9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

9 Evergreen Ideas to Start YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face

9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face

Hello everyone and welcome to the course I am so glad that you decided to join me on this adventure. I’m really honored that you guys trusted me to help you out with this YouTube thing. Now let me ask you are you guys ready to make money on YouTube if the answer is yes which I know it is, you came to the right place and I hope it’ll bring you guys a lot of value. The best part of this course is that you can create, run and earn from all the 9 ideas to create YouTube channel without showing your Face for Beginners and Pro Starters. It is completely Beginner Friendly Course, and Easy to do for the Pro Ones too. So before we get started I just wanted to clarify a few things. As you know, YouTube is becoming more popular than ever with the explosion of social networks.

There are so many people who want to get into YouTube. For all beginners like you, they all ask the same questions about how to start their YouTube channel. Are you interested in making money on YouTube? Do you know there are billions of videos watched every month and billions of videos uploaded every month? You don’t even need to make your own movie to be able to make money on YouTube. I will show you how in these following videos and I’ll be even creating additional content for you to follow.

You can actually make videos without ever having a camera and I’ll show you how to do that thousands of people are making over a hundred thousand dollars a year by just doing nothing. So stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly how this is done in this following course: “9 Ideas to Start Your Own YouTube Channel without Showing Face for beginners”.

Many people want to get started on YouTube and become a successful YouTuber. But many of them fear to show their face on YouTube videos.

Do not let your fear of something or any problems stop your dream. You can definitely create YouTube videos without being on camera. There are so many different ways to do that. Therefore, I wanted to help tons and tons of people who want to get into the world of YouTube and have a great desire and can achieve great success by overcoming their problem through 9 niches and ideas that can inspire you.

So I’m going to share every niche of these 9 in detail then you guys will see which idea or any number of ideas best for you. These are 9 Niches or ideas or ways that never need to show your face and most of them don’t require a voice except for some that require voiceovers. And you don’t have to have any fancy equipment or anything like that. I’ll go over each of these in detail with my opinion on their ups and their downs. So you can Figure out what you are passionate about.

We are going to cover the best 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube Channel without showing your face and using your voice for beginners and Pro YouTubers also.

The software you can use to grow a faceless YouTube channel examples of big earning YouTube channels that don’t show their face and much more so don’t worry about having the latest and greatest gear.

By the end of this course, I’m sure that you will take positive steps that will change your life for the better and you will be grateful for these moments.

About the Instructor

Hi, I am Brian James, an YouTuber, having more than 30 Channels, and earning $45,000+ every single month, just by creating a YouTube channels on those niches, where I don’t have to show my face, but required voice-overs on some though(not necessary).

What I am going to teach you is also available on Udemy, and is one of the popular courses of mine. Each and every thing is completely applicable by anyone and is easy to implement. You can also earn from these ideas too. Just learn from this course and start earning as soon as possible.

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel and earn from it?

OK, here’s the absolute truth when it comes to whether or not you should start a channel or is it too late, here’s the thing, And they need to realize this is that the sooner you start the better. If you don’t start a YouTube channel yet, then it’s not too late. But I’m telling you in the next year if you don’t have your YouTube channel you are going to have so much competition. Everybody jumping no matter what it is get going on it and create valuable content because every day that you wait somebody else is jumping into your niche.

Do you consider the fact that a lot of the early YouTubers that blew up they really blew up because they were on YouTube. They were here they were there first. And if you can be first in your area or at least one of the first people in your area you have such a stronger chance of owning that.

OK, so go ahead and start your channel Start right now.

There are still some people out there who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and have been for months, possibly even years.

My advice to you is, ready or not, start now. Every moment you hesitate or procrastinate, there will be thousands of video creators starting their YouTube channel today and gobbling up all your potential audience.

You don’t want that, right?

