals and this book is called The third door.

It’s a really entertaining story that does a great job of going over this concept of The Third Door which basically stands for persevering and creatively doing something outside of the box to slightly finesse your way through obstacles. When let’s say you’re building a company, business or career, I don’t know. Let’s say, you want to start doing YouTube and you really need a green screen but you don’t have money for one. You could, first door work a job to save up some money, or second door, maybe give up on the idea, and third door, this one is in the back of the building you, you duct tape a green bed sheet to your wall and you just make it happen. And that’s something I’ve noticed throughout all the successful company and individual autobiographies, I’ve read.

There’s this element of taking the third door to creatively persevere through all the obstacles and barriers that come up whenever you’re trying to go for something.

So, that’s the end of the 5 Best Books to Read for Students and Teenagers and believe me, these books really helped me somehow, consciously or subconsciously to make me a millionaire, hence I added them in the list of 5 best books that made me a millionaire.

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Best Books To Read For Teenagers & Best Books To Read for Students

Here are the overall view of what we have discussed in this book, where you will going to get the best books to read for teenagers or best books to read for students, based on several categorization. The list of all the best books to read is as follow:

S. NoCategorizationBook NameAuthor NameBuy Now
1Best Book to Read for FinancesRich Dad Poor DadRobert KiyosakiClick here
2Best Book to Read for achieving Persuasive PowerInfluence- The Psychology of PersuasionRobert CialdiniClick here
3Best Books to Read for People’s PsychologyHow to Win Friends and Influence PeopleDale CarnegieClick Here
4Best Book to Read for Understanding the Millionaire HabitsThe Millionaire Next DoorThomas J. StanleyClick Here
5Best Book to Read for Being Creative and PurposefulThe Third DoorAlex BanayanClick Here

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and have an amazing rest of your day. We will definitely be available with our new topics in the future related to your success. Till then stay safe and stay tuned with us.

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