9 Ideas to Start YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face for Beginners and Pro Starters

  1. Facts
  2. List Videos or Listicles
  3. Quiz videos and riddles
  5. Data videos or Bar chart race
  6. Comparisons
  7. Meditation channels
  8. Slideshows
  9. Compilation Videos

1) Start a Channel on Facts

Lots and lots of people are starting their own channel on YouTube nowadays, because YouTube itself have made many Millionaires. Many Channels have become online superstars just with the help of YouTube and like all of us. They have started with zero views. Yes, it’s happening people are becoming millionaires by just uploading their videos. And with the right marketing skill and with the help of social media you could become a YouTube star, too.

Let’s get started on 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face. If you ask me what is the best time to start a YouTube channel.  I’ll say the best time for starting a YouTube channel was February 14, 2005.

If you live in America, and on this date, YouTube is launched

And the second-best time is “Right Now. Yup Right now.

When you finish this course, go and start your YouTube channel. This type of channel that I’ve seen get a ton of views without talking is sharing facts. If you have interests in science or history or any other niches, you can start a channel on sharing cool facts. This could be a great niche to create faceless videos.

If you can do some research for your videos, you can use images or footage from stock websites or create your own doodles or slideshows for these types of videos. I am going to show you guys’ actual examples that you guys can take action in and start making money in.

So, let’s jump straight on my computer right here so I can show you some actual example channels that are doing this and making money on YouTube.

PHOTOS of BUNCH OF YOUTUBE CHANNEL SAYING ABOUT FACTS- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

So if we search for facts on YouTube, you can see this huge list of different facts sharing channels that pop up each having hundreds of thousands of subscribers. and some have millions of subscribers, we can actually go to one of these channels.

For example, facts verse has 8.2 million subscribers. That’s amazing, they are about to hit a ten million subscribers and their channel have 30.3 thousand videos. A YouTube channel that produces daily videos on topics surrounding mysterious, strange, scary, funny, interesting, educational, and mind-blowing facts.

Photos of Videos uploaded by facts verse

So if we go to the videos section on the channel, they upload two to three videos per day. This shows us how easy is making these types of videos and how easy is this weird niche.

Now you are probably asking how much money do these types of channels actually make?

How much these channels were earning on average per month using social blade

Well, I have an extension called social blade installed. This channel is making between $7000 and $111,000 per month. And so I would estimate they’re making at least sixty thousand dollars per month. This channel estimated yearly earnings between eighty-three thousand dollars and one point three million dollars. So I would estimate they’re making at least between 70000 dollars and 800000 dollars, just from these super-simple videos as you can see their video’s background is simply stock footages or video then do a voiceover on top of these videos all you have to do is do a voice-over or get other people to do these voiceovers for you.

And if you don’t want to make a voiceover, then no problem. There are a lot of channels that don’t and they also never have to show their faces in order to earn $1000’s monthly.

These videos actually get a lot of views and they make a lot of money.

If you don’t get idea about where to start from, then try the title given below, and try to create a plot from that one.

Some title, you can work with:

  • Most dangerous
  • things you did not know
  • best / highest / smallest (superlatives)
  • Things that you may not have known about
  • Most / Ten Most – Dangerous / Mysterious / Best etc.
  • WW2 Strangest Photos in History 21

Just like the above one, you can also try Your own words to create your own video and be consistent with that, the rest will be performed by YouTube algorithm itself.

This is a good niche to start a channel. You just have to consider a few points, Be very specific about the category of the content. People also like to see solid facts such as unknown facts specially when these facts are so exciting and surprising that the mind can hardly believe them. And these facts related to anything history, countries, foods, animals, biology, general knowledge topics which include psychology, health tips, Interesting facts, history, face reading, palm reading, astrology, politics, numerology, and basic computer Knowledge or anything. There were thousands of topics to share the facts with the people which they don’t know about.

These channels mainly target the philosophical and scientific value behind the usual things that we do daily but never notice or stop to think about them.

You can Start YouTube videos without showing your face and just show images or videos from other sources with some voiceovers or text as you like if you are a shy person or you don’t want to be seen on screen.

2) List Videos or Listicles: Start YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face

It is another popular niche on YouTube in which you can create YouTube videos without showing your face. All you have to do is find topics to create list videos like “Top 10 places to spend your honeymoon” find relevant images, stock footage or your own clips and record a voice over and publish them. People love to rank things: the best striker, the funniest animals, or richest actors. Lots of YouTube channels list all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff from one to ten or one to five, or whatever from the weirdest things caught on camera to the biggest waves ever to hit ships, there are plenty of possibilities. You could rank the top 10 luxury watches or 5 best shades of green nail polish.

Lists have worked so well in blog articles and even videos. It is one of the main ingredients to go viral! There is something about lists that draws attention and keeps people engaged. Research suggests that the human brain finds it really easy to consume information in lists.

This reason makes lists very effective. If you’re good at research and can add voice narration, creating a YouTube channel which ranks Top X things won’t be a difficult task. There are tons of channels that cover the top 10 items, but you can go for odd numbers like “top 13” or “top 21” to stand out.

Generally, you’ll have to collect videos and images of the thing you’re talking about and either add a voice-over explaining each one or on-screen captions.

PHOTOS OF LIST VIDEOS or LISTICLES CHANNELS- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

So as you can see right here many channels are in that niche and all are doing this type of videos I am talking about.

So let’s start with one of them.

So the first example channel we are going to be taking a look at is this channel right here called Top 5 in All

top 5 in all

They have 5000 subscribers but only with 11 videos, that’s a huge number though for such a less number of videos.

Their one video goes high in rank and the other were ranking too. And I guess, that one video “top 5 loudest bass in the world” is the only reason for their listicle channel to rank.

I can easily assume that, they might have earned more than $1000 with these 11 videos easily. In between they left the work on their channel, hence we can see a 2-3 year huge gap, but I think, they were consistent for now. May be, they got the answer behind the consistency ranking algorithm of YouTube.

If this small channel can earn up to $1000 with just 11 videos, why can’t you dare to start your own listicle channel.

There’s a possibility for new channels to actually pop up doing this. You can easily run multiple channels in multiple niches as well which is exactly what I do. These channels with million subscribers only record commentary over images or clips stitched together. You can create a list of songs on a certain topic, put it into a video and upload it to YouTube.

You can use some of the following title to start your list videos now:

  • Top 5 best music,
  • Top 5 best songs,
  • Top 10 ships in the world,
  • 10 things you don’t know about,
  • Top 5/ top 5 superlatives
  • Top 10 student loans
  • Top 5 insurances etc.

It’s an amazing niche to get into and it’s an amazing video idea right now. Start by deciding what you know that you can share with others in your videos. Come up with a unique name for your channel.

It could be as simple as you given name, or as creative as you like, but it should be relevant to the channel and unique like the one we have watched right now: Top 5 in all. So when someone searches for it you come up first.

3) Start asking people by creating Quiz videos and riddles

This YouTube channel niche that you can make super easily without even showing your face is actually pretty interesting. It’s a quiz channel. As you know, YouTube is becoming more popular than ever with the explosion of social networks. The rise of the vloggers, streamers along the development of watching culture has made YouTube more and more familiar. And according to that, there are so many young persons who want to get into YouTube. For all beginners like you, they all ask the same questions about how to start their YouTube channel.

With my experience I think this niche is pretty good for you. By YouTube, You can earn money online which is the best way to earn nowadays. YouTube is one of the tops and suggested ways if you want to make money online as a full-time. By YouTube, you can start earning from one thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars or more easily. Nowadays many people are starting YouTube and also earning from it in different ways.

Quiz videos and riddles are incredibly weird niche. If you want to make money on YouTube simply without recording any videos I’m going to show you channels; doing this and how you can generate tons of videos super quickly and most importantly how you can make a ton of money from these simple videos.

So, if that sounds good Stick around, because you are not going to want to miss what I’m going to show you in this section.

The need for entertainment for people is always a necessity and that is why after working days people often go to YouTube as a tool for entertainment. And they love to watch like these videos. It will make them feel relax and enjoy after the hard-working time.

So the first example channel I want to show you guys is this channel right here:

Photo of the Quiz channel- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

It has 650,000 subscribers. And they make these super simple videos like what does your birth month say about you, what kind of beauty do you have?, What kind of angel are you?, What color is your aura?, are you an angel or a devil?

I am sure you have seen some of these like funny quizzes online and places like BuzzFeed and where you answer an assortment of questions, and it’s supposed to tell you something about yourself, and these videos actually get a bunch of views too.

And the videos are literally just asking people’s questions about themselves. These channels make riddle videos which are very fun to watch.

Once you start watching you’ll get addicted to it and will wait for their next video. You can watch and solve riddles; they upload mystery riddles, Detective riddles, and many more categories. This according to me is one of the best 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face and Start Earning Money as well.

These videos are simple; they’re just stock footage or animations in the backgrounds of the videos. You never have to show your face running a channel like this.

Photo of social blade earning

And if we take a look at their social blade statistics right here they’re getting 2.8 million views a month making an estimated $679 to $11,000 per month just from ads alone.

PHOTOS OF getting 2.7 million views a month

What’s crazy that they haven’t uploaded for 11 months and they are still getting 2.7 million views a month. And that is incredible.

It’s an amazing niche to get into. And it’s an amazing video idea that I thought you would really appreciate. The best thing is that I had to do that video just once, and it’s still getting views and generating me money.

Here’s another channel doing the same type of thing called wow quiz as you can see, they have 192 thousand subscribers.

Photo of Kingsaw quiz channel

And if we take a look at their social blade statistics right here they’re getting 250,000 views a month making an estimated sixty-three dollars to one thousand dollars per month just from ads alone. Now you might be wondering what the quiz niche exactly is.

So if we take a look at this channel right here they upload very simple videos like- can you find the odd object out in these pictures? (18 million views three years ago), Solve this in fifteen seconds if you are a genius (Ten million views), Only one percent of the population has this type of IQ, these type of viral quizzes in which you answer a bunch of questions about yourself and it’ll tell you something shocking funny relatable something about you.

These videos have the potential of making a lot of money, if you monetize these videos. There are not so many changes; people still watch this type of video without getting bored.

This one of the 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face is actually working for many people and will work for you (beginners) too.

4) Quotes Channel

Quotes are a great way to start a YouTube channel without showing your face. You don’t need millions of subscribers to start making money with YouTube. All you need are views, which come mostly from the search bar. And people like quotes videos so you can start with these easy ideas. If you’re not fond of being on camera, don’t worry. You can still make money from YouTube without being on camera. After all, they are just words.

So I have just done a quick search for the word quotes on YouTube and let’s check this one out right here.

PHOTOS OF QUOTES CHANNEL- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

As you can see the greatest quotes of all time 1.1 million views; here’s another one deep quotes 2.1 million views; and the one- true quotes about life 1.2 million views; just imagine how much money you can earn from these simple videos.

It’s an easy idea and these videos not only easy for me or some people, it’s easy for everyone. The whole video is just image of the quote with background music.

So if we go to the search bar and type in ancient Greek quotes to strengthen your character,


As you can see this video have 1.4 million views which was uploaded six months ago. It’s just a static photo of Hercules and there’s some background music which you can’t hear that you can get from YouTube, and then a voice-over someone is basically just reading the quotes some videos someone reads them.

Some videos they just put the text on the screen. Find relevant quotes said by leaders and put them up in Quotes Templates. Quotes Templates are the fastest way to create professional videos. But if you are among the ones who believe that videos made out of templates are repetitive, many websites give you options to customize videos to any extent. You can swap properties, change colors, add or delete effects, change the color of screen effect and more.


Here’s another one on a completely different subject which is called- laura if we scroll down- Quotes that will make you cry has 2.5 million views, 14 quotes that will make you tear up has 1.3 million views. And if we take a look at her channel on social blade; and let’s see how much that she’s potentially earning.

PHOTO of earning of Laura

She’s actually earning between fifty one dollars and eight hundred ten dollars a month. So I would estimate she’s earning at least five hundred dollars a month just doing nothing so to be creating videos on YouTube; that show some Quotes or some nice pictures is basically an annual salary For some people.

Well, we are living in times, where there is literally stress around every corner. Even with the best efforts, stress cannot be avoided, so we all seek new and innovative ways of escape, or to simply handle this pressure.

There are lots of quotes to inspire you. So, quotes channel is a good idea and these videos get tons of views. You can use motivational quotes of famous people to earn money. By doing this you can earn too much money from YouTube, because people love to watch motivational videos. Motivational videos can go viral and acquire a lot of views. The more views you get, the more money you can make through the YouTube partner program, paying you per click.

YouTube has already become a great career option for many people. Some YouTube creators are earning more than 10 thousand for one single video. This Career option is better than many govt. or private jobs.

5) Start YouTube Channel with Data videos or Bar chart race

Do you belong to an industry which deals with a lot of numbers? Or do you just have some amazing stats to share? If you are going to put it into YouTube video, it would be visually appealing! These channels that do this kind of data gathering and presenting in front of people are called data channels or ranking channels or racing bar graph channels or statistical channels. All these are names of this type of videos so call it as per you like.

This is also an amazing option to start a YouTube channel without showing your face. These Videos are becoming more popular day by day. Most people are afraid of showing their faces, that’s why they avoid YouTube. However, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic.

In fact, you really do not have to show your face. you can start doing this type of videos and earn a lot without even showing your face. And no equipment is needed, no camera, no Microphones and that’s what makes our ideas and our course a great chance for you.

You can earn more than the guy in front of camera who uses an expensive camera and expensive microphone. But you need not any investment as you can do all this for free.

So if we go to YouTube and type data channels and filter the results by channel and look at all of the channels. And all they do is make these simple easy videos.

PHOTOS OF DATA videos channels- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

We can actually go to some of these channels. So the first example channel I want to show you guys is this channel right here- data is beautiful- they have 1.3 million subscribers.


By the time I am giving this lecture and they make these super simple Statistic videos like most popular. So looking at the social blade stats, of this channel this channel is getting 1.8 million views per month. They’re making between $453 and $70.3k a month. And I can tell you guys that this number is most likely from my experience, about in the middle, a little bit more than halfway, of what this estimate says.

So I would guess that they’re at least making $5000 a month just from ads on his channel.

Here’s another channel called animated stats.


They have one hundred sixty five thousand subscribers. And take a look here they make the exact same types of videos. This niche is telling about very interesting information. on its economy. You must use animations in your channel’s videos so viewers understand clearly the ups and downs of the comparison. They haven’t uploaded for the past eight months, but they could still be getting 2 million views and be making this much money. you can actually generate these videos yourself without having to make any videos or anything complex getting behind a camera.

So it doesn’t matter if you have an accent, it doesn’t matter if you are uncomfortable in front a camera.

6) Start YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face by Comparisons Channels

If you really want to start a channel then start it now or you’ll regret in the future that you didn’t. Even though the competition is strong, many people who will start their channel in 2020 will succeed with thousands of subscribers or million. So I’m going to show you guys example of the channels that are successful so if we go to YouTube and type in comparisons and look at all of these channels.

PHOTOS OF COMPARISIONS CHANNEL-  9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

So as you can see these are videos and this is the type of channel that I’m going to share with you in this lecture. I am going to show you exactly what it is and how people are successful with it. Statistics and comparisons sound a little bit strange. I am showing you exactly how this channel, in particular, has got one point eight million subscribers.

Now take a look at the thumbnails. They are not particularly eye-catching. Some of these videos 21 million views, 7 million views, 1 million views. They get a lot of views and if you have a look at the type of videos and what’s on here if we take a look at this channel- Reigarw comparisons.

PHOTO OF Reigarw comparisons CHANNEL

So these are probability comparisons. Some videos got highest reach too: monsters size comparisons with 33 million views; richest person comparison with 9 million views. As you can see, this channel has one point eight million subscribers. so a lot of you guys are going to think that if you find a big channel in one niche that means that he’s already taken all the people that are going to watch this kind of videos. But that is actually not true. This is telling us that there are a lot of people that are interested in that kind of videos. And I’m going play an example of the video just to show you guys.

PHOTO OF Reigarw comparisons CHANNEL

You can see right here he’s making comparison videos. So he’s comparing different products and different stuff, if you are looking for the chances. First, don’t worry; there are still many new YouTubers who are succeeding. I believe this is still a good time to get started on YouTube. Everybody has an equal chance. You can try it. You need a lot of patience and hard work. You need to understand how everything works. All you need is one moment and a little bit of luck. Let’s know about the earning from social blade about the channel.


As you can see right here, he’s making between $2000 and $32.8,000 per month. So I would estimate he’s making at least $18,000 per month from these simple videos. And that’s incredibly insane. And he’s getting eight million views per month. And if you go and see how many views he has in his channel, so, this channel has 521 million views. To give you guys a perspective, how much money this Channel has made from these 521 million views. So usually his videos are 4-5 minutes long; so he can’t put actually multiple ads in his videos; so his CPM is going to be around 2.5 per thousand views. This channel probably made over $1.3 million.

7) Create a Meditation channel

Do you want to learn how to make money on YouTube by Start a YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face using a simple weird niche?

If so you’re in the right place let me tell you. We are talking about meditation channels. Yes, you can actually make money on YouTube by running a Meditation channel. Let me tell you exactly what I mean if we searched for meditation on YouTube, and look at all of those channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


And all they do is make these simple, easy meditation videos and in just seconds. So if we search meditation on YouTube, you can see this huge list of different meditation channels that pop up. Most of them have millions of subscribers and some have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So we know there’s definitely an appeal in a market for these types of meditation videos.

This niche is very popular on YouTube. In today’s hectic world, many people seek out a moment of peace through mindfulness and meditation. So these videos get tons of views meditation videos come in several different formats. Some have a voice guiding the meditation, and others have only calming music.

Additionally, there are even some with only the sound of a bell marking the beginning and end of a timed meditation period!

So let’s go to one of their channels. For example this channel right here meditative mind.


This channel has 3.2 million subscribers and they have 1.3 thousand videos. So while taking a look at this channel, we found that their most popular video has 24 million views.

9 hours video called 528 HZ music brings positive transformation; another one called Indian flute meditation 1 hour has 15 million views.

Let’s look at how much money, this channel actually making from these meditation videos.


taking a look here, they are making between $5,100 and $82,000 just from ads alone. So I would estimate that they’re making at least $45,000. And this is just from ads only.


Are you guys starting to see the potential, in running a channel in a niche like this? They’re getting on average,3.3 thousand subscribers a day. How would you guys like to be running a channel, where every single day you get almost 3.3 thousand subscribers?

I think in today’s society people really need to slow down and do some meditation and some of these are guided but obviously you don’t have to put your face in those. You can just have the meditation music. Most of his videos are actually pretty much all of his videos never even show his face. They are literally just meditations with like stock videos in the background and you can get stock videos for completely free from pixabay.com and pexels.com– create a relaxing sounds channel it is a popular type of channel that a lot of people wouldn’t think of creating. But it’s such an easy thing to do because you can have stock video footage in the background of rain or some kind of weather or something that makes a noise for people who are trying to sleep or meditate or something along those lines and just keep going for like 10 hours straight.

Starting a YouTube Channel with this niche without Showing Your Face is really easy to start with. Let’s move on to the Next Idea of “9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face”.

8) Start a channel with Slideshows

I should congratulate you because you have made a big decision, to think of starting a YouTube channel just like I have started. When I started I thought it just a matter of uploading the videos and that’s all. But then I realized a lot of work needed. But my mind told me not to quit a journey already started. You can actually use presentation slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote and use them to create voice-over videos.

You can also create slides with Google Slides and later use them to create videos. This is great. If you really want to teach people something that you can walk them through step by step. You can do this by using slideshows and adding stock photos or showing photos of your process within the slideshow.

If you’ve ever been to a webinar or live training, a lot of the instructors use this type of video to really teach people. And you don’t even have to show your face, but they get to hear you and they get to learn from you, so that’s still helping you build your authority and your credibility. I am sure you have used things like Google slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to create slideshow presentations whether it has been in school or for work or for whatever but you can literally just make PowerPoint presentations.

So let’s get started.

weight loss Youtube channel showing slides and creating videos without showing face

so this is what I want to talk to you guys about. If I’m just going to search on YouTube weight loss before and after and play one of these videos.

Photo of one of the slide show channel

So you can see like how it works and we are going to create exact same thing like this and I will tell you how to make money with using this. This channel is just made like slides as you can see with words and pictures. And there are other channels about fitness and these channels are promoting fitness products.

And just made like slides and these videos get ton of views because people search for all these kind of products because they want to know whether the product is legit or what whether they can use all these kind of products or what so they look for reviews so you don’t have to show your face. You don’t have to talk or anything. So all you have to do is just like put up a consistent video every day.

And these channels use affiliate links in the description of their videos. and this is not only for weight loss videos or fitness videos but it’s for anything. If you want to share information about celebrities and players using slideshow according to this picture, people would love watching and learning something new specially about players and celebrities’ biography and their stories; or you can do list videos: for example “Top 10 songs of 2021” or “10 facts about anything”.

This niche also works as a Listicle video which also generates your traffic from the Listicle Viewers at the same time.

9) Compilation Videos also do Great for Faceless YouTube Channels

Maybe you don’t want to be on camera but good at video editing, then this method is for you. The best part about compilation is they can be hugely successful as you will need to compile videos on popular topics like topics around celebrities.

When it comes to wasting time on the internet, it often doesn’t get much better than YouTube. Being the web’s most popular video-sharing website, this weird and wonderful niche has the one of the best potential to start YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face. People usually enjoy some of the funniest and most entertaining collections of videos. In my life, when I watch these videos it must bring a smile to my face. You could watch hundreds of times “fail compilation” videos for lightening your mood. You also probably share it with your friends and social media with background sounds and funny moments to light up their moods too. So this is a classic method on YouTube that’s still working really well today and it’s getting millions and millions of views.

So what are compilation videos? It’s basically a whole bunch of videos put together to make like a fun montage video or could be a failed video so you have probably seen the channel like FailArmy, TOP 5 in All, a daily dose of internet, etc; what all they  do  is just take other people’s videos put them together add some commentary over that video then create their original videos.

I just typed in like a boss of compilation on YouTube and all of these videos came up.

PHOTOS OF BOSS OF COMPILATION- 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

Some of them are quite explicit and cliff Beatty but it’s basically videos a bunch of compilations of videos of people doing cool things. Let me show you one of them right here.


This is from a channel called puvideos. It has 1.3 million subscribers. So what people do is they find a bunch of videos like this and they compile them together and these guys actually make a lot of money and they have got a lot of subscribers.

So if you right-click on their channel name and you go to social blade and just go there you can get a rough estimate of how much money that they are making and how many views that they are getting and all of that.


They are probably making between $5,300 and $84,500 per month. So I would estimate they’re making about $50,000 per month and top of that, we can’t really see how much they are making from all the other things like they are selling their T-shirts too. They could be selling affiliate products and all of that.

Some of these videos are kind of click bait so it’s just a bunch of photos compiled together but the thumbnails are click bait. I remember I saw a thumbnail of a plane falling into the ocean and it’s got circled around it but that’s probably click bait. So they probably Photoshop that so I wouldn’t recommend you do this because if you do this too many people just wouldn’t like your channel; so you are a kind of misleading people born into clicking on the channel.

When you compile a bunch of videos that are on YouTube, then you have to be very careful and make sure at least those are under the Creative Commons category!

So this is all about the 9 Ideas to Start Your YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face for Beginners and Pro Ones. But it’s not the end, as we will go to continue the series and will definitely going to share more Ideas with you, where you can Start YouTube channel Without Showing Your Face and earn a bunch of money from it too.

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